Kajabi Pay What You Want Offers – 2024 Feature Overview

Unlike other commercial platforms, Kajabi allows you to create offers and present them to your customer on a Pay-What-You-Want basis. The focus of this pricing method is what this article discusses.

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What Is the PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT Kajabi Feature?

The Kajabi Pay what you want feature allows customers to pay what they think your offer is worth before accessing your product.

It is one of the great features that online business owners can use to determine the pricing of their Kajabi offers.

However, you can set a minimum price above which your customers must go when making an offer with the Pay-What-You-Want feature. Alternatively, you can also set the feature on a free offer.

If you set a minimum price as the baseline price for your Pay-What-You-Want offers, the amount will be visible on your offers so that customers can see the minimum price they are obligated to pay to access the offer.

If you wish to charge a price for the Pay-What-You-Want offers, Kajabi does not allow minimum prices below $0.50. Your price must start from $0.50 upward. Anything in the range of $0.1 to $.0.49 is not allowed.

The essence of the Pay What You Want feature is to allow customers to pay more than the minimum price (if your pay what you want offer is not free) if they think the offer is worth more. They only have to put in a higher amount when they go through the Kajabi payment process.


Note that while customers pay what they want for free offers under this feature, customers can only pay higher for offers with a set minimum price under this feature.

This feature does not allow customers to pay lesser.

Benefits of Pay What You Want Feature

Here are some benefits of using the Pay What You Want feature:

  • You get a baseline price for your course content as customers purchase your product while increasing the chances of earning more.
  • You get trustworthy data from experimenting with it to determine how much your products are worth for pricing.

Creating Pay What You Want Offers (Step by Step)

Follow these simple steps to create a Kajabi Pay-What-You-Want offer:

On your Kajabi account page, click on SALES, OFFERS, and select NEW OFFER at the top right corner.

kajabi new offer

Name the offer and choose the course content or any other product you want to assign to the offer. Click on CONTINUE to save and proceed.

The next stage is the pricing of your offer. There are two tasks to perform here; you want to check the LET CUSTOMERS PAY WHAT THEY WANT box and select the minimum price you want for your offer.

Click SAVE AND FINISH to create your PAY WHAT YOU WANT offer.

Changing Existing Offers To Pay What You Want Offers

kajabi products in this offer edit

First, you need to access the offer by selecting it and clicking on EDIT at the lower right end. This will allow you to edit the details of the price.

Second, navigate your way down to the PRICE DETAILS and check the LET CUSTOMERS PAY WHAT THEY WANT box, and fix your minimum price

Finally, click SAVE on the upper right corner of the page to update the offer.

Changing the Price Details of Free Offers To PAY WHAT YOU WANT

one-time payment

Changing a free offer to a Pay-What-You-Want offer requires changing the offer type. Go to the free Kjabi offer you want to sell, and navigate your way to the menu of pricing details. Click on the PAYMENT TYPE drop-down menu and choose the ONE TIME PAYMENT option.

Check the PAY WHAT YOU WANT checkbox and select a minimum price to be displayed on your sales checkout page.

Setting the price to $0 will allow people who do not wish to pay for it to access the product or course content.

But for clients who want to support you with a tip on your checkout page, the tip must be %0.50 at least or higher.

Click SAVE.

How Does the Pay What You Want Feature Affect Upsells, Downsells, Order Bumps, and Coupons?

Like many other Kajabiu features, everything is designed for the progress of your business. The Pay What You Want feature is as adaptable as regular Kajabi offers.

Coupons can work with your Pay What You Want Kajabi offers. The discount will usually apply to the minimum price you create for your Kajbi offers.

But the discount will not apply to any amount paid over your set minimum price if the customer pays more than the set minimum.

Pay What You Want Kajabi offers that support upsells, order bumps and downsells on your sales landing page will be charged at the minimum set price.

Order bumps will work with any of your Pay What You Want Kajabi offers, provided you do not set the price at $0.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Minimum Price for a Pay What You Want Offer?

You can create Pay What You Want Kajabi offers for $0. But if you want to set a price, it must be $0.50 or higher.

Can Customers Pay Lower Than the Set Minimum Price?

A customer cannot pay lower than the set minimum price.

For example, suppose your Pay What You Want Kajabi offers are fixed at $1 each. A customer can only pay more if the customer chooses to, but cannot pay less than $1.

Is the Minimum Price Visible for Customers To Pay?

Minimum prices are always visible to every customer so that each understands that the price is the basic the customer must pay to access the product.

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