SamCart vs Leadpages – A 2024 Comparison for Online Entrepreneurs

Not sure which to choose between Leadpages and SamCart? Well, you’re going to love this post! 

I’m about to share an in-depth comparison of these two industry titans. We’ll discuss their strengths, pitfalls, and how they compare in various business aspects.

By the end, you’ll not only grasp what each platform offers, but you’ll also identify the perfect match for your unique e-business requirements.

Let’s get started! 

What Is SamCart? 

samcart homepage

SamCart entered the digital space in 2014, two years after the first platform. 

Unlike Leadpages, which is all about lead generation, SamCart proudly stands as a shopping cart software AND online course platform (more on this soon).

Its main mission? To turn the often complex checkout process into a walk in the park for customers, making it effortlessly easy to snap up products or services online.

With an emphasis on transforming potential customers into real-deal buyers, SamCart underscores the power of seamless and enticing checkout pages.

Core Features of SamCart

SamCart also offers tons of features you’re going to love. Here are some examples. 

Online Course App (New)

SamCart was once upon a time just a shopping cart software, but now they’ve launched their SamCart Courses App, which is included in all SamCart plans.

With this new additional feature, customers that once subscribed to Teachable, Kajabi, etc., have dropped those platforms and moved to SamCart as they’re far superior when it comes to checkout page conversions and sales funnel features overall.

Check out our own SamCart Courses review for more details.

Checkout Templates

With SamCart, you can access professionally designed, effective checkout page templates

You don’t have to fumble around and stress yourself anymore. Just choose, customize, then launch!

Order Bumps and 1-Click Upsells

Many users recognize SamCart for its accessible sales funnel tools. Namely, order bumps and 1-click upsells. 

They can help elevate your earnings without making checkout difficult for your buyers. But although these two features are like two peas in a pod, they are different. 

Order bumps present additional items on the checkout page. If buyers are intrigued, they tick a box to include the offer in their order. It’s a simple and non-disruptive way to raise your average transaction value. 

Conversely, 1-click upsells let you propose upgrades or extra items to buyers post-purchase. They can include the product in their order with a single click as their payment details are saved.

A/B Testing

Like Leadpages, SamCart also has an A/B testing feature. 

You can use it to create different versions of your checkout pages and discover what works best for your audience. 

This feature helps you come up with data-driven decisions. 

Subscription Saver (Dunning)

Declined credit cards and late payments are common online store or business challenges. The good news is that SamCart offers a solution for that. 

Subscription Saver automatically follows your customers up when a payment fails. It reduces the churn rate, saving time and preserving your income stream.

This feature is an excellent addition if you have a subscription-based business model.

Affiliate Center

With SamCart, you can easily set up and manage your own affiliate program. And it can help drive traffic and expand your sales effortlessly.

These core features and numerous others solidify SamCart’s position as a robust tool for online sellers. 

Its versatility and sales features make it a strong contender in the e-commerce market.

What Is Leadpages?

leadpages homepage 2023

Let’s shift the spotlight to the second contender in our comparison. 

Leadpages is a dream tool for entrepreneurs eyeing to launch an online business website.

It allows you to publish multiple landing pages, accept unlimited traffic, capture leads, and write content tailored to your brand.

But Leadpages is more than just a website or landing page builder. It offers great tools like pop-ups, alert bars, and more to help you design high-converting sales funnels.

You can use it to drive more leads and convert them into customers efficiently. 

Since 2012, Leadpages has contributed to the success of many online businesses. 

Core Features of Leadpages 

Using Leadpages is like stepping into a marketer’s paradise. This platform bursts with tools designed to make your online business thrive. And here are some you can look forward to. 

Landing Page Builder

Leadpages is all about high-quality and unlimited landing pages. Its drag-and-drop editor makes creating a fantastic landing page easy, even without design experience.

Plus, it provides a massive variety of templates to jumpstart your creative process! 


These pop-up forms are a super effective way to collect lead information. Leadpages lets you customize them to your heart’s content.

You can even add some automation and trigger them with a time delay or a user action. 

Website Builder 

Besides landing pages, Leadpages brings an entire website builder to the table. This intuitive tool lets you quickly create professional, SEO-ready, mobile-responsive websites. 

It’s a powerful tool to use if you’re looking to establish a strong web presence. 

Trigger Links 

This is another Leadpages feature you have to treasure. You can use email trigger links to offer subscribers a frictionless sign-up experience and boost registration rates.

All they have to do is click on a link in your broadcast email, and voila! They’re instantly added to your list, sublist, or webinar. 

It’s that easy and efficient. 

