Kajabi – Mailerlite Integration 2024 Guide

Kajabi provides simple email marketing features that allow you to send newsletters and promotional messages directly through its platform.

It’s handy for keeping your audience engaged without needing separate software.

But it’s wiser to integrate Kajabi with a dedicated tool like MailerLite if you want to improve your email marketing efforts and use more advanced tools like detailed analytics and A/B testing.

In this article, I’ll show you how to do that with a third-party tool, the benefits of MailerLite, and a step-by-step guide on using Zapier for this integration.

How to Integrate Kajabi and MailerLite

kajabi mailerlite

Kajabi has direct integrations for other email marketing platforms, but unfortunately, it does not directly connect with MailerLite.

However, the following third-party applications can easily bridge this gap.

  • Zapier. Perhaps the most well-known option. It offers many trigger and action options for Kajabi and MailerLite.
  • Pabbly Connect. Pabbly provides 23 one-click integrations specifically for Kajabi and MailerLite. This platform emphasizes an easy automation process and enables faster setup times.
  • Integrately. While it offers fewer options than the two above, Integrately features an AI-powered tool that simplifies creating automation. You can describe what you want to happen in a single sentence, and Integrately will build the workflow for you. This feature is also available with Zapier.

All these platforms provide a free plan to get started. They also have an excellent user interface. You’ll find it easy to navigate and publish your automation in any software mentioned.

What Kind of Automation Can I Create with Kajabi and MailerLite

When you integrate Kajabi with MailerLite through automation platforms, you can create many possible workflows. I can’t name all of them, but here are some common ones.

  • If there’s a new Kajabi form submission, include the contact on one of your group subscribers in MailerLite.
  • When you receive a spam complaint from a MailerLite subscriber, revoke the subscriber’s access to your Kajabi products.
  • If you receive new Kajabi purchases, add them as new subscribers to your MailerLite group.
  • When an email to a subscriber bounces in MailerLite, remove their access from your courses or communities on Kajabi.
  • If a tag is added to a selected Kajabi contact, send a campaign to this subscriber group.

Why Connect MailerLite to Kajabi

While Kajabi seamlessly integrates with well-known email marketing platforms like MailChimp, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign, you might wonder why one would choose MailerLite.

Here’s why MailerLite is a great option, particularly for you as a coach, course creator, or knowledge-based entrepreneur:

  • User-Friendly and Budget-Friendly. MailerLite is incredibly accessible for beginners and small businesses. It offers a free plan, which is quite generous, allowing up to 1,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month. Even its paid plans, starting at just $10 per month, provide unlimited emails for 500 contacts, making it an economical choice without sacrificing functionality.
  • Advanced Testing Capabilities. MailerLite doesn’t stop at basic A/B testing. It offers multivariate testing, which allows you to run more complex tests to understand what email elements perform best.
  • Top-Notch Email Deliverability. High deliverability means your emails are more likely to land in the inbox than the spam folder. According to the data released by Email Tool Tester, MailerLite had one of the highest deliverability rates in 2023, reaching 96.5%.
  • Low Spam Flags. Besides impressive deliverability, MailerLite emails are the least likely to be flagged as spam. However, you still need to provide valuable content to maintain your reputation.

Connecting Kajabi and MailerLite with Zapier

Ensure you have already signed up for Zapier and Kajabi so you can integrate the two platforms smoothly and without any problems. 

After that, here’s what you have to do. 

  • Go to your Zapier dashboard, click “Create,” and choose “New Zap.” If you need a guide, you can check the most popular Zap and other suggestions here.
zapier new zap create
  • You’ll have to choose your Trigger and Action. It’s up to you where to place each platform. However, I’ll select Zapier for the “Trigger” app and MailerLite for the “Action” one in this example. 
kajabi mailerlite integration
  • For your Trigger app, choose an Event from the drop-down menu. Let’s use “New Kajabi Form Submissions” for this. Select “Continue.”
kajabi new form submission continue
  • Click “Sign In.” Then, go to your Kajabi dashboard to retrieve your API Key and Secret. You can find this inside your Kajabi account -> Settings -> Third-Party Integrations -> Misc.
kajabi mailerlite integration sign in
  • You can then copy and paste the data on the pop-up form inside Zapier. After that, click “Yes, Continue to Kajabi.” 
kajabi zapier access your account
  • Your Kajabi account will reflect inside Zapier. If it doesn’t, refresh your tab. Click “Continue.”
  • You’ll have to choose the Site and Form where you want the Trigger to be enabled for the Trigger tab. Again, continue to the next.
kajabi mailerlite new form submission
  • Test your trigger to see whether Kajabi can send information to your Zapier account successfully. We must submit to the form we’ll connect to for this example automation. You can create one for the test or choose an existing record. 
kajabi mailerlite test trigger
  • Once the test is successful, you’ll see new records inside your Zapier account. You can proceed to the next step by clicking “Continue with selected record.” 
kajabi mailerlite continue with selected record
  • Now, onto the Action part. Choose an Event from the drop-down like what you did for the Trigger step. For this, I’ll pick “Send a Campaign” and continue. 
kajabi mailerlite send a campaign
  • Sign in to your MailerLite account. Once you successfully connect to the platform, select “Continue.” 
kajabi mailerlite send campaign continue

Editor’s Note – MailerLite will review and approve your account first. So, if you see a message saying you don’t have an approved account, wait a few minutes. Then, go to your MailerLite account and click “Authorize.” This will allow Zapier to access your data. 

  • It’s time to match and map your fields. Choose the right data depending on the drop-down depending on the required info. You can also type text or content if you want. For instance, if you have an email subject line in mind, you can simply input it on the field. Click “Continue” after providing the details. 
kajabi mailerlite continue
  • Don’t forget to test your steps to ensure everything works on your automation. 
kajabi mailerlite empty fields
  • Publish your selected workflow to activate the automation.


Does Kajabi Integrate With MailerLite?

Yes. However, unlike other marketing tools like MailChimp, Aweber, and ConvertKit, you’ll need to use a third-party app like Zapier, Pabbly, or Integrately to connect Kajabi and MailerLite.

Can I Customize This Integration to Handle Complex Workflows?

Yes. The third-party apps allow you to add more steps and connect more apps with the MailerLite- Kajabi integration, allowing you to create more advanced automation. 

Which Is the Best App to Use to Link Kajabi With MailerLite?

Integrately, Zapier and Pabbly are all great. But I suggest using Zapier because it’s more intuitive and allows you to connect more apps (over 6,000). Pabbly is my second favorite on the list. 


It’s pretty easy to integrate Kajabi and MailerLite. Although there’s no direct integration between the two, third-party tools like Zapier, Pabbly, and Integrately offer simple solutions.

Now, it’s your turn to select one from them, follow the guide above, and start accessing new automation that’s only available by connecting Kajabi to MailerLite.

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