Spin Rewriter Review [Version 11]: Is It the Best Article Spinner Software?​

Spin Rewriter Review Summary

Spin Rewriter is a powerful article spinning software with ENL semantic spinning technology. It allows you to spin an article (or multiple articles) into a unique version. It’s algorithm spins quality content at word, sentence, and paragraph level. Additionally, it changes sentence structure and changes synonyms only where appropriate.


Monthly pricing starts at $47/month. A lifetime option is available too.


It can spin unique content and has different ways to improve uniqueness easily.

Ease of Use

Tool user interface is user-friendly yet has a small learning curve.


Software video tutorials & email support respond promptly.

Spin Rewriter is over 9+ years old now… it’s a fossil when compared to other spinner software on the internet today.

The good news is it has stood the test of time and continues to be among the top-performing and easy to use article spinners. A new version of Spin Rewriter is consistently launched every year around October with new features.

If you’re reading this Spin Rewriter review blog post, you probably have an idea of what you’ll be using it for. If not, hold tight as I’ve been using Spin Rewriter for years, and we’ll go over its main uses.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this Spin Rewriter review:

What Is Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter is a web-based article spinning software developed by Aaron Sustar and his team years ago (September 2011).

As a spinning tool, its purpose is to take an original article, “spin it,” and create a unique version.

Spin Rewriter prevents Google from flagging its output as duplicate content. High-quality content is the goal of all spin rewriting tools.

Spin Rewriter can spin articles (content) and keep a good level of readability because it can spin articles on the sentence and paragraph level.

It does all this while remaining clear enough to read because Spin Rewriter uses Emulated Natural Language (ENL) technology.

This tech gives SR an edge with synonym selection, making the end result quality website content; it can even change the tense of certain sentence parts! We’ll cover their advanced spinning in the tutorial video below.

What Does Spun Content Look Like?

Explaining content spinning can be a little technical, but a good place to start is how article spinners work. Original articles that get put into Spin Rewriter tool, or similar tools, get converted into a spintax form. Here’s an example of what that looks like:

Spintax Format: {Hello!|Hi!|Howdy!} {How’s it going?|How’s your day?|How are you?}

In a basic sense, spinners take original content, finds alternative words and/or synonyms from their synonym database to use instead of the original words used, and converts the content into a spintax format, as seen above.

Once this format, you’ll notice that the squiggly brackets house the word variations separated by a vertical bar (“|”).

Most website platforms can read and convert spintax content into normal content when it goes live. If you were to put spintax formatted content in a CMS platform like WordPress and publish the above, it would produce one of the following Spun Content Variations:

  1. Hello How’s it going?
  2.  Hi! How’s your day?
  3. Howdy! How are you?

You’ll see this in more detail as we go through the tutorials coming up. Now following completely? No worries, you’ll see exactly what Spin Rewriter is doing by the end of this post (if not, do yourself a favor and watch the video coming up and if you have questions, leave them in the comments below).

Spin Rewriter Tutorial Overview

spin rewriter 10 review

The above image is the Spin Rewriter dashboard (as you can see, I’m a member and have access to the Gold Membership area as well – more on this in the upcoming pricing section).

For this tutorial, we’ll focus on the Rewrite a Single Article feature as this is the most commonly used feature of the tool features.

Quick Question: Would you rather watch a demo of this product instead of reading about it?

A lot of people review Spin Rewriter, but few make good video reviews about it. So here’s my best shot at it below!

Starting With A Seed Article

You’ll most likely have an original article when you start using Spin Rewriter. If so, you’d just copy it in the text field below:

rewrite article step 1

Note: The following section of “fetching an article” is optional, and you can skip it if you already have content ready for spinning. The only reason I’m showing it is for demonstration purposes.

If you don’t have seed articles (which is the case for this demo), you can have Spin Rewriter fetch you one.

I’ll do this by clicking on the Fetch a New Article link and then type in a seed keyword. For this example, I chose marketing.

Spin Rewriter Big Content Fetch Article-New

This gives me a lot of articles to choose from (keep in mind that I get a lot of articles because I’m a Spin Rewriter Gold Member (this is the upsell).

