How to Remove Kajabi Branding From Your Website?

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Are you bothered whenever you see the Powered by Kajabi branding on your site? Do you feel it somehow takes away the professional look you’re going for?

Or maybe you want to remove Kajabi branding because you paid for the software, and that’s your prerogative.

Whatever your reasons are, I’m here to help you remove the Kajabi branding from your page.

In this article, I’ll discuss the purpose of this logo and how to remove it in just a few simple steps.

The Purpose of Powered By Kajabi Branding

The Kajabi branding you see at the bottom part of your page or the footer serves as a partner link.

Screenshot of the sample Kajabi Newsletter  and how to remove kajabi branding

If you’re a registered Kajabi partner, you can get credit for every visitor that clicks the Kajabi logo and signs up.

Additionally, if that user decides to upgrade to a paid plan, you get a 30% lifetime commission for that.

So if you’re not a Kajabi Partner or interested in the affiliate program, then there’s no need to keep that Kajabi logo on your page.

How to Remove the Powered By Kajabi Branding

Eliminating the Kajabi branding on your site is easy. You don’t need to submit a ticket, talk to their chat support, or integrate anything. This article is enough to get what you need.

However, you can only do so if you’re subscribed to the Growth and Pro plans. It’s a light white-labeling feature that’s not available on the lowest Kajabi pricing.

Meaning to say, Basic plan users have no option to remove the Kajabi branding. They need to upgrade to Growth and Pro plans.

Once you’ve chosen a higher plan or upgraded yours, follow these steps:

  • Open your Kajabi dashboard and click “Settings.”
kajabi settings section
  • Select the “Site Details” tab.
Kajabi Site Settings
  • Go to the bottom, and you’ll see the “Display Powered by Branding” section.
  • Toggle the button to “Off” and click “Save.”
Kajabi SEO and Sharing Page with red box on off button for displaying powered by branding

That’s it! You can now check your Kajabi website, and the Kajabi branding should be gone.

If you want a more advanced way of removing the logo and branding, check out this video tutorial:

Note that this is only applicable to Pro Plan because you’ll need the “Code Editor” tool.

Advantages of Removing the Kajabi Branding

White-labeling removes any branding that would identify a product’s or service’s, original provider.

In this case, you’re removing the Powered by Kajabi logo and link so your visitors wouldn’t know that Kajabi powers your site.

Some advantages of using this white-label feature include:

Avoiding Negative Connotations

Some of your visitors might have had a bad experience with Kajabi in the past. If they see the Kajabi branding, they might not even bother staying on your site.

Establishing a Stronger Reputation as a Business

Removing the Powered by Kajabi branding makes your site look more professional and credible.

Building More Trust With Your Target Audience

If your target market is composed of corporate clients, they might be more willing to do business with you if they see that you have your branding.


Keeping the Kajabi logo, link, and branding isn’t bad. After all, you get a credit for each click and sign-up.

However, if you value building a white-labeled business and establishing your branding, at least you now know how to remove the Kajabi branding from your site.

It’s a quick and easy process that wouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time. Just remember that users need to get Growth, and Pro plans to remove the Kajabi logo and get this white-label feature.

I hope this article helped you solve the branding issue!

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