Kajabi Hubspot Integration – How to Use Both Platforms in 2024

Kajabi has features that can help you engage with your target market through each form customers fill on your site. These features can also help you entice each lead to make purchases. With Kajabi email marketing tools, you can connect with your target market to increase sales.

But you can also connect Kajabi and Hubspot to manage your online business better. Hubspot is a more powerful Customer Relationship Management software with features designed to manage leads and increase traffic to your Kajabi website.

Must I Integrate Kajabi With Hubspot?

kajabi hotspot lead generation

Kajabi offers effective in-built CRM and excellent email marketing tools to help you start email campaigns and manage leads efficiently. You can succeed in your marketing with Kajabi.

But Hubspot is a more robust CRM tool with a broader range of features to give you more control over how you connect with and convert customers.

So the choice will depend on the pros and cons of your decision to connect both apps.

Pros of Integrating Kajabi and Hubspot

  • Powerful Marketing and Sales Capabilities
  • A Kajabi and Hubspot integration is a great way to increase sales and conversion rates. Hubspot primarily focuses on sales and marketing. It is a specialized marketing software with tools that are specially designed to convert customers.
  • You can try a wide range of tools with Hubspot. You can check out the platform’s effectiveness when integrated with your Kajabi website.
  • Better Management of Automated Workflows
  • Although both platforms have email marketing automation features, Hubspot’s more comprehensive customer management gives you more control over your sales and marketing.

Cons of Integrating Kajabi and Hubspot

  • Cost
  • There are many integration platforms to use for your Kajabi Hubspot integration. While some have free plans, using an integration platform will cost a lot in terms of time and money.
  • Less Intuitive Interface
  • The wide range of Hubspot features makes it less intuitive when compared to Kajabi. This makes navigation and learning quite daunting.
  • Expensive
  • Kajabi has an in-built CRM that caters to the marketing needs of your online business, depending on the plan you choose. Integrating Kajabi with Hubspot may be another unnecessary expense for your business since you will be spending anywhere from $50 – $3600 a month for value already offered on your Kajabi website.

Integrating Kajabi With Hubspot; How?

A Kajabi Hubspot integration is possible with a third-party automation tool such as Zapier. Other automation tools you can use include Integrately and LeadsBridge.

With these platforms, you can create automated workflows between web applications in a few minutes.

Use Zapier

Zapier allows you to send information between Kajabi and Hubspot without any code.

zapier kajabi hubspot

How To Integrate Kajabi With Hubspot Using Zapier

With Zapier, you can integrate Kajabi with Hubspot. With Zapier, each automation is usually called a Zap. To create one, follow the steps below:

  • Authenticate Hubspot and Kajabi.
  • Select the app you want as the Trigger.
  • Select the corresponding action on the other app for each trigger you send.
  • Approve the data you want your Hubspot account and Kajabi to access.

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Setting up your Zaps is the next step after you connect both platforms. Some of the popular Zaps you can choose from include the following;

  • Kajabi form submissions for new Hubspot contacts and granting access to an offer.
  • Creating/updating Hubspot contacts for new purchases on your Kajabi website.
  • Create/update Hubspot contacts for new Kajabi form submissions.
  • Create contacts on Hubspot from new Kajabi form submissions.
  • Create/update each Hubspot contact whenever tags are added to your Kajabi website.

The set triggers will automatically command the set response on the other app. By integrating both platforms, you can generate more leads, close deals, and increase your revenue.

Use Integrately

kajabi hubspot integration

Integrately is another integration platform, and it is less expensive than Zapier. You can automate workflow to save time. You can connect your Kajabi and Hubspot with Integrately in seconds.

Some of the most popular automation offered by Integrately include the following:

  • Finding the Hubspot contact whenever a tag is created on Kajabi
  • Updating Hubspot contact whenever an offer is created in Kajabi
  • Getting contact by ID when a new purchase is made on Kajabi
  • Creating Hubspot contact after submitting forms on Kajabi.

Integrately is currently offering a 14-day free trial. This is an excellent opportunity to try out Its automation features before choosing a paid plan.

Use LeadsBridge

leadsbridge kajabi integration

You can integrate Kajabi and Hubspot with LeadsBridge. Integrating with LeadsBridge is easy and will automate workflow efficiently for your online business.

How To Integrate Kajabi With Hubspot Using LeadsBridge

leadsbridge leads synced bridges

Follow the following steps to integrate Hubspot with Kajabi using LeadsBridge.

  • On your leadsBridge Account, select BRIDGES. You will find it on the sidebar.
  • Select ADD NEW.
  • Select a name for your bridge. After that, select Kajabi and Hubspot as the source and destination, respectively.
  • Click on NEXT.
  • Copy the webhook URL and add it to your Kajabi as the data receiver.
  • Send a lead to the webhook URL to test it. You can do this by generating a lead from Kajabi.
  • After confirming the success of the test, click NEXT.
  • Fill out the integration name.
  • Type in your Hubspot ID to allow LeadsBridge to have access to it.
  • Sign in to your Hubspot account and enable LeadsBridge access.
  • Fill out the fields appropriately and select the appropriate option whether or not you want to receive an email per lead.
  • Select NEXT.
  • Mark the Hubspot fields and match them with the information you want to share with Kajabi.
  • Choose the customization that best suits your online business.
  • Click NEXT.
  • When prompted, perform a quick trial by filling out the information and selecting TEST NOW. You can also use a real lead by clicking the Toggle to TEST WITH EXISTING CONTACT. After switching the Toggle, you want to click on SYNC NOW. The integration is successful if the button turns green.
  • Click on FINISH to activate the integration.

LeadsBridge allows multiple integrations as it is not limited to these two apps. It automates marketing efforts like the following when you use it to integrate Hubspot with Kajabi.

  • Creating Hubspot contacts on Kajabi but in smart lists.
  • Updating Hubspot contacts in Kajabi forms.
  • Updating Hubspot contacts in Kajabi deals

If you’re not already a Kajabi user, try them out with our special 30-day free trial link!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hubspot Customer Relationship Management Really Free?

Hubspot has a free plan with limited tools. But you may choose a paid plan if there is a need.

Does Kajabi Offer CRM?

Kajabi offers an effective CRM on its membership plans to help you manage customer details efficiently and connect well with new customers to increase sales.

Can Smaller Businesses Integrate Kajabi With Hubspot?

Smaller businesses can take advantage of Hubspot’s free plan. The free plan is also great for small start-ups.

How Do I Manage New Hubspot Contacts?

There is a lot you do with Hubspot. But most importantly, you can automate creating and updating contact lists to ensure you are in touch with every active customer.

How Best Can I Use Kajabi?

You can explore Kajabi learning resources to learn how to engage with your target audience, manage each lead effectively to make them purchase your products, and increase sales.

Do I Need Zapier for Kajabi?

You do need Zapier. Kajabi has all the tools you need. If you do not plan to integrate any other software with Kajabi, you do not need Zapier.

How Long Does It Take To Setup up Kajabi and Hubspot Integrations?

With Zapier, it takes 3 minutes to set up. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up with Integrately and LeadsBridge.

What Are the Benefits of Kajabi Hubspot Integrations?

Kajabi and Hubspot integrations help drive traffic to your website. These tools also increase sales with the automation of your email marketing efforts and streamline your workflow.

More Kajabi Frequently Asked Questions:

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