Publishing Email Success Review – How to Get Amazon Reviews without Risk

publishing email success review

Welcome to my Publishing Email Success Review!​

Publishing Email Success is a unique email marketing course because it is specifically made for Kindle Publishers.

First of all, if you’ve at least stepped into the self publishing world, you’ve heard about the importance of email marketing.

You know that an email list, lets you:

  • ​Launch your book
  • Sets up an email funnel for your business
  • Allows you to get Amazon reviews while not pissing off KDP

Everyone says “build a list” because “it’s super important,” to build a Kindle backend, but very few people actually know how to do this properly and create an automated book selling machine as a result.

Since having success with Kindle Publishing, I started realizing I needed to automate this business.

I needed my books to keep selling without paying for reviews month after month. I needed a system and consequently in our “space” {smile}this system is email marketing.

In This Article You Will Learn:

  • Exactly What Publishing Email Success will teach you
  • The Lesson Breakdown
  • About the Course Dialogue
  • The Pros and Cons
  • My Honest Thoughts of Publishing Email Success

What is Publishing Email Success?

publishing email success logo

Publishing Email Success will show you an online marketer’s approach to building passive income, via email marketing, for your Kindle Publishing business.

One of the biggest things I took away from this course is that there’s a difference between email marketing and email list building.

Most Kindle gurus can teach you the email list building process.

It’s usually a walkthrough of the guru showing you an over the shoulder video of him/her integrating LeadPages and AWeber and linking it with your Kindle book(s).

And that’s where it usually stops … 

Sometimes you even have to pay $47-$67 a month for this top secret stuff (those of you who've been around long enough will know what I'm talking about).​

Teaching email list building is easy. What’s tough is teaching email marketing for such a narrow niche like Kindle Publishing.

Most self publishers just set up Kindle book funnels and add readers to their list, but have no idea what to do next.

Not to mention that the average Kindle Publisher lacks the understanding of how to collect high-quality email subscribers.

The average Kindle Publisher gives away a free ebook as bait and perhaps sets up a few emails in their autoresponders without ever understanding their reader avatar.

Instead of this understanding, they go straight for the money. Meaning, they don’t even warm up before asking for the subscriber to leave a review.

To top this off, most Kindle Publishers have never set foot in the online marketing realm.

What Most Publishers Do...

Furthermore, self publishers follow the setup process of the Kindle guru and get left with a puzzling thought:

“what do I do now?” …

“How do I get my subscribers to do what I want?”.

“I’m getting subscribers in trade for my free ebook – what now?”

This is about the time publishers start struggling to write emails for their autoresponders.

Can you blame them?

They don’t know any better. They were taught by the mainstream Kindle figures on YouTube.

So, what was the point of me telling you all these hypotheticals?

It’s to tell you what Publishing Email Success is the missing “step” after the list building process!

This is why this course is unique. No other self publishing course has delved into the nitty gritty of communicating with your list in this much depth.

No one has created a course that teaches you how to build a connection with your readers such that they’re hungry for more of your books!

As a veteran Kindle Publisher, Marta from Lifestyle Design Success, has especially relevant solutions to the struggles above.

She's created a course that fuses online marketing and Kindle Publishing for passive income success.​

So now that you know what it is, here's an in-depth look at what Publishing Email Success can do for you.

In the video above I analyze Kindle Publishers who use the fundamentals taught in Publishing Email Success's course.

The publishers in the video above have been doing this type of self publishing for a while.

They're good at what they do, but at one point they were in your shoes and they didn't know how to do Kindle Publishing for long term success.

Publishing Email Success Lesson Breakdown

Publishing Email Success has 41 video lessons! It’s not a short course.

I'll extract as much of the benefits of each chunk without giving too much of the course away.

Since the lesson 41 is titled “What’s Next,” I’ll pretend theirs only 40 video lessons and tackle these lessons in chunks. I’ll let you watch lesson 41 yourself 🙂

Lessons 1-9​

Lessons 1-9

I’ll let you listen to lessons 1-4 yourself, as the titles are self-explanatory. They are the necessary intro lessons to any email marketing course. 

I wouldn’t dismiss them as the lessons tie email marketing with Kindle Publishing well.

Lesson 5 is a lesson you need to understand to be successful with this course. There’s a huge difference between list building and email marketing. Knowing this difference will separate you from the herd.

As a Kindle Publisher, you’ve probably seen Facebook ads advertising “how to build a huge list …”. That’s not the focus of this course and instead it's a small step in the grand scheme of things. 

