7 Best Kartra Alternatives (2024): That You Should Consider Switching To

kartra alternatives

It’s not easy to start an online business. A great concept and a good team can only get you so far; the right tool is equally important for many.

That’s why some people turn to Kartra.

Kartra is one of the most popular marketing platforms on the market. It’s a comprehensive marketing platform designed to help bloggers, coaches, and entrepreneurs create and manage membership sites or knowledge commerce pages to turn in some serious profit.

But with all its bells and whistles, it’s far from being the ideal choice for everyone. Many find Kartra’s price point too steep; some find the features lacking in departments that their business can’t live without.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great alternatives to Kartra. In this article, we’ll talk about Kartra and list the best Kartra alternatives on the market. Be sure to stick to the end to find the right tool for your exact needs.

A Quick Kartra Overview

Kartra is a comprehensive marketing platform that integrates email marketing, list building, web hosting, and business management functions in a single account.

This cloud SaaS tool is a top solution for digital marketers looking to automate their marketing efforts and save time and money. It’s also an all-in-one sales builder for e-commerce firms, allowing you to accomplish a variety of business duties with precision and efficiency.

Kartra Features

While many top business hosting platforms offer a wide range of features, they sometimes fall short in delivering key solutions essential to operating the complete package.

Here are some common problems you may encounter with other hosting portals:

  • Your checkout page failing to include a customer on your e-mail list
  • Your portal won’t revoke access to a customer who refunded payment
  • Your helpdesk won’t connect with your contacts database.

The list goes on.

Kartra, however, does away with most of this problem thanks to its built-in global tracking capabilities. Think of Kartra as an all-encompassing platform to help you elevate your store to the next level in the smoothest way possible. No integrations are needed!

Kartra offers a suite of features that are essential to online marketing success. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Create a business website from the ground up.
  • Gain access to over 200+ pre-built landing pages.
  • Collect leads with opt-in forms as part of your sales funnels.
  • Customize membership site prices: different content for different prices.
  • Analyze email marketing analytics with complete tracking and automatic analysis.
  • Host your content, images, and videos as part of your marketing campaign.
  • Manage affiliates to boost sales with a built-in affiliate management portal.
  • Sell your products and services with an integrated cart-checkout process, pages, and even a marketplace.
  • Deliver 24/7 helpdesk support to customers through your website.

In short, Kartra delivers an excellent all-in-one online business solution.

Whether you want to set up a sales funnel, create a good-looking landing page, or track conversion rates for your marketing campaign – Kartra has all the tools you’ll need to grow a powerful and complete online business.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra offers four paid plans, which range in features offered and price.

  • Starter plan ($99/month) — This plan gives you 2,500 leads, 50 hosted videos, a custom domain, 15k emails, 100 web pages, and 20 products.
  • Silver plan ($199/month) — This plan gives you 12,500 leads, 3 custom domains, and unlimited emails, bandwidths, pages, products, team members, membership pages, and more.
  • Gold plan ($299/month) — This plan gives you 25k leads and 5 custom domains and unlimited emails, bandwidths, pages, products, team members, and membership pages.
  • Platinum plan ($499/month) — You’ll get up to 50k leads and 10 custom domains, as well as everything offered in the other plans.

If you pay for this marketing automation platform on an annual basis, you can get savings of up to 25% off per year from the usual price.

Kartra Pros and Cons

Kartra is a great marketing automation platform for most online businesses. But just like any SaaS platform, there are both positives and negatives when using this marketing automation tool.

Here are Kartra’s pros and cons.


  • Very easy to set up; perfect for established online coaches, bloggers, and entrepreneurs looking to build and jumpstart a digital footprint.
  • Everything you need to grow your business is available in the Kartra platform; no shuffling between tools or installing various plugins to get started.
  • All plans (sans the cheapest) offer an Agency solution for businesses looking to scale.
  • Quizzes, forms, and surveys give you customer insights to help you lead to profitable, data-driven decisions.
  • Their FB group has a responsive and supportive community ready to answer any queries.