Unlimited A/B Testing 

If you’re a data-driven marketer, you’ll love Leadpages for its unlimited A/B testing feature.

This tool allows you to create, automate, and compare versions of your landing pages quickly. By comparing the results, you can identify what works best and continually optimize your sales funnels for higher conversion rates. 

Copy Generator

Let me introduce Leadpages’ latest tool – AI Engine. This feature uses artificial intelligence to produce engaging headlines for your landing page. You can click on which one resonates with your brand.

AI Engine can help you defeat writer’s block and increase your landing page conversion!

SamCart vs Leadpages – Overview of Main Differences





Enable businesses and entrepreneurs to create high-converting landing pages for their sales funnels and online marketing campaigns.

Optimize the checkout process for online businesses to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment.

Who Is It For?

Small business owners, bloggers, content creators, online marketers, and professionals offering services like coaches.

Online course creators, coaches and consultants, online store owners, and digital product sellers.


  • Standard - $49/month; $444/year

  • Pro - $99/month; $888/year

  • Advanced - $399/month; $3588/year

  • Launch - $59/month; $468/year

  • Grow - $119/month; $948/year

  • Scale - $299/month; $2388/yearList Item 3

Free Trial

14 days

Money-back Guarantee

7 days

30 days

Pre-made Templates

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Website Builder

Landing Page Builder

Popup Forms

(Limited to checkout pages)

Alert Bars

A/B Testing

(Available on the Pro and Advanced plans)

(Available only on the Scale plan)

Built-In Email Marketing Tool

Online Course Features

1-Click Upsells and Order Bumps

Coupons and Discounts

Affiliate Management

Customer Support

Email, livechat, and phone (weekdays only)

Email and livechat (weekdays and weekends)

Third-Party Integrations

Payment Methods

Stripe and PayPal

Stripe, Paypal, SamPay, and Digital Wallets

G2 Ratings

4.3/5 (209 reviews)

4.3/5 (91 reviews)

TrustPilot Ratings

4.4/5 (343 reviews)

2.4/5 (33 reviews)

Capterra Ratings

4.6/5 (294 reviews)

4.5/5 (42 reviews)

Learn More:

In summary, here are some obvious contrasts between SamCart and Leadpages.

  • Leadpages allows you to build complete websites and various landing pages, while SamCart focuses on creating optimized checkout pages.
  • SamCart excels in offering a wide array of sales features like upsells, order bumps, payment plans, and subscriptions, while Leadpages has limited sales functionalities.
  • Both offer robust customer support, but SamCart provides service seven days a week, while Leadpages operates only during office hours. 
  • While both platforms have diverse integration capabilities, each supports unique native integrations not found in the other.
  • SamCart supports a wider variety of payment gateways compared to Leadpages.

We’ll discuss these things in-depth later. But I also prepared a table to show you the summary of this comparison. 

SamCart vs Leadpages – Detailed Features’ Comparison 

leadpages vs samcart

Now that we’ve skimmed the surface, let’s dive deeper into the features. This will provide a more comprehensive understanding of both platforms. 

SamCart vs Leadpages – Pricing and Plans

Leadpages Pricing

leadpages pricing features

Leadpages offers three pricing tiers:

  • Standard ($49/month)
  • Pro ($99/month)
  • Advanced ($399/month) 

The Standard tier offers a good starting point for small businesses or those who plan to use Leadpages as part of their sales funnels.

You get the core features like unlimited creation of landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. And Leadpages also gives access to secured hosting and pre-designed templates. 

But if you want to maximize and feel the full potential of Leadpages, consider their Pro or Advanced tiers.

These levels unlock features like A/B split testing, email trigger links, and online sales and payments. The highest tier even includes advanced integrations and sub-accounts for bigger businesses.

In addition, Leadpages offers discounted annual billing. You’ll get a free custom domain if you choose this option. 

SamCart Pricing

sancart pricing

SamCart also offers three pricing plans to choose from – Launch ($59/month), Grow ($119/month), and Scale ($299/month.)

Compared to Leadpages, SamCart’s pricing is more justifiable of its robust features and functionalities.

For instance, it provides more core features like unlimited course creation, products, pages, templates, etc. You can also gain access to weekly webinars and many integration options.

Meanwhile, its Growth plan offers additional tools crucial for expanding your online store. These include order bumps, post-purchase upsells, and multiple customer payment options.

But if your goal is to build more effective checkout pages and make more money with less effort, the Scale plan is your best bet.

It gives you the highest features, including customer management, subscription saving, and advanced reporting.

The only thing I don’t like is that the A/B testing is only available on the highest plan. You need to pay $299/month to gain access to this important feature.

But if A/B testing isn’t your highest priority, it might not be a deal-breaker.