Spin Rewriter Article Selection

I chose a piece about email marketing titled The Significance and Benefits of Email Marketing. Spin Rewriter then populates the text box, and we’re ready to go.

Now that I have an article for demonstration purposes let’s resume the spinning process tutorial.

How to Use Spin Rewriter

Spinning content with Spin Rewriter is easy, but there are some settings that I recommend paying attention to so you can get quality articles. Let’s start.

Step 1: Configure Settings

Step 1.A: Get Familiar with the Settings Tab

Spin Rewriter Sentence and Paragraphs Option
We’re still on “Step 1.”

Recall that spinning software aims to convert an original piece of content and get it as unique as possible. The advanced options above will improve the uniqueness of the final spun article but can also make it less readable:

  • Automatically rewrite complete sentences
  • Automatically rewrite entire paragraphs
  • Automatically write additional paragraphs and summaries
  • Automatically change the entire structure of phrases and sentences

It’s important to be aware of these on and off toggles as when you get your final product – you’ll notice if it’s less readable but higher in uniqueness.

Spin Rewriter will give you a uniqueness score percentage in the third step where you can re-configure these advanced options – Spin Rewriter will then spin the content again on the same step, so you don’t have to start over again.

For now, I’ll leave these settings turned off.

Step 1.B: Get Familiar with the Spin Rewriter “Word & Phrases” Settings Tab

Spin Rewriter Words and Phrases Settings

These, by default, are ready to go. Only change them up if it makes sense for your seed content processing.

I leave these slider settings (Make articles more readable, or more unique?) as is and add words to the Protected Keywords section. These are protected keywords are words that I don’t want Spin Rewriter spinning (i.e., I don’t want these switched by an alternative or synonym – ever).

In this case, I’ll add the words email and marketing to the protected list.

Note: the “One-Level or Multi-Level Nested Spinning?” option in the Advanced Settings tab above is good if you’re struggling to get unique spun content. We’ll most likely not need it in this example, but it’s good to know it’s there.

Alright, that was a lot of “setting” information, but it was worth covering, so you know how to configure the tool properly. Let’s move to the next step.

Step 2: Spin the Article

Now that things are configured, I’ll click the One-Click Rewrite button.

Rewrite Button

And wait a minute, or less, as Spin Rewriter starts doing its thing.

One Click Rewrite In Progress

Step 3: Generate Unique Versions of Your Article

Once step 2 has wrapped up, Spin Rewriter will deliver your unique article in spintax form.

Additionally, it will let you extract unique versions from this spintax formatted article (ie. you’ll be able to see multiple unique versions of your article at a click of a button. You can do this by clicking the Generate a unique version button.

Spin Rewriter 10 sentence structure manipulation technology

Note: If you pasted the syntax form spun article on WordPress and published it, it would display one of the thousands of unique options available.

As you can see, the uniqueness of this generated spun article is 94%. I like to keep mine greater than or equal to 95%, but everyone is different.

The great thing about Spin Rewriter is that you can click the Generate a unique version button over and over again until you come across a unique article that has the score you want.

If this was my spun article and I couldn’t get to 95% or higher, I could click the Settings button and enable some or all of the toggles to see if it helps increase the uniqueness score.

Spin Rewriter Step 3 Settings

Luckily, I managed to get my 95% uniqueness score for this example.

The New Spun Article:

Spun Article by Spin Rewriter

When compared to the spun content, you’ll notice that Spin Rewriter doesn’t produce the King’s English or anything I’d post on a money site because you can still find grammar mistakes sometimes. However, it’s minimal, and the content is still readable.

This explains why some SEO service providers still use this type of content for backlink content. Spun articles like the one above would be good for tier 2 or 3 link building with Web 2.0 websites or mass page affiliate marketing sites, in my opinion.

Spin Rewriter Pricing

Spin Rewriter Pricing

Spin Rewriter has 3 pricing options:

  1. $197 per year
  2. $47 per month
  3. $497 lifetime single payment

The monthly and yearly options come with a 5-day free trial, but there’s no beating the single payment of $497 and avoid recurring payments (there are currently no payment plans). If you’re not sure which option to pick, go with the free trial, spin content, spin articles, and see for yourself. You get a money-back guarantee.