  • Customer support is on the slow side and can take a day to review your query.
  • No free plan is available.
  • Integrating with other platforms can be frustrating due to glitches and minor problems.
  • Membership tier pages are limited to four categories.
  • Some say the drag and drop editor can get slow or clunky (although I haven’t experienced this yet)

7 Best Kartra Alternatives

While Kartra is a phenomenal marketing automation tool, there are many more out there that offer the same (or even better) solution to help you grow your online businesses.

These alternatives are often cheaper or easier to use (some may have their fair share of flaws, too) – so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with each one before making a purchase.

Don’t have time to look through the entire article? Here’s the list:

  1. Systeme
  2. ClickFunnels
  3. Podia
  4. Kajabi
  5. Thinkific
  6. Builderall
  7. ConvertKit

Knowing the distinct features among these platforms is crucial to setting your online business up for success, so think twice before clicking away!

Here are 7 of the best Kartra alternatives that you should check out if you’re looking for a more comprehensive marketing automation tool in-depth.

#1. Systeme.io

offers marketing automation tools

Systeme.io is a fairly new player in the online automation scene. But don’t let its newness fool you; it’s one of the most formidable Kartra alternatives in the game, thanks to its all-encompassing feature list and easy-to-use platform.

Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Systeme.io offers everything you need to create, manage, and optimize your online business—including email marketing, custom landing pages, and conversion funnel design.

You can build landing pages and sites, create email campaigns and forms to collect leads, and bolster your marketing efforts for online courses or membership sites through social media integration and webinar tools all in this platform.

Systeme.io Features

Systeme.io has everything you’ll ever need to launch and run a successful business online.

This includes payment gateways and integrations, as well as some unique differentiators that help it stand out from the Kartra-like software crowd.

Some of these features include:

  • Email marketing automation
  • Order bumps and 1-click upsell
  • Member site builder
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Coupon for new signups
  • Webinar platform
  • Customizable forms and landing pages
  • Conversion funnel optimization tools (split testing, page segmentation, A/B testing)
  • Affiliate management system

For a more in-depth view of the features, check out our Systeme.io review article.

Systeme.io Pricing

Unlike the other Kartra alternatives, Systeme.io generously offers a free plan for up to 2,000 contacts with many of the features available in paid plans.

Paid plans also start at $27/month and go up to $97/month, making it one of the more affordable options on this list. Here’s the breakdown for comparison:

  • Free plan (FREE) – Unlimited emails, 2,000 contacts, 3 sales funnels, 10 sales funnel steps, unlimited blog posts, 1 blog, unlimited file storage, 1-click upsells, 1 order bump, 1 A/B test, 1 coupon code, 1 workflow, 1 custom domain, and 24/7 support.
  • Startup plan ($27/month) – 5,000 contacts, 10 sales funnels, 50 sales funnel steps, unlimited blog posts, 5 blogs, unlimited file storage, 10 1-click upsells, 1 order bump, A/B test, 10 coupon codes, 5 workflows, 3 custom domains, and 24/7 support.
  • Webinar plan ($47/month) – 10,000 contacts, 50 sales funnels, 300 sales funnel steps, unlimited blog posts, 20 blogs, unlimited file storage, 100 1-click upsells, 10 order bump, A/B test, 50 coupon codes, 20 workflows, 10 custom domains, and 24/7 support.
  • Enterprise plan ($97/month) – 15,000 contacts, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited sales funnel steps, unlimited blog posts, unlimited blog, unlimited file storage, unlimited 1-click upsells, unlimited order bump, A/B test, unlimited coupon codes, unlimited workflows, unlimited custom domains, and 24/7 support.

If you choose to subscribe for a year, you will receive a 30% discount off the original monthly charge of any plan above, making this service even more cost-effective.

Systeme.io Pros and Cons


  • All-inclusive platform with a wide range of features.
  • No transaction fees with Paypal and Stripe integration.
  • Have a real person as online support
  • A trove of training resources.
  • Wide variety of plans for any business model.


