Kajabi vs Mighty Networks – A 2024 Comparison

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In this article, we’ll be comparing Kajabi and Mighty Networks.

Kajabi has served its users since 2010 and has helped over 100,000 creators and businesses grow.

On the other hand, Mighty Networks is a newer platform founded in 2017. But it has been getting much attention because of its powerful community features.

Both are fantastic for launching online courses and other digital products. But there are some crucial points you need to be aware of.

Let’s look at each platform and see how they stack up against each other.

Kajabi and Mighty Networks – Similarities

Besides providing the tools to create online courses, communities, and membership sites, Kajabi and Mighty Networks have several other similarities.

First, they allow you to create landing pages, which are essential in getting leads and promoting your online courses.

Both platforms also provide website-building capabilities and tools to conduct live virtual events.

Another similarity is that you can connect a custom domain to your site. Custom domains boost your site’s credibility and make it look more professional.

Regarding safety and data privacy, Kajabi and Mighty Networks are secure and compliant with the latest data protection standards. You and your client’s data will be safe on both platforms.

They also have additional security features like SSL encryption and a solid firewall to protect your site from hackers.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks Detailed Comparison – A Closer Look

kajabi vs mighty networks

The most significant difference between the two is their primary focus.

Mighty Networks is more of a comprehensive community feature. That’s its main selling point, and that’s where the other features revolve around.

Its structure is closer to a social network like Facebook rather than an e-learning platform.

In contrast, Kajabi is more of an online course platform with some social features.

It is not as complex when it comes to community. But it’s more advanced than Mighty Networks in the selling and marketing aspects.

I made a detailed comparison of the two products below to understand their key features better.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks – Course and Membership Creation

As a course creator, you need a platform that can help you create and sell online courses quickly and easily.

Finding the right one can save you time and money, as you won’t have to hire someone to create your online course.

However, you should never sacrifice the quality of your product just for convenience.

With Kajabi, you can create high-quality online courses effortlessly.

kajabi sample template

Kajabi provides various templates depending on the digital product you want to build. These templates include blueprints and tips for making the best content for your audience.

kajabi core lesson

Moreover, the platform lets you upload different media formats to support your students regardless of their learning styles.

You can add audio, videos, texts, images, and quizzes to boost engagement and promote a fun learning experience.

If you want to offer more content on your membership site, Kajabi has podcast and coaching features such as the Kajabi Scheduler. They are a great addition to your video lessons.

kajabi podcast details

And if you want to control the look and feel of your courses, Kajabi lets you customize their pre-made themes and match them with your brand and style.

In contrast, the course creation tools are minimal inside Mighty Networks.

mighty networks course details

You can create simple courses and add videos and images, but you have lesser control over their design. Moreover, there’s no blueprint to guide you through the process.

It also doesn’t have built-in quiz and assessment tools. So, tracking your student’s performance is pretty challenging.

And since Mighty Networks circles around the community feature, you need to create one first before you can add a course.

Best choice for building online courses and membership sites: KajabiWhen it comes to tools and customization, Kajabi is one of the best online course platforms in the market.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks – Community Features

Online communities are a great way to nurture and strengthen your relationship with existing clients or members.

They are the best place to exchange ideas, provide support and answer questions.

mighty networks community features

Kajabi’s community feature is pretty basic. It’s made just to be a support for an online course or membership subscription.

It helps you connect with other members and provide more resources or content. But unlike other social platforms, your students can’t post directly on the feed. They can only comment on yours.

Your members can’t also chat inside the community app. So they don’t have the chance to network privately.

You also don’t have much chance to customize your community platform, unlike the other parts of Kajabi.

On the other hand, Mighty Networks is a fully-featured community platform for your online business.

mighty networks community platform

As mentioned, it’s more like a social network but a better and more secure version.

Inside Mighty Networks, you can allow your students to post on the group, chat with other members, and build closer relationships.

mighty networks member communication

Moreover, the mobile app allows you to enjoy all those features in your pocket. And some excellent tools help you increase engagement inside your community.