The Upsells

It’s been a while since I’ve gone down Spin Rewriter’s sales funnel. Things might have changed, but there are two upsells I’m certain of. Those are:

  • WordPress Plugin ($47 one-time)
  • GOLD Membership ($47 one-time)

I purchased the GOLD membership as it gave me access to their VIP SEO Content-on-Demand Service. I used these pieces of content to spin articles for Web 2.0 content (back when I was using it for anchor text diversity).

The second reason I got the membership is because it gave my virtual assistant limited Spin Rewriter account access so he can do some of the spinning for me (without giving him login details).

I skipped the WordPress plugin as I didn’t need to automatically publish spun articles based on original articles on my WordPress money sites. It could be useful, though – I’ve yet to test it out.

Spin Rewriter Review: Pros and Cons



Spin Rewriter 11 Review Conclusion

Spin Rewriter keeps getting better every year. While its competitors only upgrade their spinning software once in a while, Aaron and his team have been making strides to make Spin Rewriter the best spinner in the market.

Online marketers from affiliates, to SEOs, to agencies, utilize Spin Rewriter because of its effectiveness and simple to use interface (especially now that version 11 is out).

I’d only recommend getting this version of Spin Rewriter if you know what you’re going to be using it for. And in that case, I’d recommend getting the lifetime license if available. It’s a much better option than paying monthly or annually forever.

Spin Rewriter FAQs

What Is Spin Rewriter Used For In Internet Marketing?

So, where exactly do people use a tool like Spin Rewriter in internet marketing? The answer is: in multiple situations, but usually, they involve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – a popular traffic source in the online marketing space.

Here are a few popular instances where these kinds of articles are used:

Mass Page Affiliate Sites

Mass-Page websites are churn and burn style SEO affiliate marketing websites that some affiliates do aside from the “authority sites.”

Essentially, they write one piece of content for each product you want to promote and then targeting ALL the keywords associated with that product name and/or niche-relevant keywords. This can easily be over 25-100+ articles that need to be written per keyword variation.

The goal is to rank as many of these long-tail variation posts on Google. Surprisingly, this still works, and Google has yet to lay the hammer down for these sites.

Spinner tools like Spin Rewriter come into play. It allows these types of affiliates to create one post (per product), spin it, and use it to target all keyword variations of said product. There are a few more inexpensive WordPress plugins used to make this strategy effective – from an ROI point of view – but it shockingly works.

If you want to know more about what goes into this type of affiliate SEO site, you can find out more here.

Web 2.0 Content

Another way SEO experts, or SEO providers, use spinners is when creating page content on “Web 2.0” or PBN websites (both of these type of sites are different and so are the backlink purposes – a topic for another day).

Some services provide these backlinks from marketplaces like Fiverr or Legiit and use spun content (not all of them) to create the articles that the backlinks will be in. SEOs have been saying spun content is not good because Google will know the content isn’t unique, but most use Spine Rewriter because it shows a percentage (%) uniqueness score (more on this soon).

Other SEO Tools Integrate With Spin Tools

Some tools related to SEO purposes, such as article creation or backlink building, easily integrate with article spinners such as Spin Rewriter. This allows for spinning directly within the software you’re using, without having to login elsewhere and copy/paste spintax.

For instance, Money Robot (MR) is a backlinking SEO tool where you can use Spin Rewriter directly within the MR dashboard after you’ve configured your settings and entered your PAI key (you get this post SR purchase).

Other tools that integrate with SR, and content spinner tools in general, are: Amazing Selling Machine, Link Emperor, Kudani, Cloud PBN, Video Vantage, Article Factory Pro, SociSynd, Rank Optimizer, Content Ferret, Article Marketing Robot, ArticleKevo, RCW, Article Rewriter, WikiRobot, FCS Networker, SEO Zen, Backlink Beast, Article Submitter, SEO Content Machine, Galert, SociVidz, Big Content Search, QP Robot, Social Monkee, Ubot Studio, Weblify, Rankwyz, and Wild Wizard.

Would You Recommend It On Money Sites?

I understand that this software can get a bad wrap because it’s sold as a “real marketers don’t spend money on writers” cloud-based app, but I wouldn’t recommend using it on money sites (blogs that you truly care about and have the potential to be extremely successful) because article quality is of utmost importance.

