Super Affiliate System Review​

A Review From A Long Time REAL Student​

Super Affiliate System Review

Super Affiliate System Review Summary

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is a training course taught by John Crestani. He teaches beginners how to get started with affiliate marketing using a system consisting of buyers, a website, & traffic. Super Affiliate System is by no means a scam and is taught by a veteran affiliate marketer.

Effectiveness: 50 hours of fundamental marketing training to make money with advertising networks.
Pricing: The price is a bit high but manageable with the monthly plan.
Support: Internet marketing forum, Facebook group, & student email help.

First of all, don’t worry; I’m here to review John Crestani’s most up-to-date version of the Super Affiliate System. Not pitch you my “#1 Recommended Online Business” (aka Wealthy Affiliate).

Secondly, I’m a digital marketer who had the Super Affiliate System course for a while (I didn’t just purchase it for this Super Affiliate System review) and work with traffic sources John Crestani teaches in his course daily for local clients.

Rest assured that you’re getting the inside scoop on how good John’s course really is.

As you may already know, John Crestani started as an internet marketer who eventually became a super affiliate (those who scale campaigns to tens of thousands of USD per day) by mastering multiple traffic methods.

He’s the course creator of several versions of Super Affiliate System courses over the years (the first version sold for $5,000 back then) and Internet Jetset (product name aka as IM Jetset) that taught free traffic (such as search engine optimization).

With so many training courses to promote, he decided to focus on promoting his course – Super Affiliate System.

John Crestani Filming YouTube Ads
John Crestani is a long-time affiliate marketer with expertise in paid ads.

In the Super Affiliate System, John Crestani teaches the affiliate marketing process and the following traffic platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads. There’s no skill level needed to start; beginners are welcome.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Super Affiliate System review:

  • How this course is different than other beginner make money online courses
  • The training breakdown (module by module)
  • Explanation of the resources you get in the Super Affiliate System
  • The Pros and Cons
  • If students are having success with John’s course

Rather sit back and watch my review? Click the video below!

Super Affiliate System Bonus

If you get the Super Affiliate System through an affiliate link on this page, send me a copy of your receipt, I’ll send you my Super Affiliate System video bonuses, which include the following video tutorials:

  • Training on Google keyword match types
  • Negative keywords to optimize your Google Ad campaigns
  • How to split test landing pages on WordPress
    A 3rd method of creating landing pages (not a monthly price)

These bonuses are tutorials that I felt were missing in John’s Super Affiliate System.
Send Message for Bonuses

Important Note: Please allow 24-48 hours to have bonuses delivered to your email address. Also, to ensure you get your bonuses, please clear browser cookies before buying the Super Affiliate System through links/buttons on this page.

The 6 Weeks Course Breakdown

SAS dashboard

The following languages are available for subtitles in the members area: English, Deutsche, Spanish, French, Portuguese.

I rewatched the modules (6 weeks or 50 hours of training videos) and took detailed notes of what I liked and didn’t like.

Note: You’ll notice that I’ll be calling the members area course sections “Modules” instead of “week #.”

What follows are summaries of each module.

The Welcome Module

6 weeks make money online

John Crestani gives you a 35,000 feet view of what the Super Affiliate System covers, how to use the membership site, the beauty of this business model, entrepreneur mindset resources, psychological barriers, and goal setting. He tries to give you everything you need to succeed.

Week 1 – The System Setup

SAS - Week 1

Before you start paid advertising traffic, you need to understand this system.

The first week starts easy by showing you how to get set up with the main affiliate network John Crestani uses in the course: Clickbank.

Next, you’ll learn how to set up your website hosting and a domain name with Bluehost. (or recommended host). Once you have that setup, John will cover two ways to use his pre-built funnels (as mentioned earlier):

  1. The Clickfunnels Method ($19/m via a share funnel account)
  2. The Manual Method (free, but involves accessing your host’s file manager)

Additionally, in my SAS bonus, I share a tutorial on a third method of creating these pages on WordPress (less technical, but no monthly cost).

The last few videos in this module are about Facebook ads campaigns.

Facebook Dashboard
FB Ads Training Video

Week 2 – Google Ad Campaign Training

SAS - Week 2

Google Ads is my favorite paid traffic source because you can trigger your ads to show when people search for specific keywords on Google.

That said, I know John KNOWS Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). I was expecting this module to be gold but discovered it’s meh. Let me explain.

When you get to the Google Search Ads Setup video lesson, here’s what gets covered:

  • How to set up a keyword search based campaign
  • Location targeting
  • Device targeting
  • Ad split testing

Factors that don’t get covered for setting up a proper search campaign:

  • Keyword match type explanation (Broad Match, Broad Match Modified, Phrase, & Exact Match)
  • Auto-bid vs. Manual Bidding settings
  • Negative keyword explanation
  • EPCs

Why did these get left out of the Super Affiliate System? It beats me.

