Mighty Networks Integrations – Full 2024 List 

Mighty Networks is a powerful tool for running a successful online business. The features and capabilities support community engagement and connections with customers, and when you integrate additional applications, the platform supports greater productivity. 

To help you decide whether Mighty Networks is the best platform for marketing your business, this article explores the integrations the platform will support in 2024. Mighty Networks integrations include four native options, as well as access to thousands of additional non-native integrations via Zapier. 

Types of Integrations Mighty Networks Supports 

Mighty Networks’ goal is to provide every business owner with the tools they need to run their company. This approach includes tools for marketing, customer outreach, payments, data analysis, and day-to-day operations. 

The primary integrations — payments, communications, and analytics — are native to the platform. An additional native integration, Zapier, allows hosts to customize their platform applications tailored to their needs. 

Subscription Levels 

Mighty Networks offers three subscription plans, and integrations vary by plan. Community Plan subscribers only have access to Stripe payments. To access the Google Analytics, Zoom, and Zapier integrations, hosts must invest in a Business Plan or Pro Plan.

Native Integrations 

Subscribers have direct access to three Mighty Networks integrations, as well as access to thousands more through a fourth native integration. Together, these options offer virtually endless capabilities to support maximum productivity. 


Stripe integration

All Mighty Networks subscribers have access to Stripe, a third-party payment processor. Using Stripe allows any business to accept payments securely without ever collecting, storing, or processing customer financial data. 

Hosts should be aware that Stripe is only available in 46 countries. It’s also the only payment processing option Mighty Networks offers and plans to offer. The company roadmap does not include adding any additional payment processors, including PayPal.


Mighty Networks zoom integration

Although it’s possible to livestream events, meetings, and more without Mighty Networks integrations, hosts can connect their Zoom accounts to the platform to use that option as well. 

One drawback to using Zoom within Mighty Networks is that live events automatically default to the native streaming capabilities, not Zoom. To use Zoom, hosts must create an Event in a Space and direct attendees to that location to access the feed.  

Google Analytics

Mighty Networks Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a critical tool for collecting and analyzing website and traffic data. Mighty Networks makes it possible for business owners to add web tracking to their networks with Google Analytics native integration. 

When you subscribe to any Mighty Networks plan, you automatically gain access to the built-in analytics tool, Mighty Insights, which provides basic information about traffic, engagement, and other vital data. Business and Pro Plan subscribers can access more detailed insights and data. 

However, suppose you need more information than the baked-in analytics capabilities provide. In that case, you can easily integrate Google Analytics by activating it in the Premium Features section of the Network Settings and adding your Google ID.


Zapier expands Mighty Networks integrations to more than 4,000 applications and services. The automation tool allows you to add apps you already use to the Mighty Networks platforms without needing to write code or work with a developer to integrate the app. All you need to do is copy the APY key from Mighty Networks into your Zapier account and then customize the triggers and actions as necessary. 

Non-Native Integrations

The native Zapier integration allows Mighty Networks hosts to fully customize their network and automate workflows for greater productivity. It eliminates the need to perform some tasks manually. For example, when someone signs up to your Mighty network, a Zapier integration can automatically send their contact information to your CRM tool, as well as your email newsletter platform, so they’ll automatically receive all your important updates materials.

The foundation of Mighty Networks integrations are Triggers, Zaps, and Actions. 

Triggers are events that alert an application to perform a task, also known as a Zap. Some common triggers include member actions like joining or leaving the network or purchasing or canceling a subscription, new content, event RSVPs, and course progress updates.

An Action is the result of a Trigger that occurs in another app. Actions might include:

  • Adding or removing community members 
  • Scheduling events like live streams, consultations, and coaching sessions
  • Creating poll questions, articles, posts, or other content 
  • Adding customers to email lists, CRM programs, etc. 
  • Sharing relevant content

Setting up Triggers and Actions is simple once you integrate Zapier into your Mighty Network. You don’t need to start from scratch to create Zaps. Just search for templates designed by other hosts by searching Mighty Networks on Zapier and add them to your account to save time.

For all of their capabilities, Triggers and Actions do have a few limitations.

First, Mighty Networks doesn’t offer Triggers or Actions to support payment plans within the network.

Second, if you want a Zap to share content between apps (like sharing an article from the Network to Facebook or LinkedIn), the platform cannot share the entirety of the content or images. It will only share an excerpt of the content.

What Apps Are Available on Zapier? 

Zapier integrations expand the capabilities of the Mighty Networks platform to include all the services and tools you need to manage your business. Some of the most commonly used applications include tools for:

  • Communication, including Crowdcast, Slack, Microsoft Teams, GMail, Outlook, Zoom
  • Marketing, including Facebook Ads, HubSpot, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Google Ads 
  • Events, including Eventbrite
  • Business Intelligence, including SEMRush, TrustPilot, and GoogleAnalytics
  • CRM, including Salesforce, Zoho, Unbounce, Jotform, and Calendly
  • Productivity, including Google Docs and Sheets, Asana, Monday, Trello, Basecamp, and Smartsheets
  • Support, including Zendesk, ChatBot, and LiveChat
  • Shopping, including ThriveCart and Shopify

The Zapier integration supports entire app families, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, WordPress, and Zoho. You can also tap into the capabilities of the Zapier applications to maintain total control over the Triggers, Zaps, and Actions that take place on your Mighty Network. Automating repetitive functions using the Zapier integrations saves time, increases productivity, and supports a better user experience for your Mighty Network community members.

Do you need help getting the most from your Mighty Network or managing integrations? Explore Freedom Bound Business’s resources to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Mighty Networks Have an API?

Mighty Networks does not currently have an open API. However, integration with Zapier allows you to automate workflows via connections to thousands of applications. Business plan members have access to Mighty Insights for comprehensive reporting, and you can use ConvertKit and Member Downloads to manage member outreach campaigns. 

Does Mighty Networks Have a Single Sign-On Option?

Mighty Networks has SSO (Single Sign-On), so you can connect the login system for an external website to your Mighty Network with the Mighty Pro plan. Hosts on the Community or Business Plans don’t have access to a custom SSO option, but you can sign up and log in using your Google, Apple, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. 

Can I Use Mighty Networks To Send Email Newsletters?

It’s easy to send custom email newsletters to your community when you integrate a ConvertKit account with your Mighty Network. The simple built-in integration allows you to add content from your Mighty Network, including plan information, articles, lists, and more, to your ConvertKit emails. 

How Many Apps Integrate With Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks integrations include four direct apps (Google Analytics, Zoom, Stripe, and Zapier) and thousands of indirect integrations via Zapier. 

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