Although it is one of the best content spinning software, I wouldn’t trust it to provide quality content that will provide my “best x for y,” “product review,” or information content blog posts on my affiliate sites (aka niche sites) for a couple of reasons.

Reason 1: the competitors would absolutely crush my spun content simply because no tool is to the level of a skilled writer for content creation (artificial intelligence is not there – yet). Reason 2: it would most likely not convert web visitors to leads, and it would not convert for affiliate content either.

Who do you think the search engines, like Google, will reward and rank higher? Ranking on Google is a long-term game, and people will bounce off your page when they realize your page readability is poor and was made by a spinner.

I would stick to using this tool for the scenarios I mentioned above and write quality content yourself or outsource it for your main sites, but this is just my two cents on the matter as an internet marketer who specializes in SEO.

Is Article Spinning Legal?

First, take this answer with a grain of salt as I’m not a lawyer. Spinning content is not illegal, but more of a frowned upon topic. More details in our Is Article Spinning Legal? post.

Does Spin Rewriter Have a Free Trial?

Yes, it comes with a 5-day trial. If you’re not satisfied with it then you can cancel your trial before you get charged within your account. If you’re ready to buy, we recommend buying the lifetime plan.

Can It Spin Content In Languages Other Than English?

It currently can not. It took Aaron’s team of engineers a LOT of time to get their tool to be the best spinner in the market. Maybe for a future version. There are some spinning software that does support other languages – see our SR alternatives towards the end of this post.

What Does their WordPress Plugin Do?

Just in case you weren’t aware, the WordPress plugin for SR is a $47 upsell once you buy their software (meaning it is not included with SR trial or lifetime purchase).

It was made so you can keep your site continuously full of fresh content by spinning originally published content a few days after they’re newly published. This is supposed to make the Google crawlers love your site and help you capture more rankings.

Sure this can work, but is it worth it to your business? It depends on what type of sites you’re building. If you’re an SEO link provider, then sure, the plugin may help to keep your site fresh.

The second thing the WP plugin does is find relevant articles, spins them, and publishes them as new posts on your site. The cool feature here is that you can decide the frequency you want these posts published (i.e. every day, once a week, month, etc.).

Lastly, the WP plugin lets you go from Step 3 (in the tutorial above) and publish straight to your WordPress site. This feature also lets you upload stock photo (you can integrate with free stock photo sites – eg, Pixabay) and videos, from their video database (You Tube), within the dashboard too.

Not bad. Not worth it for me, but it might be for you!

Is Their Customer Support Good?

I can’t say too much about their support experience because I haven’t had any major issues. However, I do recall a time where a support ticket took a little longer than I was satisfied with.

Aaron Sustar is also super cool, I contacted him on FB one occasion, and he was super helpful.

Let me know if you have any further questions about this software in the comments section below, and I’ll add them to the list above!

Will I Get All Future Updates for Free?

As a Spin Rewriter customer (subscription or lifetime), you’ll get updates every time the software gets an update. Because SR is a cloud-based tool, you’ll never have to wait for updates to install.

Spin Rewriter Alternative Comparisons

There are a few software competitors in the same league as Spin Rewriter, as far as features go, but only one of the following is it’s fiercest article spinning tool competitor:

  • The Best Article Spinner
  • Spinner Bros
  • Article Forge
  • WordAI
  • Spinner Chief

Out of these competitors, the one most common comparison is WordAI vs Spin Rewriter.

Having used WordAI in the past, I can say it’s in the same tool league as Spin Rewriter, but it’s not as user-friendly when compared to Spin Rewriter, and it’s not the best spinner in my opinion.

In terms of advanced article spinning, WordAI is on par with Spin Rewriter (SR still has slightly more features). However, it has a higher monthly price point, no money-back guarantee (according to their site), and doesn’t have a lifetime option, from what I’ve noticed.

But, if you’re looking for a spinner tool that supports other languages, then Word AI might be for you since it can spin articles in English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

To wrap up, both spinners have a free trial, so make sure to take advantage of that (especially when Spin Rewriter is available at its lifetime price) if you get Spin Rewriter!

Spin Rewriter Logo

$497 single payment (or monthly payments)

Why We Recommend It:

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