My hypothesis is John wants to keep things as simple as possible without too much overwhelm. I can understand this, but these are fundamentals that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The money keywords (target data) he recommends bidding on are ALL Broad Match keyword types. I know this might sound foreign to you, but I’m telling you, Broad Match keywords are the fastest way to have Google spend your ad budget.

I’ve recorded video tutorial bonuses explaining the missing Google Ads topics above for those who end up buying the Super Affiliate System (through this page).

Next up is Google Display Ads.

After the Google Search Ads lesson, the most redeeming part of this module was the AdWords Conversion Pixel Setup video. John has a lesson on how to track conversion actions for Clickbank products (watch this to avoid common mistakes).

Conversion tracking is a fantastic part of paid advertising because you’ll know exactly where to concentrate your efforts.

Week 3 – YouTube Ads Setup

SAS - Week 3

This module gives you a complete A-Z walkthrough to getting your YouTube ad campaign running on the Google Ads platform (remember Google owns YouTube).

If you don’t already have a YouTube channel ready for advertising, John will get you started here.

YouTube Ad Setup

Week 4 – Advanced Tactics

SAS - Week 4

This module is a mixed bag of Facebook ads, ad compliance, general affiliate advice, and copywriting taught by super affiliate members that John has worked with (and trained) in the past, Ronnie Sandlin.

For the uninitiated, copywriting is writing with the intent of converting a reader into a lead or customer. This is a necessary skill as an affiliate marketer.

The videos in this module are great, but the copywriting videos – well, they’re a bit short.

This isn’t a big deal as you can’t practice copywriting skills from videos. You learn copywriting by practicing ad copywriting and landing page copywriting.

Week 5 – Presell Pages & Scaling

SAS - Week 5

Everything about this module is useful for scaling your affiliate campaigns and is centered around the presell page (you also get presell page templates).

The strategy taught in this section may lead to an “aha” moment as you’ll start to see how internet marketers get tens of thousands of people to take action towards the final sale.

What I enjoyed the most about this module is how to split test pre-sell pages and other optimization tactics that lead traffic to sales pages.

John shows you how to do this with Clickfunnels. He even goes as far as explaining Clickfunnel Tracking IDs so you can tell which pre-sell page is bringing in your conversion, which I consider a big plus.

In my Super Affiliate System review bonus, I include a tutorial video on how to set up A/B testing using a similar tool to Clickfunnels, but it’s a one-time cost. If you’d like this video tutorial, please see my bonus instructions.

Week 6 – Product Selection

SAS - Week 6

Weeks 1-5 teaches different traffic channels with examples in the Biz Opp niche with John’s Clickbank Super Affiliate System training course as an affiliate product example.

In this module, he discusses other niches and sub-niches you can go into. The three main markets being: wealth, happiness, and health.

If you’re indecisive about what niche you’ll go after, John has a practical lesson on choosing a niche that best suits you.

He also covers different affiliate programs & networks beyond Clickbank. As you’ll notice, most affiliate networks, for intermediates and advanced affiliates, aren’t as straightforward as Clickbank.


The Resources page of the Super Affiliate System includes the Targeting Data and the Pre-Built Affiliate Funnels John Crestani provides in the course, but it also includes other tools that will help you in your online endeavors.

These include resources (some training material provided in Google Docs & Sheets formats) such as:

  • Affiliate Ad Swipes – proven copy for the platforms covered in the course
  • An Affiliate Network List beyond Clickbank
  • An Advertising Network List beyond Facebook, Google & YT Ads (some include ad credits)
  • You also get Legal Resources in case you encounter Facebook or Google Ad policy violations
  • And Course Archives in case you want to watch the old version of Super Affiliate System (the older training program taught native ads & covered more affiliate networks)


I’ve found the Super Affiliate System support to be outstanding. You can get answers to your tech & non-tech questions in the knowledge center.

John’s team consistently updates the Super Affiliate System content with good questions asked by Super Affiliate System members. And sometimes, John answers the questions himself.

What I Liked and Disliked About the Super Affiliate System


  • John’s teaching style is good for paid advertising beginners.
  • Course forum for the community to interact with each other.
  • No email list or email marketing is required.
  • DFY funnels, ad templates, & targeting data
  • The traffic skills you’ll learn from the course will be useful in any future online marketing endeavor.
  • There’s now a 3-month payment plan for the Super Affiliate System education course.


