Kajabi Klaviyo Integration Guide of 2024

Klaviyo is a stellar email marketing tool that allows business owners to deliver cross-channel messaging. 

But as a Kajabi user, you might wonder, “How will this benefit me?” 

With Klaviyo, you can create superior, personalized emails and SMS that engage your incoming lead and existing ones. This can result in business growth and better sales. 

In this article, I’ll show how to integrate Kajabi and Klaviyo using a third-party tool.

Can I Integrate Kajabi With Klaviyo?

Yes. But there’s a slight twist. 

Unlike email autoresponders such as MailChimp, Aweber, or Drip – Kajabi and Klaviyo don’t have a direct connection. 

However, you can bridge this gap with the help of other reliable software.

How to Connect Kajabi and Klaviyo

Option 1 – Integrate Kajabi With Klaviyo Via Zapier

  • Click on “+Create Zap” on your Zapier dashboard. 
zapier create zap home
  • Pick your “Trigger” or “Action” app. Type in the platform name and select it from the dropdown menu.
kajabi klaviyo on zappier
  • Set up the actions that will be automated on the ‘Event’ dropdown menu. This is where you tell Zapier what to do when the trigger occurs.
add subscriber in klaviyo
  • Next, connect your Kajabi and Klaviyo accounts to Zapier. This can be done by copying and pasting the API credentials from each platform.
kajabi connect a new account
  • For Kajabi, go to “Settings,” find “Account Details,” and scroll down to “API Credentials.”
  • For Klaviyo, click on your organization’s name in the bottom left, select “Settings,” and then “API Keys.” You’ll need to create your private key.
klaviyo create private api key
  • Fill in all necessary details. You can select the appropriate options from each platform’s dropdown menu. Zapier also lets you add custom fields for personalization.
kajabi trigger new purchase
  • Now it’s time to test your automation to ensure everything works as it should. Zapier will use your email address as the test lead.
send subscriber to klaviyo test action
  • If the test fails, click on “Retest Action” and try again.
  • If everything goes smoothly, click “Publish,” and you’re all set.
kajabi klaviyo integration publish

Option 2 – Integrate Kajabi With Klaviyo Via Leadsbridge 

  • After signing into your Leadsbridge account, click “+Create new Bridge.”
leadsbridge create new bridge
  • Type Kajabi as your source and Klaviyo as the destination.
  • Click “Continue.”
leadsbridge connect your app
  • Input a name for your Bridge, then select a destination app. For this, I’ll choose Klaviyo.
  • Select the destination segment and click “Next.”
leadsbridge klaviyo
  • To connect your Kajabi account, copy the webhook address from Leadsbridge to your Kajabi offer. Here’s a handy guide on how to do it.
  • Save your changes in Kajabi, then click “Next” on Leadsbridge.
leadsbridge incoming lead settings
  • Now you’ll set up your destination or data receiver app. Input your Klaviyo’s API key into Leadsbridge.
leadsbridge configure your destination integration
  • Choose which List to automate. You can toggle on the double opt-in feature in Klaviyo for added security. Then click “Next.”
leadsbridge incoming lead
  • Match the fields for Kajabi and Klaviyo. Once done, click “Next.”
kajabi klaviyo match the fields
  • Now you’re ready to test your automation! Select “Test Now.”
kajabi klaviyo test now
  • If all is working well, press “Save and Publish.” All users who sign up for your Kajabi forms will automatically be added as new Klaviyo members.

Option 3 – Integrate Kajabi and Klaviyo Via Integrately

  • Select Kajabi, then Klaviyo, from the “Which Apps Do You Want to Connect” section.
  • Click on “Activate.”
integrately kajabi click automation activate
  • Click “Skip Wizard” to see the two apps on the dashboard.
select connection skip wizard
  • Select “Add and Modify Steps” so you can edit your automation.
add or modify steps
  • Enter the API credentials to connect Kajabi on Integrately. Then select your Site ID.
connect kajabi securely
  • Do the same with Klaviyo, but instead of Site ID, choose your List.
connect klaviyo securely
  • Click the pencil icon next to the Trigger or Action to set up the event. Integrately gives you six trigger options for Kajabi, but Klaviyo only allows one – “Add Subscriber.”
offer is created
  • Integrately will guide you through the following steps depending on your chosen action. For example, if you select “Form submission is added” for Kajabi, the platform will ask you to paste the provided webhook into your Kajabi account.
connect kajabi with integrately
  • Fill in all required information. For testing purposes, include a test lead under Klaviyo. You can input your email and phone number or use the info of an existing lead from your Klaviyo members.
set fields of add subscriber
  • When everything looks good, click “Test It.”
test it
  • If the test is successful, you can activate your integration by switching the “Turn ON” toggle.
turn on

You can also connect Kajabi to Klaviyo using Appy Pie or Onlizer.

However, unlike our explored options, these two only offer a brief free trial period, not a freemium plan. 

Editor’s Note – Before diving into the integration process, ensure you have an account on Klaviyo, Kajabi, and the third-party app you’d use.

Why Connect Kajabi and Klaviyo?

While Kajabi is one of the online course platforms that boasts a solid native marketing tool, it doesn’t provide SMS marketing or push notifications. 

These features allow delivering your message directly to your contacts’ devices. And that can help you increase engagement and foster a stronger connection with your audience. 

For Kajabi users like you, this can translate into improved interactions and higher revenue. 

I’ll show you more benefits of using Klaviyo and share some drawbacks. 

Pros of Connecting Kajabi and Klaviyo

  • Free to Start. Klaviyo offers a free plan. You can connect with up to 250 people and send 500 emails without spending money.
  • Quick and Intelligent Marketing. Klaviyo uses innovative tools that analyze past data to make valuable predictions. This lets you craft effective marketing plans quickly and easily.
  • Customized Targeting. Klaviyo allows you to send messages based on where your students live and how they behave online. 
  • Effective A/B Testing. This lets you try different email styles and times to see what and when your students respond best. 

Cons of Connecting Kajabi and Klaviyo

  • Costly As You Grow. When you hit 15,000 contacts, you could be looking at $350 a month, which could rise even more based on your SMS credits.
  • Juggling Apps. Since Klaviyo isn’t built directly into Kajabi, you’ll need to manage three different platforms: Klaviyo, Kajabi, and the tool that connects them. This means you lose a bit of the simplicity of having everything in one place.
  • Takes Time to Learn. Klaviyo is a new app with lots of features. You’ll need to spend some time getting to know it before you can take advantage of everything it has to offer. d


Does Kajabi Integrate With Klaviyo?

Yes. You can integrate Kajabi and Klaviyo using third-party apps like Zapier, Integrately, or Leadsbridge.

Is Klaviyo Better Than Kajabi’s Built-in Marketing App?

It depends on your needs. Klaviyo offers powerful features like SMS marketing and push notifications that Kajabi’s native tool doesn’t.

However, Kajabi may be sufficient for simple email needs.

Do Klaviyo and Kajabi Have Free Plans?

Klaviyo has a free plan, while Kajabi provides a 14-day free trial and sometimes certain discounts.

More Kajabi FAQs:

Wrapping It Up 

While Kajabi’s built-in email tool can meet basic needs, choosing to connect Klaviyo offers additional powerful features for better marketing automation. 

The process can be smoothly handled using third-party tools. For more ways to expand your Kajabi functionality, check out other possible integrations in this blog post.

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