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SEO Affiliate Domination Review (2024): Learn Affiliate SEO From A Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner​

SEO Affiliate Domination Review

SEO Affiliate Domination Review Summary:

Greg’s course focuses on creating affiliate marketing websites that get traffic from search engines and make money from multiple affiliate programs. His video course attracts beginners, intermediates, and advanced online marketers who want to make money with affiliate marketing.

Warning: Don’t Buy Greg’s SEO Affiliate Domination Course without reading this review first. It might not be your type of SEO!


A high quality white/grey hat SEO course.


The price is right for an underground SEO course.

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I remember when I first noticed Greg Jeffries in an affiliate FB group.

His affiliate marketing business story and monthly income report is intriguing.

He became a Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner by promoting it with SEO (search engine optimization … search engine traffic)!a

Greg Jefferies SEO Affiliate Domination
Creator of SEO Affiliate Domination

Back then, I had more time than money, so I was interested in free traffic, affiliate marketing, and making passive income.

I came across Greg Jeffries on Facebook, and it was around this time that Greg came out with his new course: SEO Affiliate Domination.

Learning how to show up in the search results for Clickfunnels from an experienced affiliate didn’t seem like a bad idea.

gregg jefferies net worth
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Enter SEO Affiliate Domination.

I don’t recall buying his affiliate marketing course immediately, but I was one of the first members and one of the first to earn their money back (more on this soon).

Having been part of SEO Affiliate Domination for a while now, I can say this course isn’t for everyone. It’s a specific kind of affiliate marketing.

In this SEO Affiliate Domination review, I’ll be giving you an inside look at the members area and what you can expect once you get Greg’s course.

Read on and watch the review video to know if SEO Affiliate Domination is the right course for you.

The SEO You’ll Learn In SEO Affiliate Domination

In Greg’s affiliate marketing SEO course, there are two types of sites you can create revenue.

Site Strategy 1: Mass Page Websites

Site Strategy 2: Authority Webites

These are two affiliate marketing strategies to make money online from free SEO traffic.

The difference between the two sites are many, and you might prefer one over the other.

Let’s cover this in more detail with the most in-depth [todaysdate format=”Y”] SEO Affiliate Domination review you’ll ever read.

Mass Page Websites (Site Strategy 1)

These types of sites are sometimes called “mass page websites” that target hundreds and even thousands of keywords.

These types of websites have ~5,000+ WordPress posts published.

You might be thinking: who in their right mind would publish so many posts all-around one, or a few, affiliate offers? What kind of affiliate marketing strategy is this?

You’re right; I bet no one would. That is until you learn the automated process of creating these affiliate marketing sites at scale.

Here’s a hypothetical example of how a site like this works.

You want to affiliate income by promoting a mattress in the search engines. We’ll call the mattress website brand “Y Mattress.”

The next step is doing keyword research. You’ll insert your primary keyword into a keyword tool like or Google Keyword Planner, and you’ll have hundreds of short and long-tail keywords to choose from.

For this example, we have 800 keyword variations based on our “Y Mattress” seed keyword.

Now, imagine having an automated process that uses each one of those 800 keywords and creates 800 articles on them – all with your affiliate links on them.

A couple of internet marketing tools are required for this type of affiliate marketing:

Both tools are involved with content creation.

Starting to get the idea of site strategy 1?

These sites are not common, and you won’t find this SEO strategy in mainstream affiliate marketing courses. (They’re sometimes used for local lead generation too).

Anyway, being a member for years, I can say that I’ve experienced passive income success with these sites, and so have many people that have taken the course.

This is quite arguably how Greg Jeffries course stands out.

He zags when they zig in the affiliate marketing game.



Authority Sites (Site Strategy 2)

On the other hand, there’s the authority site option.

This site strategy isn’t covered as much in Greg’s affiliate course. However, it’s more of a mentioned topic in the course.

It’s safe to say that the majority of members start off with Strategy 1 and then become hybrids affiliate marketers adding Strategy 2.

SEO Affiliate Domination teaches the fundamentals of on-page and off-page SEO as they both are ranking factors to either type of site.

The idea of an authority website is to create valuable content, and these type of courses go heavy into long-term strategies.

Take or, for example. These guys are providing answers and solutions to people in their niche.

Note: If authority websites are more your style, I recommend the Authority Hacker courses (skip courses like Wealthy Affiliate) and reading more about our best affiliate marketing course recommendations.

Many online marketers have their authority websites going and automate their mass sites with virtual assistants!

Bottom Line: The sites Greg Jeffries teaches you to make are great for building your “war chest” marketing budget and cash flow. These sites can become truly passive when you start applying scaling strategies with virtual assistants.

What I Like About SEO Affiliate Domination

Let’s start off with the pros of SEO Affiliate Domination.

Pro #1: The Facebook Group

The FB group is alive and well. It’s a great resource for any affiliate marketer – beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Although simple, the course isn’t a walk in the park for people who’ve never created a WordPress site.

Let alone a mass page WordPress site…

So, asking clarification questions about things in the video lessons via the FB community is definitely beneficial.

I’ve asked my fair share of newbie questions in the group!

Pro #2: Greg’s Not Shy About Sharing His SEO Progress

There are times when you’ll encounter a course guru in the affiliate business that’s not doing what he preaches. This isn’t the case with Greg Jeffries.

