Kajabi White Label Possibilities in 2024

Kajabi is a Software as a Service (SaaS) all-in-one online course platform. It permits personal branding of Kajabi user offers and web pages, but you can not white label it to the point of calling it your own software and reselling it. We’ll cover this and more in this guide.

Can You White Label Kajabi?

You cannot remove the Kajabi platform dashboard logo, add your logo, rebrand it, and sell it as a SaaS. But you can replace your products’ Kajabi branding with your branding and logo before marketing them.

Advantages of White Labeling Kajabi

Replacing the Kajabi logo and branding with yours increases your online visibility. It makes your products stand out. When you white label your offers and products on Kajabi, your brand becomes more identifiable for a customer, and your products become more accessible.

Replacing the Kajabi logo and branding on your offers also increases customers’ trust and boosts the credibility of your online business. It ensures the consistency of your branding across multiple online course platforms.

White Labeling Kajabi: How?

Note that Kajabi offers personal branding only for the Growth and Pro Plan users. The Basic plan does not allow customers to personalize their brands.

You can take out the “Powered by Kajabi” logo and use your branding by following the following steps:

Log on to your Kajabi account. Go to Settings and click on Site Details.

kajabi setting site details

Go to the bottom of the page to locate the Kajabi Branding option. Switch off the Display “Powered by Kajabi” tab by clicking the toggle. This will remove the Kajabi branding from all your offers and web pages.

kajabi settings branding

Scroll back up to the Branding part of the page. Add your brand logo and site favicon. You can also choose the custom color you prefer for your brand from the color palette below.

kajabi branding color pallette

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Offer a Branded Experience With the Kajabi Mobile App?

The Kajabi mobile app effectively enables Kajabi users to engage more customers and increase customer retention rates. The mobile app provides customers with the branded experience they need while being free for users.

Can the Kajabi Mobile App Elevate My Online Course Business?

The Kajabi mobile app can elevate your business with its push notifications and community feature. These provide customers with the tools for an engaging community that is better organized than Facebook groups.

The three types of push notifications in the mobile app help business owners create engagement. The Community and the Specific Mention Push Notification create conversations within the mobile app. The Announcement By The Creator of the Product is a push notification that creates awareness about a new product.

Can I White Label Kajabi on Any Plan?

Personalizing valuable content for increased visibility to customers is necessary. But if you decide to white-label your web pages, you must subscribe to the Growth or Pro plan pricing. These pricing plans allow Kajabi customers to their logos to their web pages and offers.

The Basic pricing plan does not allow users to personalize their brands. It does not offer the other features of the Growth and Pro plans.

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