  • Some features are only available in higher-priced plans.
  • Setup requires a bit of a learning curve.
  • Limited design options with the page editor compared to any other marketing platform.

#2. ClickFunnels

great for small businesses

ClickFunnels is a popular sales funnel automation platform for online businesses, as it offers all the features you need in one place.

From email marketing and landing page creation templates to payment processing and membership site creation, ClickFunnels has it all in minutes.

Founded by Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels is a great solution to sell online products and physical goods.

Whether you’re looking to sell eBooks, kids’ toys, or software, ClickFunnels will help you get started with its comprehensive toolkit ready to execute any online marketing campaign.

ClickFunnels Features

Developed by Todd Dickerson and world-class designer Dylan Jones, ClickFunnels provides the entire gamut of optimizing tools to help you generate leads, generate sales, and run events for your business.

From tracking analytics and split tests to a drag-and-drop editor, any page you can dream of can become a reality through ClickFunnels.

Here are just a few of the excellent features you can find in a standard ClickFunnels plan:

  • Opt-in forms and order forms
  • Customizable sales funnel steps and landing page templates
  • Drag-and-drop editor to simplify designing pages
  • Inclusion of A/B testing tool for split test analysis
  • Affiliate sales dashboard
  • Email list-builder tool
  • Mobile text notifications
  • Membership area pages
  • Payment gateway integration

More ClickFunnels features are explained in our review of ClickFunnels.

Along with all of these features, ClickFunnels also offers free training content to assist anybody at any point in their path.

ClickFunnels also edges out the competition with more integration options than Kartra, allowing you to scale and work with more tools as your company sees fit.

ClickFunnels Pricing

One great thing about ClickFunnels is that you can always start with a 14-day free trial before deciding on whether or not to upgrade to a paid plan.

The normal costs for a ClickFunnels plan are as follows:

  • Starter Plan ($97/mo) – includes 20 funnels, 100 pages, one admin, 3 payment gateways, 3 domains, and 24/7 chat support.
  • Platinum Plan ($297/mo) – includes unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, up to 3 admin users, 9 payment gateways, 9 domains, and follow-up funnels.

In addition to the above features, the Platinum plan gives you access to a wide range of additional training and courses to help with your online marketing endeavors.

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons


  • All-inclusive platform with a wide range of features.
  • Has all the tools you’ll ever need to create a good sales funnel.
  • Good customer service and training resources.
  • Plans cater to businesses of all sizes.


  • Some features are only available in higher-priced plans.
  • Setup requires a bit of a learning curve.
  • The price for the most expensive plan can be too steep for some.

#3. Podia

online store

Podia is a comprehensive digital storefront that allows freelancers and content creators to create and sell premium content as well as provide access to members-only courses, events, and more.

This means Podia can be used as your main way to sell online courses your way, build membership pages, and build an online community.

You can cross-sell, bundle products and services, and upsell services with ease with Podia’s easy-to-follow funnel building system.

Podia Features

As a digital goods & course eCommerce platform, Podia offers an easy way to create and manage your online course, event, or membership site. More info here (review link).

You can quickly add in new content, manage memberships and subscriptions, and process payments through a single platform.

Podia also integrates with other tools you’re already using, such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and more, to make sure you can seamlessly sync all your members’ lists into Podia.

  • Course creation dashboard that includes a tour feature
  • Comprehensive site builder that allows you to control colors, fonts, font sizes, images, and video
  • Mentorship model options to ease you into building membership pages.
  • Messaging student communication for enrollees.
  • Coupon incentives
  • Email marketing integration with MailChimp, ConvertKit, and more.
  • Affiliate management program

Podia Pricing

Unlike other education platforms that feature several plans, Podia offers a three-tier pricing plan for its users.

  • Mover Plan ($40/mo) – With this plan, you can create online courses, enable email marketing, and offer digital downloads.
  • Shaker Plan ($80/mo) – Everything in the Mover plan + instructors membership features, third-party integrations, affiliate marketing opportunities, and more checkout features.
  • Earthquaker Plan ($199/mo) – Everything in the Shaker plan + 5 free teammate seats, up to 100,000 community members, 50,000 email recipients, a dedicated support agent, and personalized onboarding call.