That includes the icebreaker questions, polls, and hosting a live stream.

mighty networks icebreaker

Best choice for community feature: Mighty Networks. It’s designed to give the best experience for your community members, whether using the mobile app or the desktop version.

Mighty Networks vs Kajabi – Website and Pages Builder

Your website and landing pages are the perfect places to showcase your products and services and provide information about your company.

However, building a website and pages from scratch isn’t an easy task. You need to know the basics of HTML, CSS, and other web coding languages.

With this in mind, we can’t stress enough how important it is to have an easy-to-use website builder.

With Kajabi, you can choose from and customize professionally designed premium templates.

template store

You can add widgets and sections that give your website more functionality with their website builder. For example, you can include countdown timers to increase urgency; blog posts link for SEO, image gallery, and more.

kajabi widgets

Kajabi makes designing your website easier through its drag-and-drop feature.

In contrast, Mighty Networks only allows you to edit a pre-built checkout page. It has a web-building feature, but it doesn’t allow enough customization.

mighty networks pre-built checkout page

The only thing you can do is add a logo and change colors.

Mighty Networks also don’t have any templates for the landing page. So, you can only create something simple.

Best choice for website and page builder: KajabiIt gives you more control over the design, has a drag-and-drop editor, and provides beautiful themes and templates.

Mighty Networks vs Kajabi – Marketing Features

To better promote and sell online courses, you need various tools for your marketing strategy.

Both tools offer basic marketing features like blogging and SEO. But Kajabi has more advanced ones.

Kajabi offers email marketing, an affiliate program feature, sales funnels, and opt-in pages.

You can easily connect with your audience, send them emails, nurture your subscribers, get leads, and turn your visitors into clients through its marketing features.

Most of these features aren’t available on the Mighty Networks, and you’ll need to pay and integrate other platforms.

The only thing it has is the Ambassador Program, which is like an affiliate program on Kajabi. But it’s not as comprehensive.

kajabi network settings

Best choice for marketing features: Kajabi. It will be easier to introduce and market your online course and other digital products with Kajabi.

Mighty Networks vs Kajabi – Sales Features

Kajabi and Mighty Networks offer your audience multi-tier pricing and various payment methods.

You can offer a single payment, subscription or recurring, and even a free or paid trial.

kajabi payment method

Moreover, you can also combine different products and sell them in one offer on both platforms.

To increase your sales and course delivery rate, Kajabi provides more sales tools that you can use. That includes upsell and downsell, checkout page customization, and coupons.

kajabi coupon sales tool

Unfortunately, Mighty Network doesn’t have these sales features.

Best choice for sales features: KajabiIt provides more ways to sell by offering upsells, downsells, order bumps, and coupons. Checkout pages are also more customizable, so you can provide testimonials to encourage your audience.

Mighty Networks vs Kajabi – Payment Integrations

Payment integrations allow you to accept payments directly and with fewer fees than traditional bank transactions.

Kajabi has native integrations with PayPal and Stripe, so it’s easier for your students to pay for your digital products regardless of where they are.

In contrast, Mighty Networks only offer integration with Stripe.

Best choice for payment integration: KajabiPayPal is more widely accepted than Stripe, and you can get payments from over 200+ countries, making it a better choice for your customers.


Automation features allow course creators to set up automated actions, triggers, and workflows. This speeds up some repetitive tasks and allows you to focus on other things.

Kajabi offers basic and advanced automation for its users. Some of the tasks that you can automate include:

kajabi automation
  • Enrolling students in an online course
  • Sending emails depending on the form they submitted
  • Revoking or deactivating members’ access to any offers
  • Sending coupons from buyers or subscribers

Since Mighty Networks doesn’t have enough sales and marketing tools, automation isn’t available on this platform.

Best choice for automation: KajabiIt’s not as comprehensive as other platforms, but it’s enough to streamline some common business tasks.

Mighty Networks vs Kajabi – Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics are two essential features that every platform should have. They show you how well your business, online course, and website perform.

Kajabi provides all the data you need to ensure your platform is on the right track.