  • Only one niche and affiliate program is used as an example throughout Super Affiliate System.
  • No Native Ads video lessons like in past Super Affiliate System versions
  • Some modules have information missing that should be covered, in my opinion (see SAS Bonuses).

Note: Although native advertising is not a module section in the Super Affiliate System, you can still view the native advertising module because you also get Super Affiliate System 2.0 (see resources section in the membership area once you’re in the course) and other training courses.

Are People Successful With John Crestani’s Course?

Believe it or not (I know this is a struggle for some beginners), Super Affiliate System members are having success in the affiliate marketing industry!

John has given you everything you need to be successful in his course. It provides enough information for people to start making money once they start putting the Super Affiliate System into action. Here are just a few testimonials from the Facebook community.

is it worth the money
Successful Affiliate Marketer Story
making money online testimonial 1
More Success Stories

Click to see more testimonials on John’s site.

Pricing: How Much Is Super Affiliate System?

To get immediate access to John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System course, it’ll cost you $997, but our readers now get a monthly payment option sales page (PayPal and credit card accepted). Both come with a Clickbank money-back guarantee.

If you decide to give the Super Affiliate System a shot, make sure to get it through any link on this page to get access to my supplemental bonuses delivered to your email inbox.

If you want to get John’s free training and understand the business model even more, do so here.

Final Verdict on John’s Affiliate Course

teaching beginners marketing skills

John Crestani has been teaching affiliate marketers to build their affiliate marketing businesses for years.

Is John’s course the best affiliate course to learn paid traffic?

As a beginner, I would recommend it because of his years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry.

He’s boiled down his teachings to a science and continuously produces success stories in each edition of the Super Affiliate System.

This course will most likely not be the last training or community of paid advertisers you join. As you start getting the hang of paid traffic, you’ll realize there’s still much to learn and that no one course is capable of teaching everything you need to know.

There are more ad networks and traffic channels out there that people are making a killing on.

John’s Super Affiliate System is one of the best “training wheel” affiliate marketing courses you’ll find on the internet.

Although it’s not perfect, John Crestani is an excellent guide for the profitable rabbit hole you have the opportunity of going through.

That’s it for my review of John’s affiliate marketing course! I hope you and many people in the future find it helpful. 

If you feel this course isn’t right for you, make sure to check out our 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses article (lots of more reviews). Super Affiliate System is one of the many successful affiliate courses I’ve reviewed.

Super Affiliate System FAQs

I get a lot of questions about the Super Affiliate System. Here are a few of them.

Have you purchased the product?

Yes, of course. I review courses/products I’ve used on this site.

Is there a payment plan for this course?

Yes. You can find it at the Super Affiliate site here.

I am unemployed with really no money. I am looking for a quick money side hustle to at least start. Any suggestions?

I wouldn’t recommend this course if you don’t have a healthy ad spend budget. There’s no such thing as quick money for a side income. 

This is especially true in paid advertising, where you need a minimum of $1000. Watch this video to get an idea of a paid affiliate marketing system (Malan is a super affiliate and knows what he’s talking about.

Malan is a little more advanced (teaching people going from a thousand dollar day campaigns and up), but he’s also been teaching affiliate marketers for years). I hope this helps.

Will I need tracking software?

No, the ad network and the training platforms John Crestani teaches doesn’t require tracking software for your affiliate links, but it’s not a bad idea to have one (you’d need one for native ads). The only thing you really need is an internet connection.

Is Internet Jetset Still Available?

John Crestani is also the product creator of the training course IMJ; however, it’s been closed for over a year. He taught the affiliate marketing business of blogging and YouTube SEO (search engine optimization). 

It cost less money and also had a money-back guarantee. You can watch the video trainings in the archive section of the Super Affiliate System.

Is the Super Affiliate System Worth the Money?

This depends on your situation. If you can cover the monthly ad budget and accept that you’re going to make mistakes, but you see those newbie mistakes as lessons, the course can be worth the money and you’re on your way to being a successful affiliate.

Let me know if you have questions about my blog post, this course, or other training programs in the comments below!

Top Alternatives

Affiliate marketing is challenging, no matter if you have a lot of money for ad spend or if you’re building niche websites.

If you have more time than you do money for advertising, spend every month, but you want to get into an affiliate marketing business model, you can’t go wrong with building a niche website and getting organic traffic from Google.

Sure it takes longer than getting traffic and sales from Google, YouTube, or Facebook advertising, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Sound like a better affiliate marketing plan for you? Better than what the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani has to offer you right now?

You can check out our top recommended affiliate marketing course alternatives in this article.


Our Rating:

Decent marketing course taught by an expert affiliate that teaches paid traffic methods.

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