Kajabi Vs Wix: Which Platform Is Better For Online Marketing and Selling Courses in 2024?

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In this Kajabi vs Wix comparison, we will be exploring their differences and help you determine which one is better for your online courses.

In 2020, e-learning was valued at $250 billion¹, more than twice the amount projected in 2015. This shows that the e-learning industry is steadily rising, with more people joining the trend every day.

If you’re interested in creating and selling online courses, then you’re probably aware of the important components that make the online course business thrive:

  • A course website
  • Email marketing tools
  • A course builder
  • Student communities, and more.

Kajabi and Wix are two platforms famous for their ability to help users build awesome websites for their businesses. But which of them is the best for you as an online course creator?

Let’s find out below.

Kajabi and Wix Primary Differences

Two main things set Kajabi and Wix apart from each other: their target market and features.

Wix is mainly a web-building platform. Therefore it covers a broader scope, serving businesses in several industries for this purpose.

The platform competes with WordPress and Blogger as a web-builder, using a drag-and-drop editor. Wix allows you to sell courses, but you can only achieve this by using add-ons and extensions for content management, payment processing, and more.

Kajabi, on the other hand, is mainly an online course platform. Thus, it comes with all the functionalities required to get a fully-fledged course up and running.

Below, we’ve outlined other differences between the two platforms.

  1. Pricing: Kajabi has three pricing plans, starting at $149. Wix has a free version. But you’ll need to sign up for its paid packages to enjoy better functionalities.
  2. Features: Kajabi is an all-in-one platform designed to help you run your entire business. Wix is mainly a web builder.
  3. Course Creation: Kajabi has top-notch course creation tools. Wix requires special add-ons to create and sell courses.

Pricing Plans

Kajabi comes with four pricing plans:

kajabi pricing table
  1. Kickstarter: $69/month (NEW).
  2. Basic: $149/month.
  3. Growth: $199/month.
  4. Pro: $399/month.

These prices might seem a bit steep at first glance. However, that wouldn’t be the case if you consider the fact that they cover your hosting, email marketing, automation, course builder, and more, all of which would result in higher accumulated costs when purchased individually.

Also, Kajabi offers an extra 20% off on subscription costs when you switch from monthly to annual billing.

Kajabi doesn’t offer a free plan. However, you can take the platform for a spin by signing up for their 28-day free trial. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee attached, giving you complete protection.

Wix runs on a freemium model. Thus, it offers its basic features for free but allows users to purchase access to advanced features.

Wix’s paid plans are categorized into two, namely:

  1. Website Plans and
  2. Business & eCommerce Plans

Website Plans include the following:

  1. Connect Domain: $4.50/month
  2. Combo: $8.5/month
  3. Unlimited: $12.5/month
  4. VIP: $24.5/month

Business & eCommerce Plans include the following:

  1.  Basic: $17/month
  2. Unlimited: $25/month
  3. VIP: $35/month

Marketing Tools

Kajabi comes with an impressive collection of powerful marketing tools. This includes an email marketing suite, a sales funnel builder, an affiliate marketing program, and 1-click upsells, among others.

To really understand what Kajabi can do, check out our review.

Kajabi’s email marketing suite ranks high among similar tools found in other all-in-one platforms.

It comes with an automation feature that allows you to automate routine tasks during your email campaigns.

Some of such tasks include sending an email to prospects when they fill a form, abandon a cart, or stay inactive for a certain amount of time.

The platform also comes with a “Pipeline builder,” its own drag-and-drop editor for building automated sales funnels (Pipelines).

Kajabi’s Pipeline builder comes with a set of blueprints (templates) for different marketing purposes, including webinars, product launches, coaching campaigns, etc.

Wix doesn’t come with any marketing tools right out of the box. However, to use marketing features on Wix, you would need to connect one of its separate products, Ascend.

Ascend has a suite of marketing tools that can compete with Kajabi’s. Its free version allows three email campaigns and two automation triggers per month. Its paid plans offer more features and flexibility, starting at $10 per month.

Alternatively, you can purchase other marketing plugins from the Wix App Market.

Website Builders

Wix has established itself as a force to reckon with in the web builders industry, with a market share of 37%.

The service was among the first to introduce the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technology to help users build functional websites in real-time with zero coding knowledge.

Wix comes loaded with hundreds of customizable templates for designing all kinds of desktop and mobile sites. You also get unlimited pages and hosting on its free plan.

preview of wix website customizable templates

Wix allows you to build websites using either of its two technologies: Wix Editor or the Wix ADI.

Wix Editor allows you to build websites by simply dragging and dropping elements wherever you want. Wix ADI (Wix Artificial Design Intelligence) uses AI to build out a website for you based on answers you’ve provided to specific questions.

preview of wix editor

With all its impressive features, however, you would have to purchase its premium plans to really get the best out of Wix.

Kajabi uses a similar drag-and-drop technology for building websites.

