Surfer SEO Keyword Research How-To Tutorial, Demo & Feedback

In late 2019 Surfer SEO introduced its very own keyword research tool.

As they said on their blog, they built this keyword, “we wanted to help you keep the whole optimization process in one place.”

Theoretically, Surfer’s new keyword tool should save you time from switching between Surfer and Ahref’s keyword tool (for example). Instead, you’d use their keyword tool, and once you’ve narrowed down your target keywords, you’d start optimizing with their core features. We cover Surfer’s core features in our Surfer SEO review.

So did Surfer deliver with its new feature? Not exactly. I’d say it’s a work in progress (especially for users in the United States). For those closer to Europe and Asia geos, the keyword data will be better because their US keyword data is still in beta.

Surfer Keyword Research Tutorial

For this tutorial, I’ll start with the seed keyword “self publishing copyright page” with the location settings set to the United States.

Surfer Keyword Research Tool

When I clicked on Create, it didn’t return Search Volume or Global Volume. So, I added keyword variations and still no luck.

Surfer Keyword Research Tool - Poor Data for Now

To be fair, they do have a red warning sign saying that their US data is inaccurate because their keyword research tool is in beta.

Let’s quickly take a look at a broader keyword like online computer repair in the US market and see how it performs.

Surfer Keyword Research Still in Beta

A bit better, but still no US data for the seed keyword. But, at least there were keywords in the Similar Keywords, Having same terms and Questions section of the tool (albeit keyword data from other English speaking countries).

The tool is simple enough to use and has a unique Clipboard feature that you can see on the left-hand side. For every keyword you find that may be worth targeting, you can add it to your clipboard by clicking the folder icon next to each keyword.

Narrowing Down Geo Location Keyword Data to Cities Could be a GameChanger

Surfer Specific City Location Settings

While trying out Surfer’s new keyword tool, I noticed that the location settings let you choose cities within the US. I don’t think Ahref’s keyword tool can even do that right now.

If they’re able to get their keyword data up to par with the top keyword research tools out there and offer city location search volume, Surfer could create some waves in the keyword research game!


I do not doubt that Surfer will continue to improve their keyword research tool as they do their other SEO tools.

Where Surfer currently shines is in their SERP Analyzer, Content Editor, and their latest new Keyword Surfer Extension for Chrome (which is a decent Keywords Everywhere alternative Chrome extension). If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure to do so!

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