Like I said previously, list building is the easy part. The hard part is choosing a good “free” gift that the reader will get in exchange for their email.

There are many lead generating options for Kindle Publishing, and they’re all discussed in the course. You may be surprised to know that it doesn't have to be a free e-book ...

Lesson 7 is another important lesson in my opinion. I see it as the foundation.

I recommend spending time doing what lesson 7 advises you to do. It’ll help you write better email copy.

Lesson 8 breaks down your options on how your niche is going to recognize you.

Most publishers know that they can use their own name for their author profile or use a pen name (pseudo name).

Lesson 8 also reveals a 3rd option that’s extremely unique – don’t take my word for it:

course comments

Lesson 9 is about positioning. It teaches you how to structure your publishing business and starts off going into more depth about the 3rd option mentioned in lesson 8.

Lessons 10-20​

Lessons 10-20

Lessons 10-20 are mainly technical video lessons. This step isn’t too bad. I know I had some troubles integrating my autoresponder with my squeeze pages when I first started.

Marta does a great job explaining the technical setup process.

If you ever wanted to set up an email campaign and squeeze page, but the technical process held you back, here's your chance to bypass this speed bump.

And by the way – you don’t need to have a technical background to do this stuff. I didn't, and neither did Marta.

Look for a major tip revealed in lesson 12 … it’ll help you get more qualified leads into your Kindle funnel.

Lessons 21-28

Lessons 21-28

Now, with these set of lessons, we’re getting to the fun stuff – the actual doing. Let’s talk about what lessons 21-23 are going to cover first.

This is the part of the course that explains how you’re going to create a system that’ll continue to generate you true passive income.

In order for you to follow along, you’re going to need to have a minimum of at least three books in the same niche (maybe two).

If that’s not the case for you don’t worry – you can map out your niche book series first and work on your email autoresponder messages second.

Planning your email campaign while getting your minimum three books ready is a great strategy as well.

Lesson 24 will show you how to get subscribers from your paperback books, audio books (and possibly hardcover books in the near future). 

Lesson 24 is great if you're tired of copy/pasting Bitly links in your paperback books​.

Or worse ... giving your ACX narrator a Bitly link for your book's call to action! No one is going to type that into the URL field - HELLO!

Lesson 25 says it all in its title. As aforementioned, if you understand your reader avatar, your email campaign creation process for your niche will be easier.

Notice, that most lessons are built on the foundation of understanding your reader avatar. 

Lesson 26 is an important lesson for this system. It’s basically setting your book up free for the purpose of getting more subscribers.

Some Kindle Publishers know how to do this, but Marta does it a bloody {smile}brilliantway. She sets it up for international markets (hint: increase your sales)!

The know-how is in this lesson.

Lesson 27 is about optimization. Everything can always be improved in online marketing. Whether it’s Kindle keywords or a review post SEO optimization – optimization is key to improving business efforts.

Lesson 28 was unique. It gives you goals to shoot for and what you can realistically expect from the course if you follow what is taught.

If you’re wondering how many subscribers you can get within a months time with this course – it’s answered in this lesson. I was surprised at how fast you can get subscribers from Kindle books.

Lessons 29-32

Lessons 29-32

This is the juicy section, and I bet the reason why most people buy this course - REVIEWS. 

Notice, however, that these sets of lessons were staggered towards the end of the course. This is because you have to warm up to your list before going in for the “sale.”

In other words, you can’t ask for reviews right away without building a connection with your list (hint: reader avatar).

Most publishers go about getting reviews from their list in a stupid fashion.

For example, let’s say you’re a single guy going up to a girl at a bar. She’s attractive, and you want to have sex with her. You go up to her and say

“hey do you want to have sex?”…

That’s not how it works! But publishers do stuff like this, with their email lists, all the time.

Lessons 29-32 are the keys to the review kingdom indeed. These lessons will show you how to build your Advanced Review Copy Team (ARC Team) – or some call it a Street Team.

Just make sure you to have lessons 1-28 sorted before proceeding.

Lessons 33-40

Lessons 33-40

Lessons 33-40 are a mixture of more email strategies, copyrighting, email list tips, networking, cloning yourself, and scaling your efforts with the system you’re going to build.

Note About Upsells

I know when I look for at a review I want to know if there are any upsells. This course has zero upsells!

An Inside Look at Publishing Email Success

Make sure to Watch in HD!


I shared this video with my email subscribers initially. Hope you enjoy it here on this review article.

Publishing Email Success Dialogue 

When you’re on a Publishing Email Success’s lesson page, you’ll notice that each one has a comments section.

