Kajabi Forms – How to Use Them Effectively

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Kajabi Forms is a powerful feature that can help simplify some business tasks.

Whether for newsletter subscriptions, running polls, or setting up surveys, this tool makes it easy to collect the data you need.

Let’s look at how this feature work and how it can benefit you and your online business.

When to Use Kajabi Forms?

Kajabi Forms is pretty flexible when it comes to usage. Here are some examples of how you can use this tool.

Collecting Customer Feedback 

Your customers can fill out forms to provide feedback on their experience with your product or service.

You can use this valuable information to make improvements and increase customer satisfaction.

Organizing Surveys and Polls  

Kajabi Forms also lets you create surveys and polls to gather insights from your target audience.

For instance, you can understand your customer’s preferences and buying habits through their form submissions.

Simplifying Data Collection 

This feature also makes it easy for businesses to collect data in one place without manually entering all the information into a spreadsheet or database.

Additionally, this tool provides analytics reports on form submissions so businesses can quickly see how their forms perform over time.

Opt-in for Newsletters

Creating an opt-in form for email marketing is simple with Forms.

You can add it to your landing page and use it as a subscription form to those interested in receiving emails, news, and promos from you.

Moreover, you can partner this with automation to automatically add all form submissions to your contacts.

Why Choose Kajabi Forms Over the Others

Kajabi Forms are user-friendly, beginner-friendly, and don’t require coding. It can also easily be integrated into any website, sales funnels, and landing pages.

Besides that, this tool works smoothly with other Kajabi features and provides detailed analytics reports. It also offers some customization making it flexible for different business needs.

For instance, if you use it for surveys, you can add custom fields to get better customer insights.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly
  • You can tag when someone subscribes to a form
  • Shareable to anyone and anywhere
  • Has a ReCAPTCHA feature for spam prevention of form submissions
  • Drag-and-drop elements for easier organization
  • Automation-ready


  • The form editor offers limited customization options
  • It isn’t sold separately from other Kajabi features

If you want to maximize using Forms for your business, you’ll need to use it with the other Kajabi tools. Not as a standalone product.

How to Create, Edit, and Share Forms on Kajabi

Create Forms Inside Kajabi

  • Go to your Kajabi dashboard and select the Marketing tab.
kajabi marketing
  • Click “Forms” from the menu.
kajabi marketing forms
  • Select “+ Add New Form.”
kajabi new form
  • Enter your desired title for the form
new form
  • Click “Save.”
kajabi save form

Customizing the Forms

Every time you create forms with Kajabi, it’ll take you to the customization page. This part is well-organized, so it’s easy to use and understand, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Inside the customization area, you can change the opt-in settings, add form fields and automation, and add more options.

Once you make the changes, don’t forget to click Save.

Adding a New Field to Your Form

  • From the “Forms” tab, click an existing or create a new form.
  • Go to the “Form Fields” section and click “+Add Form Field.”
  • You can select from the dropdown or create a custom one by selecting “Create A New Field.”
  • Click “Save.”

Editing a Form Field

Kajabi allows you to edit your form fields by changing their titles, making them optional, deleting them, and reorganizing them.

  • Click the pencil icon of the field you wish to edit. You can change the form’s title and then toggle the button under it to make it required.
  • Select the “x” mark to remove the form field.
  • Hold the (=) icon and drag, then drop the field to reorder them.
  • Click “Save”

Adding Automation

Automation is the best part of Kajabi. With automation, you can choose what action will happen when the form is submitted.

Here’s how to add automation.

  • Click “Forms” under the Marketing tab.
kajabi forms under marketing
  • Select the form you wish to add automation with.
kajabi choose form
  • Go to the Automation section and press “+ Add Automation.”
kajabi add automation
  • Choose from the available automation. These are some available automation triggered when the form is submitted:
kajabi choose automation
    • Grant or revoke access to an offer
    • Subscribe or unsubscribe contact to emails
    • Register or deregister for an event
    • Send an email or coupon
  • Click “Save.”
kajabi save automation

Sharing Kajabi Forms

Kajabi lets you add the forms inside and outside your Kajabi pages. You can easily embed your form code by following these steps.

  • Under the Forms tab, choose a specific form you’d like to share.
kajabi choose form
  • Click the “Embed” tab on the upper part of your screen.
kajabi embed
  • Using the form editor, you can customize the color and content of your Kajabi Form if desired.
kajabi form
  • Select the clipboard icon to share your form.
kajabi embed tab
  • Copy and paste the form code on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Create Forms in Kajabi?

Yes. Creating forms in Kajabi is easy and can be done quickly. Kajabi has drag-and-drop elements to organize form fields, editable content, some customization, and a ReCAPTCHA feature for spam prevention.

Can I Add Custom Fields?

Yes, you can create custom fields in your Forms. They also provide some common ones on their dropdown menu.

How Can I Add Forms to My Kajabi Landing Pages?

Yes. You can create forms inside your landing page builder by choosing the type you like and filling it out with the fields you need.

You can also select from the forms you’ve already created. A dropdown icon will show you all the forms available.

Are Kajabi Forms Free to Use?

If you’re a Kajabi user, then yes. This tool is included in the price of your subscription.

Should I Enable Double Opt-In?

It depends on the purpose of your form. If you’re using it for newsletters, it’s better to use double opt-in to keep your list clean. If it’s for a survey, a single opt-in is enough.


This feature is just one of the many excellent tools Kajabi offers. With Forms, you can create forms quickly and add automation that helps your workflows.

You no longer need to create forms from scratch, which saves you time and effort in the long run. If you found this article helpful, share it on your social media.

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