Kajabi Tags – How to Use Tags Correctly

Are you tired of a messy email list? Do you find it stressful not knowing who to target for your email campaign or how to manage your contacts? 

Using tags in Kajabi can solve this problem! 

In this article, we’ll talk about this feature and how it can transform your contact management. I’ll also show you how you can set it up. 

What Are Tags in Kajabi?

They are handy tools that help you organize your contacts. 

Tags in Kajabi let you sort and group your list based on actions they’ve taken or your assigned label. But tags do more than that.

One great use of tags is for behavioral targeting – a strategy to boost your Kajabi email campaigns.  

With this approach, you can send personalized emails to specific segments. It builds trust and increases engagement, resulting in better sales for your online business.

For example, if your contacts purchase your Kajabi course on building habits, you can tag them as a “new purchase” and offer additional resources or exclusive discounts.

Why Use Tags in Kajabi?

Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy using this feature. And I bet you’ll like them, too! 

Easy Management

The simple and user-friendly interface of Kajabi allows me to add, edit, automate, and remove tags with just a few clicks. 

You’ll find this feature helpful if you’re a course creator dealing with hundreds or thousands of contacts. 

For example, you can create various tags for each online course you have. So once students sign up, they’ll automatically be classified.

Create Effective Marketing Campaigns

Another thing I noticed is the tags’ ability to help you send targeted campaigns.

Let’s say you’re a coach offering various personal development courses. Some students might be interested in stress management, while others prefer courses on boosting self-confidence. 

You can send targeted emails by tagging your contacts based on their interests. 

This way, your contacts will only receive relevant emails for better efficiency.

Automation Ready

Imagine having to tag every contact who signs up on your form manually. It’s time-consuming, right? 

With Kajabi’s automation feature, you can set up rules to tag contacts depending on specific triggers or actions. 

For instance, you can automate a tag after a form submission. So, whenever someone signs up for your webinar attendee form, Kajabi can automatically add a “Webinar Participant” tag to that individual.

This saves you time and also enhances the accuracy of your contact segregation.

How Can I Create Tags in Kajabi?

I suggest that you create or add tags first before setting anything up. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Go to the “Contacts” tab.
kajabi contacts
  • Click “Manage Tags.”
manage tags
  • Select “Add tag.”
add tag
  • Type the name of your new tag. Then click “Save.”
new tag save

Repeat these steps when you want to add tags.

How Can I Manually Add Tags in Kajabi? 

After creating your tags, this is what you can do.

  • Choose the contact you want to tag.
tag contacts
  • Click the tag icon.
tag icon
  • Select an existing tag from the dropdown menu.
add a tag

Adding Tags While Importing Contacts

Adding a tag to new contacts in Kajabi is quick and easy, whether for a single or an imported list. And these actions can be found inside your Contacts tab.

Adding Tags to Individual Contacts

  • Click “Add Single Contact” under the “Add contacts” button.
add single contact
  • Fill out the name and email fields.
  • Tick the “Add Tags” box, then select an existing tag from the dropdown menu.
  • Click “Save” to finish adding the contact with the tag.

Adding Tags to Imported Contacts

Kajabi can only read up to 50 data fields. So before uploading your file, double-check to avoid exceeding it.

image from help.kajabi.com
  • Select the “Import CSV.”
  • Choose “Upload File.”
import contacts
  • Select your file and click “Continue to Upload.”
  • Check or edit the column maps prepared by Kajabi. Then click “Continue to Import Actions.”
  • Under the bulk actions, choose “Add Tags” and select an existing tag. Confirm by clicking “Continue to Summary.”
add tags in bulk
  • Review the summary and click “Confirm Import.”

That’s it! You’ll receive an email once the upload is complete.

Adding Tags to Multiple Contacts At Once

If you want to add tags to several people on your list, you can do it efficiently by following these steps.

  • On your “Contacts” tab, select the checkbox to bulk-select your contact list.
contact filtering
  • Click the “Bulk Actions” dropdown menu, then choose “Add tag.”
  • Select an existing tag from your list, then click “Submit.”
custom tag adding

How Can I Use Automations – Automatically Add Tags on Kajabi

Besides letting you manually add tags, the platform offers the convenience of adding tags automatically.

You can add tags after a form is submitted, once an email sequence is completed, or after an offer purchase. Let’s discuss how they work.

Adding a Tag After an Offer Purchase

You can apply this if you’re selling multiple digital products and want to segment your list based on their offer purchase or level.

For instance, you can tag a contact as a “buyer” or “premium member.”

  • Under the “Sales” tab on your dashboard, click “Offers.”
  • Pick a product or create a new one.
  • Find the Automation section and click “+ Add Automation.”
  • On the THEN dropdown menu, choose “Add a tag.”
  • Select an existing tag and save your new automation.

How to Add Tags After Form Submission

Automating a tag after an opt-in can help you better understand your contacts’ interests. Here’s how to set this up.

  • Go to the “Marketing” tab and click “Forms.”
  • Choose the form you want to edit or create a new one.
  • Scroll to the Automation section and click “+ Add Automation.”
  • On the THEN dropdown menu, choose “Add a tag.”
  • Select your desired tag, then click “Save.”

TIP – Customize your form fields to ask relevant questions. This way, you can create more specific tags based on your subscribers’ responses.

How to Add Tags After an Email Sequence is Completed

  • Open the “Marketing” tab and select Email Campaigns.
  • Choose from your existing email sequence.
  • Click “+ Add Automation” under the final email in the sequence.
  • Choose “Add a tag” in the THEN dropdown menu.
  • Click an existing tag. Don’t forget to save your new automation.

How to Edit Tags

Here’s what you can do to update your tag names.

  • From your dashboard, go to the “Contacts” tab.
  • Click “Manage Tags.”
  • Click the pencil icon to edit your existing tag.

How to Remove Tags from Contacts

If a contact changes their interests or is no longer part of a specific group, you can remove their tag.

  • Go to your Contacts tab.
  • Choose the contact you want to edit and click “Open Full Profile.”
contact profile
  • Click the “x” icon next to the tag name.
remove tag

How to Permanently Delete Tags

If a tag is no longer useful or relevant, you may delete it by doing this.

  • From your dashboard, open the Contacts tab.
  • Click on Manage Tags.
tag manager
  • Click the “trash” icon on the tag you wish to permanently delete.
delete tag
  • For confirmation, retype the tag name exactly as it appears. Then click “Delete tag.”


Whether adding, editing, or automating, using tags within Kajabi is simple; plus, you can tailor your marketing approach by applying them effectively.

Best of all, this feature is available in all the Kajabi plans

If you’re intrigued and want to know how it could improve your list management, why not give it a try?

Kajabi offers an extended free trial sometimes for new users at no cost. For more details on Kajabi as a platform in 2024, check out our review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Tags in Kajabi? 

They are tools for managing and sorting your contacts. You can assign a tag based on actions or specific attributes. 

How Many Tags Can I Create in Kajabi? 

Kajabi allows you to add a max of 100 tags for each Kajabi website. This gives you enough flexibility to create a detailed and well-structured contact list.

Can I Add Multiple Tags in Kajabi? 

Absolutely! You can select multiple tags for each contact.

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