LeadConnector GoHighLevel Integration (Everything You Can Do in 2024)

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GoHighLevel has positioned itself as an all-in-one marketing and sales platform. To stay true to this, it introduced LeadConnector (LC). 

LeadConnector is a native integration that enhances GoHighLevel’s capabilities. It links seamlessly with core features like SMS, email, and automation. 

Let’s look at what LeadConnector can do and how you can use it inside GoHighLevel. 

What is LeadConnector? 

gohighlevel leadconnector

LeadConnector is a powerful AI software that can help you run your GoHighLevel marketing agency and sub-accounts more efficiently. It’s available with all GoHighLevel paid plans.

Before LeadConnector, GoHighLevel used external services like Mailgun for emails, Twilio for phones, and Zapier for external automation. 

LeadConnector replaces these, providing a smoother and more integrated experience.

On top of that, LeadConnector offers extra features, like its own mobile app and a Zapier app. 

Benefits of Using LeadConnector

  • Cost-Saving. LeadConnector is kinder to your wallet than Mailgun and Twilio, offering similar services at a lower cost. 
  • Smoother Conversations. It taps into AI and machine learning, making customer engagement intelligent and efficient. 
  • Easy Integration with Popular Apps. With LeadConnector-Zapier integration, you can connect your GoHighLevel account with over 4,000 popular apps. 
  • Enhances Mobility and Accessibility. LeadConnector powers GoHighLevel’s mobile app. This means you can manage campaigns and stay connected with your leads anytime on your phone – at no additional cost.
  • Consistent update. The GoHighLevel team is continuously working on improving LeadConnector. You can look forward to even cooler features in the future. 

How to Integrate LeadConnector with GoHighLevel

Connecting LC-Email

LC-Email is set as the default choice for your email marketing software. So you don’t have to do any manual integration. 

To confirm it is active, head to the “Settings” in your GoHighLevel account and select the “Email Services” tab.

gohighlevel email services

Connecting LC-Phone System

The LC-Phone system is centralized, so you must modify it on the agency dashboard. 

Follow these steps to integrate LeadConnector:

  • In your agency account, go to “Settings.”
gohighlevel agency account
  • Select “Phone Integration and click “Use LC-Phone System.”
gohighlevel phone integration
  • Check the box to acknowledge the terms of service. 
gohighlevel leadconnector terms
  • Confirm and authorize your payment method for the LC-Phone System. After that, you can purchase your mobile number for your sub-business accounts. 
gohighlevel mobile number

Using LC-Premium Actions and Triggers

The LC-Premium Actions and Triggers are in the same workspace as the native workflows. Finding them won’t be challenging, and you can easily connect them with other internal automation.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Go to the “Automations” tab and select “Workflows.” 
gohighlevel automation
  • You can create a new workflow or pick from your existing ones. 
gohighlevel workflow list
  • Click “+ Add New Trigger” or the “+” icon to add an action. 
gohighlevel trigger

All premium triggers and actions have a crown symbol. It’ll be easy to identify which ones are which. 

gohighlevel symbols

Since these involve third-party integration, GoHighLevel will ask you to sign in, connect, or link your accounts first before you can proceed. Here’s an example if you want to connect Slack to your account.

Once you choose the right triggers and actions, finalize your workflow, test it, and click “Save.” 

Activating the Mobile App

The mobile app is free of charge, and you can download it directly from Google Play or App Store

However, GoHighLevel also added the links inside your dashboard for accessibility. 

Select “Mobile App” from your dashboard, then copy and paste the links to the URL. 

gohighlevel mobile app

You may also add a team member’s email address to invite them to download the app. 

Accessing LC-Communication Billing

Like the LC-Phone system, only those with access to the agency account can view the total communication bill of your LC apps. 

Here’s what you have to do: 

  • Click “Switch to Agency.” 
gihighlevel switch to agency
  • Go to “Settings” and select “Billing.” 
gohighlevel settings
  • Then, click “Wallet and Transactions.” 
gohighlevel wallet and transactions

Aside from the costs incurred, you can also see your remaining balance on this tab.

How Much Does LeadConnector Cost?

LC – Email 

Sending emails via LeadConnector costs only $0.675 per 1000 emails. MailGun charges around $0.80 for the same number of emails. 

You can also pay for the Email Validation feature for easier verification of your email deliverability. It’s available at $2.5 per 1000 validations. 

For users needing a dedicated IP address for their domain, LeadConnector offers this service at $59 per month. This is useful if you need to enhance control and reputation management for your email campaigns.

LC – Phone System

The LC-Phone system offers various communication options. You can use it for voice calls and SMS. Moreover, you can buy your business number inside GoHighLevel. 

The rates below are only for US and Canadian users. Pricing of phone numbers in other countries is similar to Twilio’s rates. You can check them here

  • Phone Numbers
    • Local Numbers – $1.15/month
    • Toll-Free Numbers – $2.15/month
  • SMS Messaging
    • Outbound & Inbound SMS – $0.0079/segment
  • MMS Messaging
    • Outbound MMS (Local & Toll-Free) – $0.0200/segment.
    • Inbound MMS – $0.0100/segment to local numbers; $0.0200 to toll-free numbers.
  • Voice Calls
    • Outbound Calls (Local & Toll-Free) – $0.0140/minute.
    • Inbound Calls to Local Numbers – $0.0085/minute
    • Inbound Calls to Toll-Free Numbers – $0.0220/minute.

Editor’s Note: Voice call rates to Alaska and Yukon Territory differ from the above. 

LC – Mobile App

You don’t have to pay anything to use the mobile app. Feel free to download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Additionally, GoHighLevel allows you to white-label the app and make it your own, then charge your clients a fee if they want to use it. 

LC – Premium Triggers and Actions

LeadConnector offers an initial 100 free executions for Premium Triggers and Actions upon activation in the Agency view.

After using these, LC will bill you $0.01/execution from your Agency Wallet. 

This pay-as-you-go rate is more affordable than similar services like Zapier, which charges $30 per month for 750 actions (about $0.04 per execution.) 


That’s all about LeadConnector and its integration with GoHighLevel.

To learn more about what you can do and connect with this platform, check out our post on GoHighLevel Integrations. And if you’re still researching HighLevel, check out its features and the free trial deal below!

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