If you’d like to take Podia’s features for a whirl without committing to a purchase, they offer a 14-day free trial for any plan. You can cancel your plan before the 14 days are up through your account settings too.

Annual billing plans are also an option if you want a cheaper fee in exchange for a longer contract. You can also upgrade, downgrade, and switch from monthly to annual pricing plans at any time.

Podia Pros and Cons


  • Multiple courses can be created
  • Large marketing toolkit
  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Quiz creation
  • Good student communications tools


  • No native site analytics like Kajabi
  • No free plan
  • No option for course accreditation
  • Limited design options for emails

#4. Kajabi

all in one platform

Are you building a website to sell digital courses? If so, look no further than Kajabi.

Kajabi is one of the best platforms for knowledge entrepreneurs whose primary goal is to share and monetize their passions and skills.

In short, Kajabi is a platform that helps you easily create and market online courses. Like Kartra, it offers everything you need to get started—from video creation and hosting to payment gateways and many marketing automation tools.

This makes it an ideal platform for entrepreneurs looking to quickly create and sell online courses.

With over $2.5 billion in sales done by 50,000 knowledge entrepreneurs worldwide, it’s hard to pare down the massive success Kajabi has had over other similar marketing platforms.

Kajabi Features

Kajabi’s ready-to-go platform offers all the tools necessary to run an online knowledge commerce business from the ground up.

Once installed, you don’t have to worry about downloading plugins or add-ons. You don’t even have to worry about installing updates! Everything’s done for you, making it an extremely easy and seamless experience for any budding entrepreneur.

Here are the specific features that you can enjoy with Kajabi:

  • Professional and clean drag and drop builder
  • Unlimited hosting capabilities and SEO optimization
  • Custom domain for added discoverability
  • Auto-scaling to meet the demands of high traffic
  • One-click marketing sequences thanks to built-in pipeline blueprints
  • High-converting page templates
  • Integrated checkout with Stripe and Paypal
  • 1-Click upsells to get visitors to buy from you
  • Periodic subscriptions
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Drip content and email marketing automation
  • Marketing blueprints and automation for more efficient selling

Depending on your pricing plan, you can gain access to any of the above marketing platforms to help you monetize your expertise.

Speaking of which, let’s talk pricing.

Kajabi Pricing

  • Basic plan ($149/month) — 10k contacts, 3 products, 1,000 active members, 3 pipelines, 1 website, and a single admin user
  • Growth plan ($199/month) — 25k contacts, 10k active members, 15 products, 15 pipelines, 1 website, and 10 admin user seats
  • Pro plan ($399/month) — 100k contacts, 20k active members, 100 products, 100 pipelines, 3 websites, and 25 admin user seats

If you opt for an Kajabi annual plan, you can get a 20% discount slashed off from the prices listed above.

The features you can enjoy, regardless of your marketing plan, are:

  • Kajabi University
  • 0% Transaction Fee
  • Ready to Use Templates
  • Unlimited Marketing Emails
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • 24/7 Active Helpdesk Support

Additionally, you don’t have to pay a subscription fee right away, unlike Kartra. You get to enjoy a 14-day free trial from the moment you choose a plan, allowing you to enjoy the various features without having to commit to a full purchase just yet!

Kajabi Pros and Cons


  • Lots of training materials
  • Multiple payment gateways such as Stripe and Paypal
  • Easy to build automated sales and marketing campaigns within the platform
  • 30-day guarantee for refunds


  • While quizzes are a built-in function, there seems to be no way to include quizzes within the course content.
  • No live video conferencing integration.
  • Steep price tag for beginners who don’t have an established following yet.

Overall, if you’re looking for an online course creation platform, you can’t go wrong with Kajabi. However, if you have other business models or have must-haves listed in the “Cons” section, you may prefer other recommendations in the list.

