Kajabi Group Coaching – A 2024 Comprehensive Walkthrough

Did you know that Kajabi, the go-to platform for offering online courses, is also a great tool for online coaching?  

It allows you to deliver content to more students at once and create an environment for them to grow. 

In this article, I’ll show you what Kajabi group coaching is and how you can use it for your online business. Read until the end to learn some best practices.

How Does Group Coaching in Kajabi Work?

Group coaching lets you create a close-knit community where you guide people who share common goals or interests. 

Instead of the usual one-on-one coaching, you have a whole team to spark discussions, learn from each other, and build a support network.

You can think of it as a round-table gathering, but virtual. It can also be a single thing or consist of multiple sessions. 

Many platforms let you do online coaching. But what makes Kajabi different is its streamlined system and easy-to-use tools. 

This platform allows you to share videos, create challenges, conduct live sessions, build a community, provide digital resources, and more – in one place. 

It’s like having a fully-equipped digital coaching toolbox.

Why Is Group Coaching Better Than Individual Coaching? 

I won’t say that group coaching programs are better because each has merits. And you can enjoy the best of both worlds with Kajabi. 

However, they offer some benefits to you and your students that the latter may not provide.

Here are some of them. 

Benefits to Your Students

  • It promotes collaboration and teamwork
  • It improves communication and negotiation skills 
  • Sharing ideas and strategies can enhance performance and productivity 
  • Interacting with diverse people develops empathy and improves emotional intelligence
  • Group coaching products are usually more affordable than individual sessions

Benefits to the Coach

  • It allows you to teach multiple clients at once, which makes it more profitable
  • It is more scalable 
  • You can streamline most of your work so it’s more efficient 


How to Start a Group Coaching Program with Kajabi? 

Step 1 – Map Out Your Coaching Program

Figuring out how your coaching program will operate is a must. I highly suggest you do this before creating or uploading your content.

A solid plan can make you more efficient and focused. So start by setting a clear goal, then ask yourself these questions.

  • How many clients will you accommodate for each group coaching program?
  • What kinds of content will energize my coaching sessions? (i.e., on-demand videos vs weekly live sessions)
  • What’s my strategy for coaching content delivery? (i.e., videos, audio, texts, etc.)
  • Do I prefer a coaching style that involves active participation or a more passive approach?
  • How can I automate my coaching process to save time and effort?
  • How will I promote interaction and engagement within the group?
  • How will I assess the progress of individual members and the group?

These questions are straightforward yet valuable for designing an effective group coaching program.

Step 2 – Choose Your Coaching Model

Here are three types of group coaching models you can choose from. 

Membership Model

The Kajabi membership model is a flexible approach to coaching. Your students can enroll and start at their convenience within your set registration periods. The best tool for this model is Kajabi’s course feature. 

For example, you’re a fitness coach offering a variety of workout routines and diet plans. You could open enrollment aligned with common fitness milestones, like New Year or the summer season. 

This model is mainly automated, so your involvement is minimum. It’s the best if you’re seeking efficiency and convenience. 

However, this model is only ideal for coaches with an established audience already. 

Program Model

The Program Model is ideal for online coaches with comprehensive, pre-prepared content. 

This is for you if you want to deliver a structured and progressive learning experience. You can provide this low-touch model with Kajabi’s drip course feature and automation

For example, you’re offering a 12-week personal development coaching program. You could apply this model to guide your group members through gradual transformation. 

Cohort Model 

The last coaching program model on our list echoes traditional classrooms. It’s perfect for coaches in the early stages of their careers or who prefer more interactions. 

With the cohort model, your coaching group will start and complete their learning journey together. It’s highly beneficial for creating community and promoting peer learning. 

A great example is if you’re a career coach who runs a “Career Transformation Program.” All your students get the same resources simultaneously, share their stories and learn from you and each other.

Kajabi’s community tool is your best ally for implementing the cohort model.

Step 3 – Create A Coaching Program with Kajabi

Once you’ve identified your goals and finalized your group coaching program, it’s time to bring it to life with Kajabi!

From your Kajabi dashboard, navigate to the “Products” section and click “+New Product.”

new product

If you chose the membership or program model, select “Course.”

course title

You can upload videos and audio, create quizzes, and provide downloadable guides for your students on the online course.

Kajabi even offers help in creating your course outline with the AI assistant. Simply provide your description, enable the course outline generator, and click “Continue.” 

course details

But, if you go for the cohort model, Kajabi’s community feature is the best product option. 

fitness community

While Kajabi’s coaching is ideal for one-on-one live training sessions, the community feature lets you accept more students and access more tools. 

You can host up to 200 people in a live room, post questions directly to the community, and create engaging challenges with a leaderboard to spur friendly competition. 


You also have the freedom to create multiple groups based on topics or participants. Plus, you can share exclusive content and much more! 

What Are the Best Group Coaching Practices?

While tools are important in building your coaching programs, there are also some things you need to practice. 

  • Build Trust. Create an inviting, supportive space where your clients can feel comfortable sharing their challenges.
  • Actively Listen. As a coach, your goal isn’t just to hear words but to understand the full message, including non-verbal cues.
  • Ask Powerful Questions. Propel your clients toward deeper reflection and new insights by asking thought-provoking questions.
  • Be Client-Centered. You should prioritize your mentees’ needs and goals and guide them to the solutions.
  • Maintain Confidentiality. Upholding privacy is key to trust-building. So, always respect and safeguard your client’s information. 
  • Promote Accountability. Hold your students accountable for their commitments and goals through regular check-ins, progress reports, and constructive feedback.
  • Be Patient. Remind yourself and your clients that change is a journey, and each individual progresses at their own pace.
  • Ask for Feedback. Always be open to feedback to understand your mentees better, refine your coaching approach, and enhance your skills.


With Kajabi, your dream coaching program is a few clicks away.

You can establish an environment that fosters collaboration and promotes accountability among your students while scaling your online business.

The suitable model, paired with Kajabi’s advanced features, can make your group coaching program a rewarding experience.

Try Kajabi today by signing up for a 30-day Kajabi trial


Does Kajabi Offer Group Coaching?

Yes. Kajabi provides the functionality for both one-on-one live coaching sessions and group coaching. You can set up a group coaching program through the community feature. 

How to Create a Group Coaching With Kajabi?

Depending on your preferred coaching model, You can build your group coaching programs through the course feature for membership style or the community feature for a more interactive experience.

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