Kajabi Podcast Template – Free & Paid Templates for Podcasts in 2024

You can purchase a paid Kajabi Podcast template for your website or let your Kajabi template feature as your podcast page.

Check out this article to learn all about your Kajabi podcast template.

Choosing a Kajabi Template for My Podcasts

kajabi page customization

Generally, your Kajabi templates will feature as your podcast templates. Although you can customize the colors of your podcast pages, you can buy unique Kajabi podcast templates for your podcast pages.

There are several templates from which to pick on Kajabi. They are different but are adaptable for every creator.

However, you can customize the primary and accent colors on your website and podcast page to make them cohesive. You can change these colors with the following steps:

  • Click PRODUCTS
  • Select PODCASTS
  • Click on the ellipsis icon and Select EDIT DETAILS
  • Navigate downwards to PAGE CUSTOMIZATION
  • Choose your desired primary color and accent color for your podcast page.

But you can purchase a podcast template as an alternative, especially if you want something different. Purchasing premade podcast page templates are a better choice because you get the templates at a minute fraction of the cost of hiring a Kajabi website designer. What’s more? The templates are easy to modify to fit your brand since they are largely created with Canva.


It is cheaper than hiring a designer to build a template for your business.

Easy Branding

You can change the fonts and theme, add images, upload different content, and change the format of the same template in many ways before using it for your website.

You can switch the position of the search bar or choose different login details for your template. They often come with instructions and videos on how to brand them.


Easy To Use on Your Kajabi Website

Kajabi allows a user to import a template without coding experience or knowledge.

Importing Your Kajabi Podcast Templates Into Your Kajabi Website

You can import your paid podcast template files into your website after purchasing them.

Code skills are not needed to import and customize them. If you like, you can customize them on Canva to suit your own branding and the theme of your sales page.

Check out some of the popular options you can use for your landing and sales page templates.

Penny In Your Pocket

penny in your pocket

Penny In Your Pocket offers the Jenna podcast page template for $69. The Jenna pages kit includes the following:

  • A podcast landing page template built in the encore pages framework
  • A podcast episode page
  • One folder full of images and Canva links to Canva templates
  • Step-by-step instruction videos on how to modify anything

Website Restyle

website restyle boho

Website Restyle offers Lush and Boho templates. Boho is bolder and suitable for any business. But the Lush is more persuasive.

They cost the same and offer the same features, which include the following:

  • A sales page template
  • Video instructions for setting up

Sneha Hiremath

sneha hiremath

Sneha’s first design is a vintage podcast template that will suit various brands and podcast hub page styles. It comes in bold colors and works well with numerous websites.

The second design has softer colors and gives a girlish vibe. You can use this podcast hub page template, especially if you want to communicate feminine vibes in your podcast episodes.

The first design offers a template worth $150 with the following options;

  • Podcast player
  • Video tutorial on how to create
  • Grid-style podcast hub

The second design is a complete package. It costs $499 and includes the following:

  • Podcast player
  • A video tutorial on how to add a new podcast episode
  • A video tutorial on how to add more podcast episodes to the hub page
  • The template designer loads three podcast episodes, and their show notes

Frequently Asked Question

Do I Need a Kajabi Account To Make a Podcast on Kajabi?

You need an account to create podcasts for publication and monetize your digital products with Kajabi’s payment gateways. You also need a Kajabi account to create private podcasts for private members in a private members area.

Is There a Refund Policy for Templates I Purchase?

The digital nature of the templates makes it difficult for users to get refunds after getting the access details to the templates. But refunds may be offered for a faulty template.

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