SamCart vs Leadpages – Which Provides Better Plans?

SamCart steals the show with its pricing strategy. It delivers a broader spectrum of features compared to Leadpages at strikingly similar price tags.

SamCart vs Leadpages – User Interface 


I felt relieved when I first saw the Leadpages dashboard. It doesn’t look overwhelming as everything you see on it is only the important tools and data.

It’s clean and uncluttered. And even if you have no experience using a platform like this, you won’t have a hard time navigating.

The design and layout are intuitive and user-friendly, a huge plus for beginners.

Everything you need is just a click away. From creating new pages to tracking your campaign’s performance, all the tools and functionalities are neatly organized and easily accessible. You don’t need to go hunting for features or settings.

The drag-and-drop builder furthers the user-friendly design, allowing you to customize your landing page easily. It’s a great advantage, particularly for those with little to no coding skills.

Beyond page building, the dashboard also gives you a clear view of your site’s statistics. You can easily monitor your page performances, conversion rates, and more. 

In addition, Leadpages also offers a collection of pre-designed templates.

So, if you’re not comfortable starting from scratch, these templates can give you a good starting point, helping you to save time and effort.

Overall, Leadpages’ user interface makes setting up and managing your online presence smooth and stress-free.


SamCart still provides an excellent user interface while having a slightly different layout than Leadpages. It shows a neatly arranged horizontal menu bar at the top of your screen.

Clicking on any menu item expands it into a dropdown, revealing sub-categories or related tools you can use. 

A standout feature of SamCart is its What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor. This tool lets you view exactly how your checkout page will appear as you design it.

The live editing view lets you adjust your design and see the results in real time. And it allows fine-tuning to achieve the perfect look.

Let’s not forget about SamCart’s dashboard. It’s visually pleasing and packed with helpful analytics. Like Leadpages, you can track your sales, checkout page conversion rates, and more from one central location. 

Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce pro or just getting your feet wet, SamCart’s UI is user-friendly and designed to make your online selling journey as smooth as possible.

SamCart vs Leadpages – Which Platform Has a Better User Interface? 

It’s a tie for this one. When comparing the two, it’s like picking between apples and oranges. Both platforms aim to streamline the process and make it as user-friendly as possible. 

SamCart vs Leadpages – Page Building Capabilities

A website and landing page are essential in effectively creating sales funnels. And there’s one platform that can deliver in this aspect and help you build well-designed and valuable pages.


leadpages landing page templates

Leadpages has a solid builder for a full-fledged website and landing page.

Because it’s equipped with an array of templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, designing pages is a breeze.

We all know how important speed is when publishing pages for customers. So besides vowing to provide premium templates, all the pages you create inside Leadpages are responsive.

In addition, Leadpages shine in allowing customization and interactive elements to boost engagement. Add countdown timers for urgency, incorporate videos, or integrate your Calendly for easy meeting requests.

But there’s more. The platform helps you convert more visitors with its pop-up and alert bar features that you can incorporate into any web page.

Lastly, Leadpages delivers its promise of high-converting landing pages with its Leadmeter feature.

This tool predicts your page’s performance pre-publication and suggests enhancements, driving growth through data-driven decisions.


SamCart is less robust in its page-building capabilities.

While you can construct a sales and checkout page with features like drag-and-drop editing, pre-designed templates, and custom domains for brand consistency, its functions stop there.

SamCart doesn’t allow you to create a complete website or a one-off landing page (at the time of writing this comparison)

Unlike Leadpages, SamCart doesn’t allow you to create a website.

Although its core function is to streamline your online checkout process and optimize sales conversions, it would be nice if it would expand more on this area.

SamCart Vs Leadpages – Which Offers A Better Page Builder?

Leadpages takes the crown when it comes to comprehensive page-building capabilities.

Its range of features, from diverse templates to the predictive Leadmeter, makes it an unrivaled tool for creating high-converting, interactive landing pages.

SamCart vs Leadpages – Sales Features

The power of your sales features can make or break your business growth. That’s why picking the right software for your needs is a must. 


Leadpages falls short in providing sales tools to its users. It’s great for building a landing page, but when it comes to checkout features, you’ll need another platform.

Yes, it can process online payments via PayPal and Stripe and allows charging subscription fees. But that’s about it. 

This limitation could hamper you if you want to apply advanced sales strategies or require more sophisticated payment options.


leadpages revenue optimization

In comparison, SamCart shines in this aspect. It serves up a banquet of features to drive sales.

Its well-rounded offering starts with common features like upsells and order bumps, enabling you to promote add-ons effectively. Thus, increasing your average transaction value.

