Kajabi SMS Text Integration – Using Kajabi for SMS Text Messaging

Kajabi neither offers text messages as an in-built feature nor integrates directly with third-party SMS apps.

You must use an integration tool like Zapier to connect both platforms to send SMS messages.

Does Kajabi Have a Mobile Text Alert Feature?

Kajabi does not support text or sms features. You can not reach a community of subscribers or buyers with SMS texts directly from the Kajabi platform.

Kajabi does not integrate directly with any third-party SMS provider to send SMS to customers.

Online entrepreneurs who wish to use text messages as part of their marketing strategy will have to integrate Kajabi with an SMS provider through third-party apps like Zapier.

Connecting Kajabi to a Third Party SMS Provider With Zapier

kajabi sms zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that helps with the integration of third-party applications into Kajabi to help Kajabi users with the automation of repetitive tasks. You can connect Kajabi with any third-party SMS provider to send text messages to your customers.

But you must have a Zapier account to set up this automation process. You can sign up for the free plan or any of the monthly plans. You can also decide to be billed annually for a 33% discount on any monthly plan you choose. Before you sign up, you can check out the comparisons of the plans to find the best offer for your business.

After signing up, you can decide which SMS provider app to connect to your Kajabi.


As with many other integrated apps, Zapier needs sample data to test how effective the connection is. So, after signing up, you must have made sales, have at least one form submission, or have a finalized assessment. It does not matter that you made only one sale.

Top Third-Party SMS Providers

top phone sms apps

You can increase your marketing efforts with SMS texting, as there are many services to use when you want to send messages to your customers.

  • Zapier SMS
  • Zapier offers resources to send messages to customers, so you don’t need to sign up for a different SMS provider. But Zapier does not support massive texting.
  • Twilio
  • If your business will send SMS texts on a large scale, Twilo has the resources to support your SMS marketing effort. You can buy unlimited numbers, and there is no limit to the number of texts you can send.
  • OpenPhone
  • OpenPhone offers more than SMS texting for your marketing efforts. It offers limited CRM features in addition to SMS services.
  • RingCentral
  • RingCentral is a cloud-based SMS service provider that you can access regardless of how big or small your business is.
  • ClickSend SMS
  • This short message service provider offers voicemail and fax in addition to its short message service.
  • Simple Texting
  • Online business owners can market courses with basic texting using this short message service provider.

How Much Can You Do With Kajabi Text Messages?

kajabi sms zapier workflows

Entrepreneurs can use the Kajabi SMS text integration for many triggers. These can include a trigger for the following:

  • When customers purchase your online courses
  • A new form submission
  • A completed assessment
  • When a tag is added, it removed
  • To grant or revoke access to a specific offer

When a customer completes a trigger, Zapier is signaled to automate the performance of a corresponding action which, in this instance, is sending sms messages through your chosen SMS platform.

For example, when a new member subscribes to your online courses or completes a form on any of your landing pages, this will cause a “Thank You” text message to be sent to the customer.

But generally, there is a limit to how much you can do with the Kjabi and SMS provider integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Send SMS Messages From Kajabi?

Sign up with an SMS app or provider and Zapier and connect both platforms. You can send SMS messages once connected.

What Is the Extra Cost of Sending Kajabi Text Messages?

You may have to deal with the extra expense to integrate since you have to sign up with Zapier and the SMS provider.

More Kajabi Frequently Asked Questions:

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