The Best SEO Tools of 2024

The following are the collection of SEO tools I’ve used over the years for affiliate SEO and client SEO. Most of these tools have a free trial and I’ve written reviews for some of them. Check them out and see if they’re a good fit for your SEO campaign and strategy. If you have any questions, let me know!

SEMRush Logo
SEMRush is an SEO tool used by many SEOs. The best features the tool has, in my opinion, are the white-label marketing reports (great for client SEO) and organic keyword research. I find their keyword metrics are more accurate than the next SEO tool below. Try using it for free below.
ahrefs logo

AHrefs is an excellent tool for organic keyword research, as well. But, what I and other SEOs see as its primary benefit is its backlink crawler. Compared to SEMRush, Majestic, and MOZ SEO tools, Ahrefs does a phenomenal job at crawling the web and reporting an accurate count of backlinks pointing to a website.
Surfer SEO Logo
Surfer SEO is an on-page tool I use to optimize existing content. Surfer audits can analyze over 500 ranking factors. It works by analyzing the competitors ranking for your target keyword and provides a blueprint of what changes you need to make on your page. Read more on our Surfer review.
Link Whisperer logo

LinkWhisperer is one of the latest SEO tools I've tried. It's made explicitly for internal link building. The WordPress plugin can help you create internal links quickly through smart suggestions. I use this tool mainly to track internal link counts, fix 404 pages, and find orphan pages. Managing different websites and their internal link profile was a hassle before LinkWhisperer.
WP Rocket Logo
WordPress website speed & performance becomes more important each year. It's important to have a good caching plugin to boost your site's performance with an affordable plugin like WP Rocket.
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