Kajabi Ghost Offer in (2024): A Solution to Product Limitations on Kajabi

Kajabi is a remarkable tool for online businesses offering digital products and services.

It lets you streamline the creation, marketing, and selling processes with less effort.

However, there’s a hitch that you and other users might find annoying. And that’s the product limit that Kajabi applies in all their plans.

This can be a hindrance in offering more and increasing your income.

But hang on! What if I told you there’s a way around this?

The nifty solution is – the ghost offer feature of Kajabi. It lets you sell as many products as possible without maxing out your product limit.

Pretty cool, right?

I’ll explain it further and show you how to create a Ghost Offer in this article.

What is Kajabi Ghost Offer? 

kajabi ghost offer

Before I teach you how to make one, let me explain this feature first. 

In essence, the Ghost Offer allows you to sell services and resources without creating a digital product within Kajabi. 

That means you can still use all the features that Kajabi has to promote and accept payments, but you won’t create or host your product inside the platform. 

Let’s say you’re a life coach and want to offer a downloadable PDF guide to your audience. With Ghost Offer, you can create a landing page and email marketing campaign for it. 

But instead of creating a whole new product on Kajabi, as you do with courses, you can make it on Canva or other apps. 

Then once your customer completes the purchase on the platform, you can deliver the guide via email or other channels.

What Kind of Products Can I Sell as Ghost Offers?

The possibilities are endless. But basically, you can create Ghost Offer for any product that doesn’t require multiple lessons or videos. 

Here are some examples. 

  • Consultations or Coaching Services. You can sell blocks of consultation hours, 1-on-1 talks, weekly coaching sessions, and even packages. 
  • Physical Classes or Workshops. In-person classes like fitness sessions, art workshops, or professional development seminars. You can sell access to any physical events through Kajabi. 
  • Templates or Digital Resources. You can also offer pre-designed templates for websites or landing pages and downloadable content like printable artwork, stickers, e-books, guides, or worksheets. 
  • Paid Webinars or Online Events. Hosting paid webinars or online events through Zoom and using Kajabi to promote and send the link is another excellent example of Ghost Offer. 
  • Specialized Services or Packages. If you’re a digital marketing expert or someone providing professional services, you can offer customized packages like content creation, social media marketing, or personalized training. 

What Are the Benefits of Using A Ghost Offer?

It Lets You Save Money

One of the significant advantages of creating a Ghost Offer is the cost-saving potential. 

With it, you can sell additional services or resources without upgrading to a higher-priced Kajabi subscription. 

It can be quite discouraging for someone who doesn’t have the means to move from Growth to Pro plan.

But this Ghost Offer allows them to promote more products without requiring additional product slots.

It Saves You Time

Kajabi’s comprehensive suite of marketing tools, including email marketing, landing pages, automation, checkout pages, and integrated payment processing, can be seamlessly used with Ghost Offers. 

Centralizing your services within Kajabi can streamline your operations and save valuable time. 

It Gives You the Ability to Upsell and Downsell

Ghost offers present an excellent opportunity for upselling and down selling

Once a customer completes the purchase, you can leverage some tools to offer related products or upgrades for your ghost offer.

For example, if you provide coaching sessions, you can promote relevant online courses or community access to enhance the customer’s experience. 

It Opens Up Flexible Offerings and Revenue Streams

With the Ghost Offer feature of Kajabi, you can diversify your offerings and create multiple revenue streams within a single platform. 

You can expand your online business beyond traditional digital products by selling services, consultations, events, or physical classes. 

This flexibility allows you to tap into different market segments and cater to diverse customer needs, ultimately boosting your overall revenue potential. 

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, educator, or service provider, Ghost Offers allows you to monetize your expertise and skills in various ways.

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How to Create a Ghost Offer on Kajabi?

Now that you know the benefits and what you can do with this feature, it’s time to build your first Ghost Offer! Just follow the simple steps below.

