Kindle Publishing Journey – How Much I Made November 2016

November was by far the most lucrative Kindle Publishing month for me. 

It's nothing fancy, other publishers did $2,000/month way faster than I did. Do you want to know how they did it?

No worries, I'll tell you, they followed the Amazon algorithm, applied it their respective niches & picked profitable keywords.

What did I do? Well, I picked profitable keywords, but I was publishing books here there and everywhere willy nilly...Not the best approach.

​I got tunnel visioned with profitable keywords and didn't pay attention to implementing the Market Domination Strategy, also known as the Amazon algorithm lesson in the course I take. That's all changed now as I've started implementing the Market Domination Strategy to my niches!

Anyways, enough reminiscing!​ Here's how November 2016 went...

Kindle Earnings

Kindle Book Royalties: $628.94​

Createspace Earnings

Paperback Royalties: ​$1339.99

ACX Earnings

Audio book Royalties: $160.88

Total Earnings


It's just barely 2,000 a month with just KDP and Createspace alone. I'm confident that ACX would've pushed the total earnings to the 2k/month finish line.​

The testimonials towards the end of the video speak for themselves. If you're at all interested in Kindle Publishing get a hold of the course I use, Self Publishing Revolution, where you can learn the tricks and strategies that we've all been using to make thousands every month. 

Get it soon too...there's talk of raising the price due to this course over delivering value over it's competitors. ​

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