Kajabi Scheduler – A Powerful Tool for Coaches in 2024

Ever wondered how you can manage your live coaching sessions better?

Kajabi designed a tool just for that! Let’s explore how Kajabi Scheduler works and how you can use it for your online business.

What is Kajabi Scheduler? 

kajabi scheduler

Kajabi Scheduler is an inbuilt feature of the Kajabi platform. Its primary purpose is to help in scheduling coaching sessions and meetings with your clients. 

Simply think of it as Kajabi’s version of Calendly.

The tool lets you provide your date and time availability, and slots will be visible to your students to pick from. 

Besides that, Kajabi Scheduler also provides flexibility to meet depending on your chosen method. It can be with its live video tool or a Zoom link. 

Why Should I Use Kajabi Scheduler? 

Well, it’s a real game-changer.

It helps you avoid the time-consuming process of manually organizing meetings and ensures that your sessions are conducted seamlessly. 

Kajabi Scheduler allows your coaching clients to book sessions according to your available slots. You don’t need to exchange messages back and forth to settle for a date. 

Additionally, you can integrate the app into your personal calendar. 

But here’s what makes it better – once clients book a session, they automatically receive an email confirmation and a reminder. 

This hassle-free coordination means you can concentrate more on providing a great coaching program than being tied to administrative tasks.

Key Features of Kajabi Scheduler

Built-in Live Video

built-in live video

With Kajabi Scheduler, you don’t have to juggle between different platforms to execute your coaching calls. 

Kajabi allows built-in live video calls so you can schedule and conduct your sessions in one place. 

This feature simplifies your workflow and ensures a smoother and more professional experience for your clients. 

Scheduling Preference

Kajabi Scheduler puts you in the driver’s seat by giving you complete control over your coaching session. 

You get to: 

  • customize your availability; 
  • choose the platform for your session, even if it’s outside Kajabi;
  • and decide the session duration.

It allows you to tailor your coaching process to suit your preferences and work style. 

Advance Booking Feature

The Kajabi Scheduler isn’t just beneficial for coaches – it also comes with perks for your clients.

It allows them to book their coaching sessions up to two weeks in advance.

This forward-planning capability empowers students to manage their time better and commit to your coaching program.

It’s a win-win situation. Your clients gain control over their schedule, and you get a clear overview of your coaching commitments.

Automated Reminders

automated reminders

Once your client books a session, they receive a confirmation notice. Then, a gentle nudge lands in their inbox 15 minutes before the session starts.

If the coaching appointment is rescheduled or canceled by the client or you, the system immediately sends an update.

With this automation, you can significantly reduce no-shows or missed appointments.

How to Use Kajabi Scheduler

Now for the fun part! Here’s a simple guide to setting up your Kajabi Scheduler. 

Step 1 – Create a New Coaching Product or Edit An Existing One

To kick things off, Kajabi lets you set up the Scheduler right when you’re creating your coaching program.

Navigate to the “Product” tab, click “Coaching,” and hit “Get Started.”  

kajabi coaching program get started

Select coaching as your product type and fill out all relevant details.

kajabi new coaching program fitness

Next, tailor the Kajabi Scheduler to your needs. 

kajabi edit scheduling preferences

You can use the built-in live video. Then you can choose your coaching session length ranging from 15 to 90 minutes. 

After that, you can finish customizing your coaching program. 

You can still tweak your Scheduler settings for your existing coaching product. Just go to Coaching -> Programs.

kajabi coaching programs

Then pick a product, navigate to Settings, and scroll down to the “Scheduling” section. 

kajabi scheduling preference

Step 2 – Manage Your Availability

Once you have the Kajabi Scheduler set up, it’s time to indicate when you’re available for coaching.

Head to the Coaching Settings and set your preferred days and times.

kajabi coaching settings

You can add single or multiple slots for one day. And once you’re happy with your schedule, click Save.

kajabi coaching settings availability

Just one little thing to note. All your coaching products will depend on one availability setting. You can’t create one for each.

Optional Step – Connect with Third-Party Apps

It’s super easy to sync your Kajabi Scheduler to selected apps.

Head to the “Coaching” tab, select “Integrations,” and choose the third-party calendar of your choice.

kajabi coaching integrations

You can then sign in to them.

kajabi integrations google calendar calendly

That’s it! The slots will be available to your coaching clients once they purchase your coaching program.



The Kajabi Scheduler makes your coaching product more enticing for your audience. 

Its key features, such as built-in live video, scheduling preferences, and automatic reminders, contribute towards creating a seamless scheduling process. 

So try it now, and other Kajabi features with a free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kajabi Have a Scheduler?

Yes, Kajabi has its own scheduler. This feature helps you efficiently plan appointments, meetings, and coaching sessions by allowing your students to pick from your available slots.

Can I Use the Scheduler for My Online Courses?

No. The Scheduler is only available for Kajabi coaching products.

Can I Use Kajabi Scheduler for Free Discovery Calls?

Absolutely! Kajabi gives you the flexibility to offer free coaching calls. This feature can be set up when creating your coaching product, providing an excellent way to attract potential clients.

Can I Do Group Coaching Calls With Kajabi?

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t support group coaching for now. All you can do is one-on-one coaching.

More FAQs:

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