It’s a section where members can ask questions on the specific lessons. I see this as a big pro to the course because of Marta’s experience and interaction with the PES members.

Here’s a look at what a discussion section looks like below each video lesson.

Course discussion section

There’s not a Facebook group for this course yet, but it may come in the near future. For now, we have Disqus comments.

Publishing Email Success Private Facebook Group

private Facebook group

As of July 15th, 2017, there is a private Facebook group. This is where the members of the course help each other and fuse online marketing with Kindle publishing. 

For now, it's free as part of the course but I will not be surprised if it changes to paid, or even monthly paid in the future - as part of an upsell.

​I will keep this review article updated.

Pros to Publishing Email Success

  • Best course on Advanced Email Marketing tactics for self publishing
  • In-depth look into useful marketing strategies for email marketing success
  • The best course for Non-Fiction Authors because it's the only course made by a non-fiction author
  • Works well for fiction publishers too

Cons to Publishing Email Success

  • NOT for beginners (publishers who've never published a single book)
  • NOT a cookie cutter system ... be ready to increase your marketing efforts
  • Must be willing to become a marketer - this is not for the faint of heart

Who is Publishing Email Success For?​

  • Did you get burnt out from pumping book after book only to have them last for a few months?
  • Are you ready to roll up your sleeve and take your self publishing to the next level?
  • Are you sick of paying for virtual assistant review swaps only to see them disappear?
  • Are you a non-fiction self publisher wanting to expand your Kindle Publishing income?
  • Do you fear having your KDP account shutdown because of review swaps?

Then Publishing Email Success is the course for you.

Publishing Email Success Bonuses

Before continuing, I want to be upfront with you. Most of the links on this page are affiliate links. However, don't worry, clicking on them won't cost you a penny more.

Actually you'll get a whole lot more by getting Publishing Email Success through my affiliate link.

On top of PES, you'll also get these four bonuses I created.

Kindle Funnels Ebook
Kindle Formatting Ebook
Bundle Covers Ebook

If you click on any of my review article links and send me a copy of your receipt to john[at]freedomboundbusiness[dot]com, and I'll send you my four bonuses as a thank you 🙂

Publishing Email Success Testimonials

Sean's Testimonial

"I have been self-publishing on kindle for over 6 months now and I wanted to learn the more “long-term” approach for the business using email lists. I tried to figure it out on my own but it was way too confusing and none of the resources online was for specifically about building an email list for Kindle publishing, so when Marta made her course I knew I had to get it. The course was detailed, super easy to understand and laid out step by step so I was able to follow everything and set up my list correctly this time. Really appreciate it Marta!"

Sean Dollwet  //  Entrepreneur, Self Publisher

Sandra's testimonial

"Marta really went above and beyond to provide you with everything you need to know about email marketing for kindle publishers. I have used a couple courses prior and I still learned a ton of new information. Great stuff!"

Sandra Leon  //  Amazon bestselling Author, Entrepreneur

Final Course Verdict

Author Rating




Total Score:

Marta - Lifestyle Design Success_optimized

Course creator: Marta M.

Honestly, email marketing is hard to teach, and you can go about it multiple ways. There's no cookie cutter system for learning this stuff.

You have to practice to become good. And honestly, you’re probably going to suck at email marketing at first – just like everyone else did.

Email marketing is much like riding a bike. You’ll fall down a bunch of times, you’ll be horrible, you’ll get bruised, but if you do it long enough, you’ll get it.

If you’re anything like me, after practicing for a couple of months, you’ll look back and laugh at your old email autoresponder(s)!

Funny image of kid learning to ride

"Fail Faster. Succeed Sooner" - David Kelley

Publishing Email Success is the training wheels Kindle Publishers deserve for email marketing, yet not the ones everyone gets.

It’s great training for building a following for your Kindle niche(s).

The ultimate goal of Publishing Email Success is to provide Kindle Publishers with a system that’ll make money for them on autopilot.

To do that Publishing Email Success teaches you the fundamentals of email marketing and understanding your niche. 

You'll know how to talk to your audience by the time you're done with this course.

If you’re looking to get into this course to get reviews from your subscribers fine, but know that you’re going to need to understand your reader avatar and build a connection before you get to the book launching (review collecting) process.

And lastly. Skills pay the bills! You’re learning skills that you may use later on in your online marketing journey.

Email marketing let's you establish a system that removes you from working in your business.

And that my friends is why Publishing Email Success is hands down the best course on email marketing for Kindle Publishers.

What's your take on this Kindle Publishing Approach? Have anything else you'd like to know about this course? Let me know in the comments below!

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