Best Tools-of-the-Trade for Online Marketing Success 

The resources on this page are tools that I personally use and endorse for my online marketing and Kindle Publishing business. I only include the tools that I still use to this day.

Book of the Month (New)

Lifestyle Business Playbook. Marta's goals and playbook are very in-line with my views of online marketing. In her new book she covers how anyone can design their own lifestyle by creating their own online business. She's not for the feint of heart - she's not afraid to give tough love in her latest book. Check out her latest book here (an interview with me is included in the book).

Self Publishing Tools & Resources

KDspy review

Kindle Spy is a powerful Google Chrome extension that gives you an overall view of how a keyword or category is doing within seconds. Kindle Spy can be used to check keyword profitability and to choose the best categories for you Kindle books. Check out my latest article on how I use KDSpy to find profitable categories.

​I recently purchased KDP Rocket and honestly, I regret not getting it sooner. KDP Rocket isn't a Chrome extension, but rather a software that you install on your PC or Mac. I love that KDP Rocket gives you the monthly Amazon Search Results for any keyword. Also, this tool gives you the monthly Google Search Results for any keyword during your research - this is publishers who're looking to get people from outside of Amazon's realm and to their Kindle books. I go into more details in my KDP Rocket review article. 

I use Grammarly to edit and proofread not only my Kindle books (update: I outsource this nowadays), but other documents, and emails as well. There's a paid and free version. I started off with the free version at first. You can view a demo here

After experimenting with other ghostwriting services I came to the conclusion that The Writing Summit is the most reliable one out of all of them. They (1) deliver on time, (2) deliver quality writers, and (3) actually have good editors and proofreaders. They're a little more pricey but you get what you pay for. Use discount code fbbpub to get 5% off your next order.

Online Marketing Tools

I've been using GetResponse for a few months now. I used to use AWeber as my email autoresponder when I first got into email marketing. They're a good service and have been around for a long time, but so has GetResponse. I primarily switched over to GetResponse because of the email automation they offered. It's insane! I found it better than segmenting and tagging people on Aweber via drop down menus. 

Thrive Architect (formerly known as Thrive Landing Pages) is a WordPress plugin that you can use for any online business. You can use it for squeeze pages, sales pages, blog posts, and as your WordPress theme. I use them for this website's posts, web pages, and theme. This is by far my favorite tool.

If I didn't have Thrive everything, I'd have to hire out a developer or pay monthly for Leadpages. If you've never heard of Thrive Landing Pages, you'll notice that Thrive Landing Pages is a one-time payment. Find out how their landing pages work from their article here (every post and page on this site has been designed by Thrive Architect. 🙂

Dropbox is a cloud storing service where you can store files. I use this mainly for email marketing and delivering my free bonus (or ethical bribe) to my fresh subscribers. For example, let's say you want to deliver a fresh subscriber a PDF e-book. You can upload it to Dropbox and create a link for that PDF e-book upload and use it in your email campaign. What's best is that it's free! You start off with 5 GB which is enough for most online marketers. 

Bluehost has been the only hosting service I've used so far, and they're great. I love that they have 24-hr customer service (both phone/chat support) because I love asking questions when I'm stuck. You won't need another hosting service unless you do some hardcore affiliate marketing or have tons of traffic coming to your site.

Other Tools

"John, how do you read so many books!?" Audio books! There are over a billion books in this world and no time to read all of them. I like listening to audio books when I go on walks, trips, or even when I'm at the gym lifting (haha). I recommend getting audiobooks from Audible (you get prices cheaper on Amazon this way).