SamCart also empowers you to create enticing product bundles, providing flexibility in offering digital products, like pairing an online course with a coaching session and eBook.

Catering to a global audience, it supports various languages and currencies – a massive win for businesses seeking international reach.

But the icing is SamCart’s flexibility with subscriptions and payment options.

You can offer free and paid trials, payment plans, or any other subscription model, making it easy to adapt to customer preferences.

Plus, its ability to collect taxes and VAT saves you the hassle of manual calculations.

And who doesn’t love a good deal? With SamCart, offering coupons and discounts is a cinch. You can entice more potential customers to buy your products effortlessly. 

In summary, SamCart provides a robust toolkit to increase sales and grow your business.

SamCart vs Leadpages – Which Has More Sales Tools?

SamCart outperforms Leadpages in sales features with its vast capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for any business seeking to optimize its sales strategy and boost growth.

SamCart vs Leadpages – Integrations

When it comes to integration capabilities, both Leadpages and SamCart allow connection to powerful third-party apps. So you can automate your workflow without any problems.


First up, we have Leadpages. Known for its easy drag-and-drop functionality, it extends that user-friendly approach into its integration capabilities. 

  • Email Marketing. Leadpages integrates seamlessly with popular email marketing platforms like MailChimp, AWeber, and ConvertKit, making it effortless to manage your email campaigns.
  • CRM. It also allies with CRM tools like Infusionsoft and Ontraport, helping you track customer interactions and improve your sales funnel through automation. 
  • Payment Gateways. For those running an online store, it integrates with Stripe and PayPal for easy transactions.
  • Webinar Software. Leadpages integrates with GoToWebinar and Webinar Jam, allowing your visitors to register from your landing pages and pop-up forms directly. This simplifies the registration process and enhances user experience.

If your favorite app isn’t included in the list, you can still try to connect it with the help of Zapier. 


SamCart also supports well-known email autoresponders and CRM, including the three above, plus GetResponse, Drip, Constant Contact, and Intercom.

Besides that, here are some other platforms it connects natively:

  • Membership Sites. You can connect your checkout platform with membership site platforms like Kajabi, Thinkific, and MemberPress.
  • Payment Gateways. SamCart surpasses Leadpages by supporting more payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and SamPay. 
  • Other integrations. If you’re a WordPress user or need to manage delivery with ShipStation or want to set up custom integrations using Zapier, SamCart has got you covered. It also works with Digital Access Pass, making it even more versatile for your online store needs.

SamCart vs Leadpages – Which Platform Has Better Integration?

It’s a tie when it comes to integrations! Both Leadpages and SamCart integrate well with other tools. However, each has unique connections, so what’s available on one might not be on the other.

SamCart vs Leadpages – Customer Support

One key aspect to consider is the caliber of customer support. After all, a platform’s support team is your lifeline when things get tangled. Let’s find out who wins the tug of war in this aspect.


The platform offers email and chat support, but their phone support is only available to Pro and Advanced users. A vast knowledge base is also available to help you find answers to common queries. 

If you’re someone who thrives by joining a community, Leadpages has an official Facebook group you can join, too. 

But if you’re expecting 24/7 support, you might be a bit disappointed.

Leadpages customer support operates only during business hours from Monday to Friday. 

If you run into a problem over the weekend or outside of these hours, you’ll need to wait for a response. 

Despite this, the quality of their support is generally praised, with responsive staff and comprehensive solutions offered.


Just like Leadpages, SamCart shines in offering top-notch customer support.

This includes email, live chat, comprehensive knowledgebase, and a dynamic community where you can glean insights from fellow SamCart enthusiasts.  

While it doesn’t offer phone support, don’t fret! SamCart compensates for this by providing customer service seven days a week.

You can reach out to their dedicated team between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM on weekdays and from 10:00 AM to 6 PM on weekends.  

But that’s not all! SamCart also provides additional resources to bolster your skills. For beginners, there’s an on-demand demo, and for those keen on leveling up, there’s the CreatorU

SamCart Vs Leadpages – Which Has A Better Customer Service?

Tie. Both Leadpages and SamCart offer strong customer support systems, with a mix of email, live chat, and extensive knowledge bases. Although their availability and additional offerings differ, each provides valuable, dedicated assistance to their users.

Pros and Cons of Using Leadpages

As with any tool, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Weighing the pros and cons will give you a better understanding of whether it’s the right fit for your online business. Let’s start with Leadpages. 


  • Easy to Use. Leadpages is known for its user-friendly interface. Even if you’re new to the game, you’ll find it simple to create landing pages and navigate your dashboard.
  • Customizable. With numerous design templates and customization options, Leadpages provides you the freedom to let your brand personality shine.
  • Efficient A/B TestingLeadpages gives you a chance to try out different versions of your landing page to see what works best, helping you make data-driven decisions.