#5. Thinkific

run an entire business

Thinkific is one of the more popular Kartra alternatives, and for good reason. It offers a feature-rich platform that lets you own the learning experience with a variety of ready-to-use design templates, drag-and-drop editing, and an easy interface.

Like Kartra, Thinkific allows you to sell courses, create membership pages, and integrate with external tools (including other CRMs).

But unlike Kartra, you have access to Thinkific Academy—a hub where you can access special webinars from industry experts to make your courses stand out from the rest.

With over 50,000 entrepreneurs and course creators using this service, it’s fair to say that Thinkific has everything you’ll ever need to create marketing funnels, checkouts, and upsell flows on your eCommerce site.

Thinkific Features

Not only do you have a plethora of custom landing pages to choose from, but you can also rest easy knowing that your website has top-notch security thanks to Thinkific’s 24/7 monitoring and safe, reliable cloud hosting.

This platform is also enterprise-ready, so you can be sure that your website and community are ready to scale and grow.

With the ability to create unlimited email sequences, this is one of the Kartra alternatives which offers the best list-building options.

Here’s a specific rundown on what you’re getting with a Thinkific plan:

  • Easy drag and drop course builder
  • Site admin accounts
  • Premium and exclusive webinars
  • Email and phone support
  • Ability to design pages with added HTML and CSS coding experience.
  • Allows you to have presentations with its own voiceovers

Whether you’re an online coach, freelancer, or someone enthusiastic to share their passion with the world, you’ll find that Thinkific has most of the features you need to create a successful online course website.

Thinkific Pricing

You can choose from one of three Thinkific pricing plans, which are all billed annually:

  • Basic Plan ($49/mo) – Allows you to schedule content, manage affiliates, have custom demains, export data, integrate with Mailchimp, and host unlimited courses.
  • Pro Plan ($99/mo) – Creation of hidden and private courses, 5-course admin accounts, 2 site admin accounts, perform advanced HTML/CSS editing, make assignments, randomized quiz question banks, certificates, and more payment plans, and all the Basic plan features.
  • Premier Plan ($499/mo) – API access, remove Thinkific branding, up to 50-course admin accounts, webhooks, revenue sharing of up to 50 members, groups, and all the Pro plan features.

There’s also a free version available that allows you to tinker with Thinkific’s features without committing to a purchase.

Thinkific Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use page editor.
  • Hosts an unlimited number of online courses and students in the cheapest paid plan.
  • A wide range of custom design options for landing pages.
  • Offers a permanently free package to try out all the features you need.
  • No transaction fees, making it a better experience for student learners


  • No course marketplace to sell courses, making marketing efforts your responsibility.
  • Has no self-hosted email marketing tool.
  • Not as comprehensive as Kartra or Kajabi.
  • Costly for beginning course creators.

#6. Builderall

sales funnel builder

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Builderall is a great alternative to Kartra.

Builderall offers 30+ different tools, all designed to help online businesses grow. You can enjoy email marketing, automation, web hosting, and more for an affordable price ($69.90/mo).

The founder of Builderall, esteemed digital marketer Erick Salgado, created Builderall in 2010 after noticing that it was pretty tricky for the average internet marketer to gain success.

The tools back then were far too expensive for an average marketer; therefore, he decided to create a more accessible tool with all the tools needed to sort out their needs—all in a single platform.

Thus, Builderall was born.

Like Kartra, Builderall also offers a solid 30-day refund guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied with the service.

But with 40,000 users spread across 500,000 websites, there’s no denying that Builderall has made its mark and has helped tons of marketers flourish in their respective fields.

Builderall Features

Builderall is equipped with over 30 tools and features that you can access for your business.

You don’t need to have a vast breadth of knowledge in order to make the most out of the system.

Builderall has over 400 step-by-step tutorial guides and a helpful community and customer support network to help you get started – making it the perfect jumping point for beginners!

