Kajabi Product Themes & Templates – The Options & How to Use Them

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Kajabi offers users everything they need to create a beautiful and professional online course, including gorgeous themes and templates.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce Kajabi product themes and teach you how to apply one for your digital product.

What Is a Kajabi Product Theme?

kajabi install template

It refers to the themes and templates provided by Kajabi to help users create stunning online courses and digital products.

Each theme is designed to be flexible and responsive to look great on all devices. They also come with customizable colors, fonts, backgrounds, navigation menus, and more.

Why Choosing the Right Theme or Template Matters?

A theme reflects your site’s overall look and feel, which is why choosing the right one is so important.

Not only does it make a good impression on your visitors, but it can also help you create an organized and engaging user experience.

Moreover, it can ensure that everything looks professional and consistent across all pages and devices.

Inside Kajabi, you can choose from these four beautiful templates.

1 – Momentum

kajabi momentum

The Momentum theme looks outdated compared to the others. But it’s still a good option because it’s beginner-friendly.

This theme lets your students see all the lessons and modules on their dashboards, making it easy for them to navigate and find the content they need.

Moreover, they can also click and choose from the available tabs – the Dashboard, Categories, and Announcements.

It also has a unique progress bar surrounding your student’s icon and a text that mentions their progress.

When it comes to customization, here are some of the things you can do.

  • Change some sections’ texts, like the navigation title, welcome screen, and tabs.
  • Add content like clickable cards, images, and videos to the dashboard sidebar and body.
  • Enable the whole course curriculum to appear or only the modules.
  • Add action buttons inside your lessons.

2 – Premier

kajabi premier

The Premier theme allows you to add more visual content to your product page.

It also has a visual progress bar on the side, but the layout for the curriculum is more appealing.

This product theme also provides you with more customization. For example, you can edit the following.

  • Header content, logo, and texts
  • Enable or disable the search bar
  • Add or disable a hero image
  • Change the start button text
  • Add a video inside the welcome body
  • Enable or disable the syllabus or the curriculum
  • Add course progress so students can see their status inside their dashboard
  • And include an image and change the color of the footer

This theme is an excellent choice if you value visuals and want to make a lasting impression on your learners.

3 – Creative

kajabi creative

As the name implies, Creative provides a more vibrant, modern, and colorful look to your product page.

The layout is very similar to the Premier theme and allows the same type of customization.

In addition to what I mentioned above, here are some other things you can do with this theme.

  • Include a personalized sidebar where you can enable course progress and change the instructor’s image and bio.
  • Add an editable header, hero section, and welcome body.
  • Customizable texts throughout the product page.

This template is ideal for Kajabi Heroes, who must present their course attractively. It fits the graphic design, digital marketing, arts, and photography courses.

4 – Prosper

kajabi prosper

Prosper is a perfect template for those looking for a more professional look.

Although customizable, the colors are less vibrant than the Creative theme and more corporate, allowing you to create an elegant product page.

You get the exact customization opportunity as the Premier and Creative themes. So if you’ve tried the other two, this one should be a breeze.

Prosper is the best theme to use if you’re in the legal, finance, consulting, and corporate fields.

How to Choose and Personalize Your Product Theme

Customizing your Kajabi theme is simple. Here’s what you need to do.

  • On your Kajabi dashboard, click “Products.”
kajabi products tab
  • Choose the product you want to customize.
choose product to customer digital marketing
  • Click the “Customize” tab.
  • Select “Install Template.”
install template
  • Choose the template you’d like to use, then click “Install Template.”
digital marketing for beginners install template
  • Click the dropdown menu across the Installed Template section.
installed template dropdown
  • Hover over your chosen template and click “Customize.”
customize template

How to Upload Your Theme or Template on Kajabi

Although Kajabi provides enough themes to choose from, the platform allows you to upload and customize your own design.

Here’s how you can apply your theme to your course page.

  • Inside your chosen product, click “Customize.”
digital marketing for beginners customize
  • Select “Install Template.”
install template
  • Click “Upload Template.”
upload template
  • Choose your file. 
choose file
  • Click the dropdown beside Installed Templates.
installed template dropdown
  • Hover over your added theme and click “Customize.”

Wrapping It Up

Kajabi product themes provide enough options to create a unique and beautiful product page.

Whether you choose the Momentum, Premier, Creative, or Prosper theme, you’ll get to build a course that looks and feels professional.

The possibilities are endless, and you can create a course that reflects your brand in no time. So go ahead and personalize your product page today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Themes Paid or Free?

Kajabi themes are free. But if you upload your own template, you might need to buy from a third-party app.

Are the Themes Customizable?

Kajabi allows basic customization for the Basic and Pro plan. But if you want complete control, like the ability to edit codes, you must get the Growth plan or subscribe to Kajabi Access.

Are There Podcast Templates?

You can use Kajabi’s free templates for podcasts or get paid podcast templates. More details on free and paid Kajabi podcast templates here.

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