Kajabi Squarespace Integration – How to Connect Both in 2024

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Kajabi and Squarespace are good platforms for launching your online business and selling digital products.

They offer some similar features but have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Instead of choosing one platform over the other, you can connect the two and enjoy each platform’s great tools or the Kajabi Squarespace Integration. That includes Squarespace website builder and Kajabi course builder.

Why Use Kajabi with Squarespace

Kajabi is known for its great features for online courses, while Squarespace has better tools for website design.

Integrating Kajabi with Squarespace gives you a more advanced website builder and other extra features.

Some of the best ones are password-protected pages, eCommerce for physical products, and advanced SEO tools.

Although Kajabi users can enjoy a built-in website builder, the Squarespace website builder wins regarding tools and customization.

In contrast, Squarespace users can take advantage of Kajabi’s powerful marketing automation, email marketing, and course delivery features.

For instance, Kajabi has funnel templates that can help you streamline your sales and marketing process.

The platform also has a better checkout process, payment offers, and upsells. You can increase your sales and conversion rate with these features.

Besides those features, Kajabi offers blueprints for course creation, membership sites, communities, and other digital products.

It’s handy for users who want to launch an online course but don’t know where to start.

This integration allows you to fill up the holes of each platform.

Kajabi Squarespace Integration: How to Integrate?

The most popular way to connect these two apps is through Zapier. However, you can also use Integrately and Pablo-Connect as alternatives.

They are all third-party apps, so you’ll have to create accounts with them first. Additionally, you must pay for Squarespace and Kajabi’s monthly subscription plans before integrating them.


Zapier is software that lets you connect over 5,000 apps. Each automation is called a “zap.”

You can create up to five zaps and automate 100 tasks for the free plan. So if you want to create more, you must upgrade your subscription.

With Zapier, creating a zap is fast and easy, even for beginners, thanks to its clean and user-friendly interface.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • On your Zapier dashboard, click “+Create Zap.”
zapier dashboard with arrow pointing on the create zap button
  • Choose Squarespace as your trigger and click the Event drop-down. Zapier only allows one trigger for Squarespace: “New Form Submission.”
  • Click “Continue.”
kajabi squarespace new form
  • Authenticate Squarespace account by signing in using Developer API keys inside your Squarespace website.
Authenticating Squarespace on Zapier
  • Select the form you’d like to use and press “Continue.”
squarespace new form submission with arrow pointing on continue button
  • Test your trigger to see if it works.
squarespace new form submission with arrow pointing on test trigger button
  • After that, repeat the same steps with the action tab, but choose Kajabi.
kajabi action tab
  • Once you sign in to your account and fill out the necessary information, click continue.
kajabi grant access
  • Test your workflow, then select “Publish Zap.”
kajabi publish zap

Your zap will be turned on, and you’re all set!

Integrately is another great option for those who want to connect Kajabi with Squarespace.


You can do more automation with this app than Zapier. However, it only offers a free trial. After 14 days, you need to upgrade to their paid plans, which start at $20/month.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Integrately:

  • Inside your dashboard, search for “Squarespace” and “Kajabi.”
kajabi integrately spacesquare
  • Scroll down to see all the available workflows and select your trigger and action.
kajabi form submission
  • Click “Go.”
Go button integrately kajabi
  • Connect your Kajabi account using the webhook and log in to your Squarespace account.
integrately connect kajabi
  • Fill out all the essential details, such as the form and email address where you’ll receive the submissions.
  • (Optional) Add conditions and other apps.
kajabi intergrate apps
  • Select “Test & Turn On.”
kajabi test turn on button

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect works like the two above but provides other features like form builder and email marketing.

It has a free plan and currently offers a lifetime deal for $149. You can integrate over 850 apps at this price.

Here’s how to connect Kajabi with Squarespace using Pabbly Connect:

  • Click “Access Now” under Pabbly Connect.
kajabi pabbly connect
  • Select “+Create Workflow” and type the workflow name.
kajabi pabbly dashboard create workflow
  • Choose your Trigger and Action app between Kajabi and Squarespace. After that, select the Trigger and Action Event.
kajabi squarespace trigger action
  • Connect your accounts by signing in for Squarespace and pasting the webhook on your Kajabi.
kajabi squarespace connect accounts
  • After that, provide all the required details.
kajabi details form
  • Select “Save & Test Request.”
kajabi save test button

All the tools above work similarly. So if you know how one works, it’ll be easier for you to understand the others.

That’s All

Kajabi Squarespace integration is an excellent solution for online businesses that want to streamline their entire process and save time.

Not only does it make you feel you’re using only one app, but it also lets you focus on other essential aspects of your online business.

If you’re unsure which app to use, Zapier is a great choice for simple processes. But if you want more features and automation, go for Integrately or Pabbly Connect.

Now that you know how to integrate Kajabi and Squarespace, it’s your turn to try it.

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