  • Weak Checkout CapabilitiesYou can accept and collect payments via a variety of methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe. But its checkout capabilities are somewhat limited, particularly when compared to those of SamCart. 
  • Lacks Online Course Creation ToolWhile Leadpages excels in landing page creation, it falls short in online course creation. You’ll need to integrate it with third-party apps to offer courses or memberships. 
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor Needs Improvement. The page builder may not always be as intuitive as its competitors. You might find some elements a bit frustrating to place. But it does the job. You just have to be a little patient. 
  • No Built-In Email Marketing Feature – Although you can create your sales page, it’s impossible to build your entire sales funnel inside Leadpages. That’s because you’ll need to integrate with other apps to include emails as part of your process.

Pros and Cons of Using SamCart 


  • Flexible Payment Options. You can accept customer payments through digital wallets. So your buyers can settle their bills through Apple, Microsoft, and Google Pay. In addition, you can offer flexible payment plans.
  • One-stop-shop for E-Commerce Needs. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the types of products you can offer with SamCart. It’s a versatile platform that lets you sell products, digital and physical ones, and even services.
  • Good Selection of Checkout Templates. SamCart brings a lot, especially for an online store or business that wants a simple yet effective checkout process. It offers plenty of one-page checkout templates that are visually appealing and high-converting. 
  • Detailed and Real-Time Analytics. You can also monitor and analyze your sales data with SamCart. Some advanced reporting available are successful and failed charges, Facebook Ads, plan cancellations, new and active subscriptions, etc. 


  • Advanced Features Limitation. One of the main drawbacks of SamCart is that features like Subscription Saver, cart abandonment strategies, and affiliate management are only available with their pricier plans. 
  • No Website Builder. Unlike Leadpages, SamCart doesn’t include a full-fledged website builder but focuses on sales page creation. This limits your ability to build a website with consistent design and seamless user experience on the same platform.
  • Lacks Marketing Features. While SamCart lets you create your own affiliate program, it doesn’t have its comprehensive suite of marketing features. This could result in managing multiple platforms, which can become time-consuming.

Who Should Use Leadpages? 

Leadpages is tailored for users who wish to create beautiful, high-converting, and unlimited landing pages with ease.

It’s perfect for those who aren’t technically inclined but still need a powerful platform to grow their online presence. 

From coaches, consultants, and bloggers to small businesses, Leadpages caters to a wide range of users.

If you’re looking for a platform that offers various templates and allows for simple A/B testing, this platform should be on your radar. 

Who Should Use SamCart? 

SamCart, on the other hand, is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, online store owners, and course creators looking for a robust checkout page solution. See examples of Samcart users here.

If you’re selling products or services online and want a seamless, one-page funnel to streamline the checkout process, SamCart could be your best bet.

From online course creators and coaches to authors and eCommerce businesses, SamCart provides powerful tools to facilitate online sales.

It’s particularly useful for those who want to offer upsells, downsells, or order bumps to maximize revenue.

If you need a platform that excels at reducing cart abandonment and increasing checkout conversions, then SamCart deserves serious consideration.

Moreover, SamCart is also ideal for those planning to host their online courses with SamCart Courses. It also has integration with popular membership platforms, making it a comprehensive solution for digital product creators.

SamCart vs Leadpages – Which One Should You Choose?

That was a detailed comparison, right? Now, let’s proceed to the moment you’ve been waiting for – the final verdict. 

When picking between SamCart and Leadpages, the decision isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It’s all about aligning your choice with your specific business needs. 

Instead of picking one, you can actually use both. That is, if you have the budget to do so. 

SamCart and Leadpages work well with each other. You can do more by using Leadpages for creating sales funnels and SamCart for your checkout process.

But if you don’t, here’s the guide to choosing the right one.

SamCart is the best choice if you’re running an online store or selling digital products/services and your primary focus is optimizing your checkout page.

It’s designed with a solid emphasis on making sales and conversions as easy as pie. Its user-friendly interface, various one-page checkout templates, and upsell features can boost revenue in a snap. 

Meanwhile, Leadpages is the best choice if you’re looking to build a stunning website and create captivating landing pages.

It’s a robust tool that converts your traffic into leads and customers. Plus, its A/B testing functionality makes it a real winner for marketers. 

So, whether it’s SamCart or Leadpages, both platforms have unique strengths. It all boils down to what meets your business needs the best. 

You can try SamCart for 30 days and Leadpages for 14 days to better understand how the two platforms work.

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