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This is a question that people ask when they first start on their Kindle Publishing journey. It’s a question I pondered many times.

Time vs Money

​The real question that you should be asking is: How Much is Your Time Worth?

If you’re spending the time to write your own book(s) to save money,​ then you’re trading time for money. Which is something we all do from time to time depending on circumstances.

should i write my own kindle books

Writing your Kindle book yourself, no harm, no foul, but eventually, you’ll figure out that this penny-saving mindset isn’t scalable, that is, if you want to grow your business fast.

That’s because you can’t clone yourself four to eight times (assuming 4-8 keywords per niche—following Amazon algorithm approach).

Money, on the other hand, can get you an army of writers that can write the books for you. You have options, one of them being contracting writers through, or, my preferred method, going through a ghostwriting company. This could cost you anywhere between $1-2 per 100 words. You can find out where I get my books done here.

Unless you’re someone who can pump books out crazy fast, a few a week, go for it! Even then, it would still take time. But, has it been done? Of course!

The Move to Outsource City

Let me tell you a quick story about a Kindle Publishing colleague.

I won’t use her real name, so let’s call her Jessica. Jessica started her Kindle Publishing business a few years back.

Before she got to the $1,000 a month mark, she wrote all her books on her own.

It wasn’t until to hit that magical number every month that she started outsourcing her books to ghostwriters.

She had been successful in trading her time for money, most likely because she didn’t have the budget for her Kindle business at the time. Jessica wound up, moving to, what I like to call, Outsource city. Great things happen at outsource city :D​

Today, she’s one of the most profitable Kindle Publishers in our secret group of profitable publishers. Banking in over $5,000 a month, her story is a testament that you can write your own Kindle books and be a successful publisher!

Experience Writing My Own Book

I wrote a book once. It was overly time-consuming because I’m a perfectionist…

It took me a few months to finish writing and editing/proofing the dang thing.

This book was published mid-summer if I recall correctly and still brings me in a lot of money every month. It sells exceptionally well on both Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing.

Writing your own book can be profitable, but just accept that it’s going to take some time.

Since it was the first time writing an eBook, I wanted some form of training or guidance. After researching how to write an eBook online, for a bit, I ran into a course that helped me structure my thoughts into a real book. More importantly, it showed me how to compile data from various sources on the internet to create my high quality book.

If you’re not ready to move to outsource city yet, then I encourage you to check out this course before you start writing!

Click here to check out the course I used to write my first quality book.

A More Serious Question

At the end of the day, we’re all in internet marketing to make money. Kindle Publishing is no different.

The question shouldn’t be: Should I Write My Own Kindle Book?

Rather: Is the book I’m thinking about writing a profitable topic that people actually search for on Amazon?​

Whatever route you decide is irrelevant if you don’t know how to pick profitable keywords. You’ll end up wasting your time (aka money) without understanding this criteria.

​You can write the best book on a certain topic…but, if no one is searching for that topic on Amazon’s Kindle Store, then you’re shit out of luck (pardon the French).

I hope this post, and video, helped make your decision a bit easier. It all boils down to time vs money. How much is your time worth?​

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