Here are just some of the tools you can get from Builderall:

  • Drag and drop website builder to build landing pages
  • Graphic sales funnel builder
  • Easy to use marketing tools (CRM, Email, e-Commerce)
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Marketing insights, analytics, and tracking
  • 400 step-by-step video tutorials
  • Checkout builder and integrated payment options
  • Email automation system
  • Chatbot and site bot tools

One great thing about Builderall’s all-in-one marketing platform is the versatility in the pages you can create. While Kartra has 200+ landing page templates available for use, Builderall has a Pixel Perfect drag and drop builder that’s perfect if you’re looking for just the right image for your brand.

However, if the idea of taking too much time designing your website sounds too cumbersome, you may prefer Kartra’s ready-for-you option instead.

Builderall Pricing

Builderall has more affordable pricing plans than Kartra. These are:

  • Marketer plan ($69.90/month) — 3 domains, 5 subdomains, unlimited subscribers, daily backup, 5 GB disk space.
  • Premium plan ($79.90/month) — 15 domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited subscribers, SSL certificate, SMS messaging, 50% cheaper affiliate processing fees, 200-guests meeting video room, and 10 GB disk space.
  • Funnel Club plan ($79.90/month + $199 base payment) — unlimited subdomains, unlimited subscribers, 10+ digital product funnels, 10+ physical product funnels, 300+ Strategic Cheetah tools, WhatsApp Group Automation tool, 10 GB disk space, and all of the previously mentioned features.

Builderall also offers a 14-day free trial as a Premium member for you to immediately test out their marketing campaigns and third-party tools. You may opt to cancel your subscription before the trial fee ends to avoid being charged.

Builderall Pros and Cons


  • Extensive feature list that’s more than enough to grow an online business.
  • Offers hosting plans and an all-in-one marketing platform.
  • Good budget marketing platform with high value for money (plus a free trial).


  • Can encounter bugs across certain funnels.
  • A bit harder for newbies to navigate compared to other options.

#7. ConvertKit

email marketing platform

ConvertKit is a Kartra alternative specifically aimed to help creators market their digital product, whether it’s a podcast, newsletter, collection, eBook, or course.

With more than 428,000 active users and counting using the services of ConvertKit, this platform is one of the more popular marketing tools in the industry.

On top of being a course creation platform, ConvertKit is also a comprehensive email marketing service.

Compared to Kartra and other alternatives, you don’t have to spend extra for a MailChimp subscription to gain that boost in revenue from email marketing campaigns. 

In essence, ConvertKit allows you to easily organize your email list into custom segments for sending broadcast emails, segmented autoresponders, and drip campaigns without having to integrate other software—making it a perfect tool for fostering email lists for marketing your digital product.

ConvertKit Features

ConvertKit has everything you need to run a successful business online.

Aside from its suite of email marketing features, you also can create landing pages, automate marketing efforts, and integrate with other tools as you deem fit.

From online courses to membership pages, you can set up and create frictionless landing pages and forms for your business in a snap. You don’t need coding experience whatsoever.

ConvertKit also has a weekly live workshop and friendly community support—making it a great option for beginners looking to get started in the eCommerce scene.

Here are the other benefits you’re getting by using ConvertKit as your marketing automation platform.

  • Extensive catalog of pre-built templates
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Customizable domain
  • Deliver opt-in incentives
  • Ability to add team members
  • Email marketing tools
  • Ability to create landing, sales, and link pages
  • Unlimited traffic

ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit offers the most customizable pricing options among all the others on the list—making it an effective way to ensure that you don’t spend more than you need.

On top of that, if you’re looking to test out the software, there’s also a free version that includes many of the necessary features you can use to deploy your business. 

The free version is available for email lists not exceeding 1,000 members and allows you to sell products immediately. In particular, it allows you to build landing pages, sales pages, and signup forms, all at no cost.

