Mighty Networks Languages Offered in 2024

In 2024, the default Mighty Networks language will continue to be English. The company plans to add additional native Mighty Networks languages at an unspecified date. 

Does Mighty Networks Have Language Localization? 

Mighty Networks currently only has native language localization for English. Users can customize some defaults to other languages. 

How Can I Create a Non-English Mighty Networks Community?

Although some defaults, like Personal Settings, are only available in English, Mighty Networks communities can leverage unique customization capabilities and rename Networks, Features, Collections, and Spaces using any title or Mighty Networks languages they want. 

For the platform elements that default to English only, community owners create welcome videos that explain them to non-English speakers. There’s also the option to add a Google Translate extension to translate the English defaults into any of over 100 languages automatically. This can help provide further clarity and support better engagement among non-English speaking users.

Will Mighty Networks Offer Non-English Networks Soon?

Although English remains the only Mighty Networks default language, additional languages are on the roadmap for future development.

Mighty Networks are not yet localized. It’s on the roadmap. In the meantime, we’re seeing networks being created and used in multiple languages quite successfully. It’s not perfect, but it works.

Gina Bianchini – Mighty Networks Founder & CEO

The platform does not have a confirmed timeline as to when this will occur.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Language Localization?

Language localization is more than just translating from one language to another. It also means adapting the product, service, and content to a specific culture, location, or market. It helps content creators and companies build stronger connections with their audiences.

What Are the Advantages of Using Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks is a multifaceted platform that supports communities created around shared content, courses, and commerce. Members can use the platform’s features in any language, including live streams, discussions, messaging, and chat, which, when combined with customization options, allows for robust non-English networks even without a selection of Mighty Networks languages.

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