Kajabi Theme Marketplace (2024): Is There a Marketplace?

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As a Kajabi user, you might’ve been looking for an online store where you can buy themes. The platform offers some pre-made ones, but they are limited in design and customization.

So is there an official Kajabi theme marketplace? The answer is no. But some fantastic third-party vendors sell custom themes.

If you want to know where to find the best Kajabi themes, keep reading. I’ll show you some of the most popular websites and our top picks.

Kajabi Template Store

But before we see Kajabi website samples, I suggest you check all the available Kajabi templates you can customize first.

Kajabi Pre-Made Themes

Kajabi offers 16 site themes, over 50 landing page templates, and a few product themes you can use for your online business. And the best part is, they are all free.

Here’s a quick overview of the Kajabi templates for your website if you haven’t explored them yet:


  • Carl. Plenty of white space, minimal color, and a good mix of text and image blocks.
  • Rise. Sleek and modern Kajabi theme. It uses dark colors for the most part.
  • Kim. The great balance of colors makes the site attractive and easy on the eyes. It’s ideal for those who want a professional but quite feminine look.
  • Emilia. A gorgeous and pleasing design that uses cursive font style and faint changes in proportion to accentuate some elements.
  • Hopper. Simplistic yet alluring. White spaces are evident on the sides of the theme.
  • Serenity. Clean and refreshing template. The colors create an illusion of a smoother transition between sections.
  • Streamlined Home. Simplest Kajabi theme but still exudes stylishness.
  • Reach. A popular theme for coaches because of its straightforward and easy-to-follow layout.
  • Creative. Ideal for artists and other creatives. It uses colors that give your website a playful and innovative feel.
  • Prosper. It’s a great choice if you want a more corporate look. The green color scheme is perfect for businesses in the financial industry.
  • Taylor. Has a captivating and authentic feel. The soft colors allow your audience to focus on your message.

Kajabi Legacy Themes

Although these Kajabi templates don’t get updates anymore, they’re still available to use for your online business.

They might not be as modern and unique as the new ones, but they have their own charm.

The only difference between these templates is the colors and graphics used, but the layout is the same.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Magnolia.
  • Eastwood.
  • Capital.
  • Tempo.
  • Spark.
  • Gradio.

Other Kajabi Templates

drag and drop landing page - thrivecart vs kajabi

It would take us forever if I mentioned all the landing page templates, but Kajabi provides you with various ones that let you create the following:

  • Sales page
  • Podcast page
  • Link in bio
  • Thank you
  • Opt-in
  • Coming soon
  • Policies

You may find everything inside Website -> Pages -> Landing Tab -> +New Landing Page.

Best Online Shops To Buy Kajabi Templates

If you’ve checked all the themes inside your Kajabi account and are still unsatisfied, it’s time to check these websites:

1. Etsy

  • Cost Range: $4 – $890

Etsy is a popular eCommerce website where people sell their handmade goods and vintage items.

But because of its growing community, you can now find various digital products, including Kajabi themes.

kajabi etsy themes

I’m quite impressed with the designs I saw. There are plenty of beautiful and unique templates to choose from. You can find many great options and see which fits your budget.

Although it’s not an official Kajabi theme marketplace, it acts like one. The platform lets you communicate with the seller and see other people’s reviews.

Simply type “Kajabi website templates” on the search bar and start browsing.

If you want to buy a template for a specific page only, you can also do it. For example, type “Kajabi sales page” if you want to build a landing page for your online course.

Personal Pick: Linen Collection by Pixelandflow

kajabi theme for coaches online creators

I like the soft colors and how simple yet elegant the design is. It’s perfect for online course creators and coaches.

2. Launch Today

launch today kajabi theme
  • Cost: $997 for each theme (Vision, Elevate, and Ignite)

Launch Today is a great example of “keep it few, but make it great.”

They only have three Kajabi website templates available for course creators, but they are all catchy, high-quality, and have various editable features.

kajabi website template vision elevate

All themes include a unified design for all your pages, popups, and newsletters.

In addition, installing your chosen theme is easy as the developers provide step-by-step tutorial videos.

They also offer a limited monthly service if you want help with custom templates.

Personal Pick: Vision

kajabi vision theme

The image effects make them stand out. The pages are all amazing, especially the sales page. It’s great for offering online courses about photography or personality development

. I also like the unique heading font. It’s simple but artistic.

3. Penny In Your Pocket

kajabi penny in your pocket
  • Cost Range: $29 – $452

Penny is on a different level. She has every Kajabi theme you need, whether you want something for your online courses, checkout page, website, sales page, or even lockable page.

kajabi page templates

You can choose from her vast collection of mobile-optimized themes with just a click. Penny also provides tutorial videos for Kajabi users.

What I like about Penny’s website is that it’s very organized and detailed.

Finding the Kajabi theme you need is easy. Plus, she provides all the information and FAQs you need to know.

Personal Pick: Flix

kajabi flix template

After checking some websites, this is what I noticed: It’s pretty hard to find a Kajabi theme that caters to both female and male users.

Flix is one of the few I found, and it’s a gorgeous website template. The design is unique and suitable for online courses and membership sites.

Things to Consider When Buying from a Third-Party Vendor

Before you hit the checkout button, make sure that you assess the following:

  1. Design quality. Examine the overall layout, colors, font styles, and images used. Do they look professional or suitable for your niche? (Related: Sizing Images in Kajabi).
  2. Ease of use and customization. Kajabi templates should be easy to import and edit. Make sure you can change everything without coding.
  3. Customer Support. Will you get assistance if you encounter any problems? How quickly do they respond to queries?


When it comes to finding the perfect Kajabi template, there are plenty of options available – even though there isn’t an official Kajabi theme marketplace open.

You can visit the shops I mentioned or find other ones on Google. But remember to review the factors above to ensure you get a premium-quality Kajabi theme.

Kajabi Frequently Asked Questions:

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