Here’s the pricing, in detail:

  • Free Plan ($0/month) – Unlimited sales pages, landing pages, sign up forms, recurring subscriptions, and community support
  • Creator Plan ($199/month) – Unlimited pages, deliver opt-in incentives, list growth reporting, subscriber tagging, visual automation funnels, Free migration, and up to 1 team member.
  • Creator Pro License ($279/month) – Deliverability reporting, subscriber engagement scoring, priority live chat & email support, Facebook custom audiences, a newsletter referral system, and all of the features above.

As mentioned earlier, you can choose your price depending on your subscriber list, so there’s a degree of variability in the pricing. That means you can have a pricing plan that costs $0 a month … or $2,000 a month, depending on how large your email list is.

Regardless of your plan, you can also get a discount by purchasing annually. If you choose to do so, you’ll be able to shave off the equivalent of 2 months in the subscription you opted for.

ConvertKit Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for the budget since you just need to learn one platform instead of learning multiple integrations.
  • Simple and easy to use, with many members praising it.
  • Best email marketing in any other course creation tool.
  • Integrates well with other tools when needed.


  • It can be fairly expensive.
  • Doesn’t have the most extensive template catalog as other Kartra alternatives.
  • Not good for managing several businesses or clients.

The Free Kartra Alternatives

We have two recommendations if you’re looking to dip your toes in free marketing automation software: ConvertKit and Systeme.io.

As mentioned earlier, these software have plans that are free to use—no strings attached whatsoever. You have the freedom to deploy your business without spending anything beyond what you need to exercise your eCommerce skills.

ConvertKit is designed to emphasize flexibility and provide you with options tailored to your needs.

You can create unlimited pages, sell unlimited courses, and send email broadcasts with this software. From there, you get the option to exercise granular control over how you want your business run.

Systeme.io is another solid Kartra competitor that’s free. With Systeme.io, you can access a wide range of features from email marketing to funnel creation for up to 2,000 contacts in your subscriber list.

On top of that, you also have access to 24/7 customer support and the ability to manage affiliates, blog posts, and more—setting your website up into becoming an organic money-making machine.

Kartra’s Competitor’s Comparison

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop, these four Kartra competitors stand out from the rest: Systeme.io, ClickFunnels, ConvertKit, and Podia.

Not only do these tools have a gentle learning curve for beginners, but they also have all the features you’ll need to run a business online.

Let’s take a closer look at what each marketing platform has to offer.


Systeme.io, ConvertKit, and Podia have plans that are easy on the pockets—many falling within the threshold of around $100/month and even lower. 

This is an excellent price point for beginners looking to find an easy automated marketing platform to pick up. Once your digital product business ramps up, you can easily scale up your plans as well to account for increased traffic.

Free Plans

Systeme.io and ConvertKit offer free standalone plans, many marketing automation tools in the list have free trials tied to their paid plans. Having access to standalone free plans allows you to fully try out the platform and test its capabilities without being on a timer.

User-friendliness is key because you don’t want a difficult platform to navigate or learn. Some products are geared more towards experts who can navigate complex interfaces, while others are beginner-friendly but stripped of certain features.


Systeme.io, ClickFunnels, and Podia have all been tried and tested by many entrepreneurs for their eCommerce capabilities.

From email marketing, landing page templates, and conversion funnel design, you’re given all the things you’ll need to start and run an eCommerce business.

If you’re already established in the scene, better plans can offer you more customization features as well.

Our Top Picks

The competition was stiff, but we’ve selected Systeme.io as our top pick as one of the best Kartra alternatives.

Not only does Systeme.io offer a free standalone plan, but it also packs an arsenal of features to run your business: email marketing, funnel building and management, website creation, white label membership site templates, and more.  

But we can’t forget to name two other notable software from this list: Podia and Kajabi.

Podia is excellent for folks who want a simple and easy-to-use platform. It’s arguably one of the easiest marketing platforms to pick up and use right away to host your digital products.

For entrepreneurs who plan to run an online course business, Kajabi might be the best Kartra alternative for you. Kajabi has built-in marketing tools and a plethora of course platform features made for serious course sellers.

We hope this article has given you the tools and insights needed to choose the best marketing platform for your business. Happy marketing!

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