Surfer SEO NEW Content Score Is Coming!

Ever wonder how good your content quality is compared to your competitors in the SERP? Or, which competitor website(s) should be the benchmark model sites when you decide on your next target keyword?

Well, SurferSEO users have manually had to click and analyze competing websites while using Surfer’s various tools since they initially launched, but today, Surfer SEO is announcing their new metric called Content Score to two of their core SEO tools.

Where In Surfer SEO Will Content Score Will Be Included?

The Content Score metric will be included in two of the Surfer’s most popular tools: Content Editor and the SERP Analyzer.

Surfer SEO Content Editor

Content Editor and New Content Score

The image above is the customization settings for Surfer’s Content Editor.

If you’re not familiar with Surfer, the Content Editor provides Surfer’s very own text editor (integrates nicely with Google Docs) that tells you exactly how many important phrases and terms should be included in your article, word count, heading count, image count, and more so your article can rank easier out of the gates.

However, how good the Content Editor works for you is impacted by how wisely you choose your competitors.

With the new Content Score metric column in Content Editor, you’ll be able to better determine which competitors to choose in your analysis based on competitors that have outstanding content.

Surfer SEO SERP Analyzer

Serp Analyzer and Content Score

The same goes for Surfer’s SERP Analyzer, which is used mainly for improving the rankings of existing pages. Being able to determine quality competitors will also enhance your True Density audits.

How is Content Score Calculated?

Content Score is a metric based on roughly 100 on-page SEO factors, and its score system is between 1-100.

It takes the following signals into account:

  • Content structure
  • Using relevant words and phrases
  • Using NLP (Natural Language Processing) words and phrases
  • Content length
  • Main keyword usage


Content Score is going to make choosing benchmark competitors easier (new Surfer users struggle to select benchmark website competitors) than it has ever been for both existing Surfer customers and future ones.

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