  • On your Kajabi dashboard, click the “Sales” tab.
kajabi sales dashboard
  • Under “Offers,” click “Get Started” if you haven’t created any offers yet. Or “+New Offer” if you have an existing one. 
kajabi create first offer sale
  • Type in the Title of your ghost offer.
kajabi offer title
  • Next, leave the Kajabi Product blank. Then, click “Continue.”
kajabi product leave this blank
  • Choose whether this Course is paid or free. If it’s paid, set its price and the payment type. You can change this later, so don’t worry if you haven’t decided on the price yet. 
kajabi price your offer save finish

Also, you must first connect a payment processor to enable the Paid feature.

  • Click “Save and Finish.”

You’re close to completing the Ghost Offer. Now, you need to edit your checkout page.

Since this is a unique offer, customers don’t need to be directed to the account creation page. This is only useful if you’re granting access to an online course.

Here’s what you can do to change this setting.

  • Click the “Edit Checkout” button.
kajabi edit checkout
  • Inside the checkout page, click “Additional Settings” on the sidebar.
kajabi additional settings
  • Enable the “Returning members must log in” and the “Collect new member passwords” to avoid sending customers to the account creation page. Then press “Save.”
kajabi returning members login

This will allow you to get their details without sending them to the account creation screen.

  • After doing this and disabling the account creation page, customize your Ghost Offer checkout to your heart’s content and click Save. 

Once you finish the checkout page and account creation screen, you can edit the Post-Purchase settings.

Buyers are usually directed to the member’s product library page because that’s the default. But since the product attached won’t be inside Kajabi, you can change this to a Thank You page instead.

The Thank You landing page is also a great place to mention where, when, and how they’ll receive your Ghost Offers.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Under the page of the Offer you created, click the Post-Purchase settings.
kajabi post purchase settings
  • Click the dropdown arrow and select “Existing Landing Page” or “Custom Thank You Page.” Choosing any of these two will ensure that your customers are bough to a different page after purchasing your Ghost Offer instead of the library page.
kajabi existing landing page

I suggest creating a Thank You page before working on the post-purchase. You can do that inside Website -> Pages -> Landing page.

thank you page

After securing your landing page, create a post-purchase email to give instructions on how your audience can access the product.

kajabi post purchase email

For instance, if it’s a digital resource, then you can provide the product attached to the email itself. If it’s a coaching call, you can include the Zoom link and passcode.

Don’t forget to click “Save.” 

And this is optional, but you can create a Kajabi automation to use this chance for your marketing strategy.

You can create an automation that, once they finish the purchase, you’ll send them an email sequence that you can use to promote your course or something related to their purchase. 

That’s it! Now you’re ready to sell and promote your Ghost Offer.


Now, you can make more offers without worrying about your product limit! 

Besides increasing your income, the Ghost Offer feature allows you to expand your offerings beyond digital products. 

It enables you to sell services, consultations, physical classes, templates, and more on the Kajabi platform.

Are you ready to take advantage of Ghost Offer for your online business? Register for free and start creating your offers today. 

You can use our link below for an extended 30-day trial if you want more time to explore Kajabi. 


What is a Kajabi Ghost Offer? 

Ghost Offer lets you sell services and resources on Kajabi without creating digital products. It expands your offerings beyond online courses, and the best part is that you can make unlimited ghost offers without worrying about the product limit in your Kajabi subscription plan.

Can I Use All Kajabi Features for My Ghost Offer?

Yes. You can make use of all the features available to your plan to sell your ghost offers.

Can I Accept Payments for My Ghost Offer on Kajabi?

Yes. You can receive payments using Stripe or PayPal integration inside the platform. 

What Kajabi Plan Should I Subscribe to Start Selling Ghost Offers?

Any Kajabi plan, from Basic to Pro, lets you take advantage of the Ghost Offer feature. 

More Kajabi FAQs:

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