This all-in-one online platform lets you track your:

kajabi all in one online platform
  • Net Revenue
  • Page Views
  • Members Progress
  • Opt-ins
  • Offers
  • Affiliates
  • Subscription Metrics

Kajabi doesn’t just provide numbers, but it shows you graphs and charts to better understand your data. There are also available filters that make it easy to find the information you need.

Mighty Networks also provide analytics, but it’s pretty different than Kajabi.

mighty networks analytics

Since its main focus is the community, it has a more detailed member analytics dashboard where you can track all your active and contributing members.

Instead of page views, Mighty Networks track your content insights and check how your posts perform.

However, the analytics feature for Mighty Networks is only available on the Mighty Pro and Business plans.

Best choice for data and analytics: Kajabi is a little better because it offers more data. However, Mighty Networks is also good because it provides all the necessary information for your community.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks – Plans and Pricing

Now, onto the much-awaited part of the comparison.

Let’s just say that between the two, Kajabi is more expensive. It’s on the premium and pricey side compared with other online course platforms.

But there’s a good reason for that.

Kajabi puts all the tools you need to build, market, and sell in one platform. If you’re someone who needs that, you won’t have to find other tools.

You can choose from Kajabi’s Basic, Growth, and Pro plans. The prices are $149/month, $199/month, and $399/month, respectively.

Editor’s Note: Kajabi introduced the Kickstarter plan, which now starts at $69/month – check it out here.

kajabi pricing table

These plans offer unlimited landing pages, emails, a website builder, onboarding sessions, quizzes, and access to funnels and product creation tools.

The primary difference is the quota of members, contacts, products, and funnels you can create.

In addition, you can also access the Affiliate program on the two higher plans, while the Code Editor is only available to the highest one, the Pro plan.

On the other hand, Mighty Networks Pricing is more affordable.

mighty networks pricing

It currently offers three plans – The Community Plan, The Business Plan, and Mighty Pro.

The two first plans cost $33/month and $99/month. If you want to get their Mighty Pro plan, you’ll need to contact its team for details.

Although the pricing of The Community Plan is quite attractive, it’s missing the most crucial thing for course creators – the course creation tools.

The Business Plan is better because you get all the basic features. But you’ll need the Mighty Pro plan if you want to create your own mobile app for Google Play Store or AppStore and access white-label features.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks – Onboarding and Customer Support

These two platforms provide customer support and online resources for their users. However, Kajabi is more beginner-friendly.

Kajabi offers two 1:1 onboarding sessions in all plans to help new users understand how the platform works and map out their business plans.

Additionally, it has Kajabi University and Help Center, which provides step-by-step tutorials and best business practices.

Regarding customer support, Kajabi has live chat, email, and phone support.

Mighty Networks, on the other hand, only offers ticket support and video tutorials.

Kajabi Pros and Cons

Kajabi Pros

  • The all-in-one platform includes landing pages, a content management system, email marketing tools, sales funnels, and more.
  • It has comprehensive online course and membership site features.
  • Offers affiliate marketing program.
  • It has a 14-day free trial.
  • Superb onboarding and customer support.

Kajabi Cons

  • It’s quite expensive for an online course platform.
  • The community aspect is pretty basic.
  • Limited members, contacts, and online courses.

Mighty Networks Pros and Cons

Mighty Networks Pros

  • Mighty Networks Pricing is more affordable.
  • It has more advanced community features.
  • Offers white-labeling features for the highest plan.
  • Well-designed mobile app for your students.
  • Unlimited online members, hosts, and moderators.
  • You can host virtual events inside your community.

Mighty Networks Cons

  • It lacks sales and marketing tools.
  • The website, landing pages, and course creation tools are pretty basic.
  • Limited video storage.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks Conclusion – Which is the Overall Winner?

You can consider them all-in-one platforms depending on your needs and your perspective.

However, for course creators and business owners, Kajabi is more beneficial than Mighty Networks.

It has all the features and tools you need to launch and scale your online business. The only catch is the hefty price tag, which can be justified by the vast number of features you get. Check more details in our review if you’re still having trouble deciding.

Mighty Networks is a good option if your main goal is to build a solid space for your online community and you’re okay with simple websites and sales pages.

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