He shares his commissions from his mass page websites in the group (in video form, mind you) and later posts them as case studies in the course.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

It gets better, though. He shares the affiliate offers he’s promoting and reveals one of his sites so you can model after him – big PRO, in my opinion. He recommends a certain affiliate program and affiliate programs he’s having success with.

Pro #3: You Get Your Money Back When You Can Walk the Walk

This is a unique pro about this course.

If you can demonstrate to Greg Jeffries, via private message/email, that you can make affiliate commissions that are equal to what you paid for SEO Affiliate Domination, you’ll get 100% of your money back!

This is extremely rare, but as you can tell by now, Greg’s the real deal.

I invested in this course early. When it was $297, I got my money back using the course’s strategies.

SEO Affiliate Domination - Money Back Guarantee

Sure, it’s costlier now.

But, I can say with full confidence that I invested well.

Pro #4: Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

What’s better than an active FB group that goes along with a course?

A weekly live Q&A session by Greg.

This is a somewhat new addition to the course.

It started out hosted by one of the most successful members of SEO Affiliate Domination: Kevin.

His results with mass page websites speak for themselves:

Kevin's success with SEOAD
One of the weekly Q&A coaches making money with affiliate marketing.

Pro #5: Tips And Tricks

Greg Jeffries won’t hold anything back throughout the course lessons.

What I Dislike About SEO Affiliate Domination

Con #1: Too Much Info Can Leave You With “Shiny Object Syndrome”

After you’ve gone through the core of the course (Module 1-4 image | Module 5- 8 image), Greg reveals further strategies you can use to promote affiliate offers.

These other strategies are useful and work, but I believe it can be a distraction for beginners and intermediate online marketers alike.

I had to fight the urge to pursuing some of these strategies myself.

I’ve heard (or read) Greg say that these additional strategies are for after having success with an affiliate offer.

That’s when the “domination” part of the course kicks into gear.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few strategies:

SEOAD Strategies - Scaling

Con #2: There Are Alternatives to The Tools Recommended

There are some business expenses for building mass page sites. Some tools will be non-negotiable.

However, there are some tools in this course that I rebelled against and did things my way. (My web hosting provider, for example).

And one last thing, there are still parts of the course (sections in videos specifically) that explain tools that no longer work.

You’ll find out what these are as you progress through the course and find answers to your questions in the Facebook group.

SEO Affiliate Domination Pricing

SEO Affiliate Domination started out at $297.

That’s when I got in – SEO Affiliate Domination costs more now.

While I was writing this SEO Affiliate Domination review, I noticed that Greg had recently increased the price of his course to a one-time payment of $2000 (a 12-month payment option is available).

WTF Reaction

The price increase is due to continuing success stories students are having with their affiliate sites!

I suggest getting Greg’s affiliate marketing training before it increases in price again.

SEO Affiliate Domination Secret Bonuses

Before we continue, I want to let you know about my bonuses. Since the SEO Affiliate Domination price is a bit steep,  I’ve added bonuses to accompany your purchase of this course.

These bonuses are the best I can do to up the value of this course and improve your success rate with the SEO tactics you’re going to learn.

It doesn’t get better than this (well – unless I get an SEO Affiliate Domination coupon code I can offer you guys (working on it).

Bonus #1 – List of Tools That Are Negotiable And Non-Negotiable

Remember, in the con section, I said there are some tools in the course Greg talks about you can do without?

And there are some business expenses you can continue using the same tools you’re using?

This bonus is an unofficial checklist for this course.

Bonus #2 – How To Get Your Mass Website Articles For FREE

Its Classified - Tom Cruise
Uncover classified SEO strategies with these 4 bonuses.

This bonus may be in video format.

Bonus #3 – How to Properly Setup The Backlink Software For Your Mass Page Sites

This bonus will be in video format also.

Bonus #4 – Alternative Resource to Get Domains

I’ve said too much already…

These four bonuses will be on a private page for you if you decide to buy through this SEO Affiliate Domination review article (you must buy through a link/button on this page to get bonus access).

Your bonuses page will be password protected.

To get started with your bonus page, please send an email to (proof of purchase – screenshot of receipt – may be necessary) to the email:


Once I receive your email, please allow 24-48 hours for your bonus delivery at your given email address.

SEO Affiliate Domination Success Stories

Plenty of people have given their affiliate marketing testimonials from Greg Jeffries SEO Affiliate Domination course.

Have you seen the SEO Affiliate Domination sales page? It’s full of customer reviews.

"I've never made a dime with any other course until I found SEO Affiliate Domination"

"I'm currently bringing in about $1500/month consistently thanks to the strategies that Greg shares inside the course."


SEO Affiliate Domination Review Conclusion

I recall searching for a review of Greg’s past courses on Google and couldn’t find anything on him or his past courses.

My goal with this review was to be as transparent as possible – as if I were researching this course in your shoes.

So, is Greg’s course worth it? Yes.

The goal of this course is to get you making $100-$200/day with SEO affiliate marketing.

If you follow through with what’s taught in the course, and you’re persistent, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make your first commission.

And if you’re an experienced online marketer, you’ll learn a thing or two as well (seriously).

That does it for my SEO Affiliate Domination review, guys. Get started!

If I missed anything, or you have additional questions, drop them in the comment section below!

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