Russell Brunson Net Worth and Story Finally Revealed

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For those who have been in the online business world for a while, the name Russell Brunson is well known or triggers an “oh I’ve heard of that name.”

If you already know who he is, cool, we’re going to go over Russell Brunson’s net worth in a minute.

For those of you who don’t know, Russell Brunson is an internet marketer who implemented his marketing genius through ClickFunnels.

How did he manage to pull it off? How did he create his wealth? Was Clickfunnels the only vehicle he used to skyrocket his net worth?

We’re going to answer the Russell Brunson net worth question and more in this post.

Background and Early Career

russell brunson russell brunson

Head of Click Funnels

Russell Brunson was born in Provo, Utah (United States) on March 3rd, 1980. Russell Brunson later moved to Boise, Idaho, with his family, where he grew up. It’s also where he settled down, got married, and is raising his five children.

Like many of us, during our teenage years, we start to discover bits and pieces of our interests and hobbies. Russell Brunson developed a rather strange hobby that helped his career, collecting junk mail!

When many of us would get rid of the junk mail, he would get excited when he received them because he learned about direct marketing, copy, and buyer psychology. He was also known to enjoy listening to radio and television commercials. He’d take these odd behaviors and use them in his own sales experience.

During his high school years, Russell Brunson was a great wrestling athlete which engraved a passion for winning into his personality. He’d go on to win his high school state championship and place 2nd in high school nationals.

In his senior year, Russell Brunson won 2nd place in wrestling nationwide, which gave him a free pass to Boise State University.

He’d continue his focus, hard work, winning, and competitive nature in his college years. When he graduated from university, Russell Brunson was famous and recognized in the sports world.

Fast forward through time and Russell was eventually introduced to Dan Kennedy, a strategic business coach and editor of 6 different newsletters (he passed away in 2019). Dan was a mentor to Russell. He coached and helped him get started on his entrepreneurship path.

Still in his 20’s, Russell Brunson experimented with different careers. His first breakthrough was when he sold Potato Gun DVDs (building potato guns was one of his skills at the time) with a sales funnel. The Potato Gun product would be the seed of many other online business opportunities that would bank him a million dollars and more in the future.

Selling products became an obsession for him, earning him his first million dollars in a year – it was a turning point in his career.

Yet it wasn’t easy. This was the era where Russell was building funnels the hard way (back then, you had to know code or hire tech gurus). It was an era before Clickfunnels, before he was known as an internet marketing guru, and before his net worth explosion.

The Start of Clickfunnels

In 2014, Russell Brunson partnered up with Todd Dickerson to create the Clickfunnels software company (a $360 million dollar company). It’s a software company that helps online marketers and business owners create sales funnels. The purpose of a funnel is to help business owners sell, market, and deliver digital/physical products and services while getting the most value per customer.

With the help of Clickfunnels, millions of entrepreneurs are now able to bring their business and company to life. People no longer had to go through technical nightmares to sell online with Russell’s sales funnel builder. That gave people the ability to test entrepreneurship ideas with much less hassle.

How Much is Clickfunnels Worth?

Clickfunnels is one of the fast-growing services in online marketing nowadays. Click Funnels is always growing, but the latest stats is that it’s valued around $360 million dollars and has an annual revenue of $30 million dollars and up.

How Many People Use Clickfunnels?

As of 2020, Clickfunnels has over 70,000+ users. A good majority of his customers came from the first three years!

Where Is Clickfunnels Located?

The company was first established in Boise, Idaho, where Russell Brunson lives. After the growth of their project, they later moved the headquarters to a location just outside of Boise.

How Much Does He Make from Clickfunnels?

It’s rumored that he takes home $10 million dollars per year from it.

Russell Brunson’s Online Marketing Books

Russell wrote multiple books that continue to help its readers start and grow their business (he’s sold over 250,000 copies thus far). Most of his books are free, however, shipping cost isn’t covered.

Each book covers a different flavor of the dotcom world and also helped increase his net worth.

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online

DotCom Secrets was the first book Russell Brunson wrote to help people understand and grow their business online with sales funnels. He covers how products, upsells, downsells, bump offers, sales copy, email sequences, and more fundamental topics in the internet marketing space work. He also provides examples of how he and others use sales funnels to make millions of dollars online, no matter the industry.

Expert Secrets: Find Your Message, Build a Tribe, and Change the World

Expert Secrets was written for people who desire to take their industry’s expert status and build a monetizable following from it (and as a result changing the world). Given that Russell has a HUGE following from his email list and social media, he’s teaching from first-hand experience. And, you don’t have to read DotCom Secrets first, but it is advised as some of the content in this book may not make sense if you don’t understand how the dotcom world operates.

Network Marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets is the ultimate guide on how to attract the right leads and grow your network marketing business. You might be surprised at the sales techniques Russell Brunson teaches in this one!

108 Proven Split Tests Winners

This book focuses more on conversion rate optimization for marketing funnels by showing you why the split test winners performed better. It shows how a few simple tweaks to landing pages can increase sales dramatically.

The tips found in 108 Proven Split Test Winners have proven to work for hundreds of funnel builders. Some of which increased their sales by over 200%.

The Funnel Hacker’s CookBook

In this one, you’ll learn everything there is to know about funnel building. It’s made for both beginner and advanced funnel builders. This book also teaches you how to choose the right funnel for your products and/or services! This is a pdf book that you can easily download for free!

Russell Brunson’s Other Income Sources

Russel Brunson Teaching

Image Credit: Russell Brunson

Aside from Clickfunnels and his books, Russell Brunson has a few other income streams that helped in gaining popularity, as well as up the value of his net worth.

Inner Circle Mastermind Program

His inner circle program only allows 100 people at a time. Russell Brunson works one on one with participants to help them grow their business. The Russell Brunson mastermind program has produced multiple millionaires and helped those already at that level get to the next level in the online marketing world. It’s popular enough to have even been endorsed by Tony Robbins.

Consulting & Speaking Services

Russell offers consulting services (note: these figures are subject to change in the future). To sit and one on one with him, he’s known to charge $5,000/hour. If you’d like him to train your team, the starting charge is $100,000.

Additionally, Russell Brunson can help in creating a funnel for your business at the cost of $250,000 and an additional 10% of the funnel’s gross income.

Russell Brunson also gets paid to talk at events. His starting cost is $100,000, depending on location and how long he’ll speak. He’s often invited to speak at the Grant Cardone 10X Growth Conference.

One thing’s for sure, Russell Brunson knows his worth, results, and he has the track record to justify his expense.

Russell Brunson Net Worth Revealed

Now that we’ve covered how Russell Brunson made his first million and his journey since – let’s finally answer the Russell Brunson net worth question you’ve been waiting for.

Russell Brunson’s net worth was 37 million dollars last year, but now it’s at or surpassed $40 million dollars! As you can imagine, our Russell Brunson net worth figure is subject to change in the coming years.

Most of Russell Brunson’s wealth was generated from Clickfunnels, but his other sources of income contributed significantly too.

Russell’s love for radio commercials and junk mail triggered his love of marketing, which eventually led to Clickfunnels, effectively crafting his sales messages and the accumulation of his wealth. Russell Brunson, at only 40 years old, has impacted the marketing industry and continues to do so by growing and improving Clickfunnels.

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