However, while Wix offers more design choices and flexibility options, Kajabi allows its users to use its web-building tools to their full potential without requiring extra fees.

Website Themes

Wix has a significantly more comprehensive library of themes. The service comes with over 500 themes for varying purposes, giving your brand a ton of design options.

Modifying themes on Wix requires a ton of work at first, but if you learn the ropes of using the platform’s web builder, you’ll find that the themes are super-flexible.

Kajabi, on the other hand, has shifted its focus to developing its Premier Theme into an open-ended framework with a high level of customizability.

Premier Theme currently has six layout presets, each containing a few premade templates along with several pre-designed sections.

While Premier is Kajabi’s default theme at the product level, you’re allowed to choose from a library of 12 unique product themes to suit your branding needs.

Furthermore, the themes on both platforms are highly responsive, making them excellent for building mobile sites.

Course Creation & Student Engagement

Kajabi offers a simple feature, Product Blueprints, which makes it super-easy to upload and organize course materials.

kajabi product blueprints

When creating your course, Kajabi’s drag-and-drop editor provides a sample course structure, fitted with categories and posts, which you can modify to suit your needs.

Kajabi allows you to upload a wide variety of content, from PDFs to videos, to make your courses as flexible and digestible as possible.

When managing your video content, Kajabi partners with Wistia, a popular video hosting service provider, to give you unlimited video uploads.

Some advanced functionalities you get when you use Kajabi include content dripping, automated assessments, email automation, product pricing, and more.

On the other hand, Wix lacks most of the essential features required to get a simple course up and running, even on its premium plans. To get around this limitation, you would need to purchase third-party tools.

Third-Party Integrations

Wix requires third-party tools to perform to its full capabilities, so it is compatible with a wide range of integrations, all available on the Wix App Market.

wix app market

Wix integrates with almost any application, including eCommerce tools, password managers, template libraries, analytics tools, etc.

One downside to this is that majority of these plugins aren’t free to use. The ones that have free versions offer limited features.

Kajabi also allows integration to thousands of third-party applications through Zapier. Additionally, it comes with ten native integrations which you can use without extra subscriptions.

These integrations include popular services like ConvertKit, Google Analytics, Clickfunnels, Facebook, Drip, etc.

kajabi website integrations

Customer Support

Kajabi recently announced that live chat support has become available on select plans. Initially, this service was only accessible to customers on the highest plan. However, according to its pricing page, 24/7 live chat support will be available to customers on the Growth and Pro plans. Live chat support is available on the Basic Plan during work hours.

Kajabi also offers assistance via its help center. The help center is a vast repository of training materials to help you get around common issues and use Kajabi to its full potential.

You can also get customer support by submitting a support ticket, and you will get a response from a member of the team.

You also get access to Kajabi University, a repository of courses in marketing, web building, memberships, etc.

kajabi university website homepage

The team occasionally hosts webinars and also allows you to get assistance through its community forum.

Wix does not offer live chat services at the moment. However, their English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German phone lines are open throughout the day.

Wix also provides a ticketing system where you can submit your queries or request a callback. Wix also has a large community forum. Querries posted in this community usually get tens of thousands of views, so you can rest assured knowing that you will get ideas on how to solve your Wix-related issues.

wix help center

Overall, Kajabi has a more active customer service team. But Wix is doing a great job too.

Kajabi Vs Wix: Our Verdict

Having come this far in our Kajabi vs. Wix comparison, we believe you can now tell which platform is better for creating and selling online courses. Regardless, this is our verdict:

Kajabi is superior to Wix when it comes to selling courses. This is because Kajabi is mainly designed for digital products, such as online courses, memberships, and coaching programs.

Kajabi has, over the years, established itself as one of the most impressive online course platforms in the market.

It is possible to sell courses on Wix. However, this would take a lot of time and resources as you would have to improvise and purchase third-party tools to make it happen.


Does Kajabi Integrate With Wix?

Yes, Kajabi integrates with Wix. This is possible through Zapier. Zapier allows you to connect and synchronize data between Kajabi and Wix using predefined automation rules. You do not need any programming knowledge to do this. You can also use it paired with Kajabi (i.e. your Wix menu has a course link that leads them to your Kajabi sales page).

Why Should I Use Kajabi?

Kajabi gives you all the tools you need to launch and scale your education business. This includes tools for marketing, analytics, web design, and course building, among others.

Which Is Better Kajabi Or Kartra?

It depends on your needs as an entrepreneur. If you’re focused on selling courses, memberships, and any form of digital product, the Kajabi is your best bet as it’s a leading course platform. If you’re focused on selling physical products, then you should probably go with Kartra. Please check our in-depth comparison of both services here.

Does Kajabi Include Hosting?

Yes. With Kajabi, you do not need to purchase separate hosting services. All paid plans allow you to host unlimited videos and other files without worrying about bandwidth limitations.

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