Kajabi for Nonprofits: Best Integrations and Site Examples

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You might already know how powerful Kajabi is when it comes to selling digital and physical products, building an online business, and growing sales. However, aside from money-making companies, it is also an excellent platform for a nonprofit organization. 

Whether you’re running a foundation, charity, or social advocacy institution, Kajabi can cater to your needs. 

I’ll discuss why you should consider this platform, the best Kajabi integrations for nonprofits you can use, and two site examples. 

Why Choose Kajabi for NonProfits?

Kajabi Website Home Page

Aside from being an all-in-one platform, Kajabi is non-techie-friendly. You don’t need to learn about coding or hire a professional just to use it. 

Kajabi has pre-made templates you can use to build your website. In addition, it has a drag-and-drop feature that can speed up the process of adding sections and content to your website. It’s possible to build your business in one day with this software. 

Kajabi also provides tutorials, chat support, and a Help Center. If you have any issues, you can search for the solution on their Knowledge Base page or ask their team for help. 

With Kajabi, it’s easier to connect to people using the community feature. Also, you can create online courses, memberships sites, digital products that you can sell to earn more for your institution. You can also create free resources exclusive for your donors. 

Another reason why Kajabi is perfect for nonprofits is the 0% transaction fee. Kajabi won’t get any commission from your donations and digital product sales, regardless of which plans you choose. 

Non-Profit Kajabi Websites

The following Kajabi websites are from nonprofit organizations. With Kajabi’s themes and templates, it’s easy to get started with your organization’s website. And if you need it for your organization, you can create a membership site with Kajabi!

Learning for Leaders

  • Mission: To help leaders build the confidence and skills they need and strengthen nonprofit organizations’ leadership. 
  • Kajabi Products: Several books written for managers, directors, and leaders; two free online video training. 
Learning for Leaders Website Home Page

Paula MacLean, founder of Leaders for Learners and a Kajabi Hero, has 40 years of experience working on nonprofit organizations in Canada. 

She became an executive director of a small nonprofit company by the age of 26. Paula stayed on that job for quite some time and met amazing people who became her mentors. 

Fast forward to the present, she has authored six books and is now providing free online teaching modules for nonprofit leaders. Her first online workshop is “Mastering the Basics,” which is for managers and supervisors. The second one entitled, “Great Boards-the Video Course,” is for executive directors. 

Paula was able to create a simple yet responsive website and landing pages with Kajabi’s website tools. Once you sign up for her online training videos, the link will be sent to your email address. 

Peace in Schools 

  • Mission: Create a better environment for students, teachers, and communities through teaching mindfulness practice. 
  • Kajabi Products: Online courses for adults about applying mindfulness in different hardships.
Peace in Schools Website Home Page

Peace In Schools is a nonprofit founded in 2014 in Portland. They have multiple school partners now, but they’ve started as an after-class program. 

This nonprofit organization believes that mindfulness is highly effective for students’ and teachers’ health and well-being. The team claimed that all of their programs are backed by science and modeled from expert facilitators. 

Their Kajabi website provides:

  • Physical and online products.
  • Free resources like videos and blogs.
  • Information about their team and commitment. 

Peace In Schools’ website is very responsive and is full of interesting data about mindfulness. As a nonprofit, their call-to-action is a donation button located at the top right corner of their site. 

Kajabi Integrations for Nonprofits 

To make the experience better for users, Kajabi integrates with some fantastic software that can help with automation and data gathering. Here are some apps for nonprofits: 


NeonCRM as one of Kajabi for Nonprofits site

Neon CRM can be integrated into Kajabi through Zapier. This cloud-based platform helps nonprofit businesses monitor their membership sites, communicate with their donors, organize events, and more. 

Some of their features that can benefit your organization are: 

  • Event registration and tracker for attendees. 
  • Customizable and unlimited online form creation. 
  • Cloud storage where you can manage and share documents easily. 
  • Automated emails for donations received. 
  • Grant tracking tool where you can manage grants and solicits. 


Revv website home page

Revv helps you maximize your fundraising campaign and improve your engagement with its innovative and practical features. It enables you to increase conversion through: 

  • Text to donate feature.
  • Unlimited form, survey, and petition creation. 
  • Usage of mobile payments such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay. 
  • One-click donations. 
  • One to multiple donors’ upsells. 

Like NeonCRM, this integration is made possible by Zapier. These are the following triggers you can set so Revv can send donation data on your Kajabi account: 

  • New Lead Created Trigger – activates when a visitor signs your form or petition. 
  • New Donor Profile Trigger – activates when a donor updates their profile and a new contributor is added to your organization. 
  • New Subscription Created Trigger – activates when recurring donations are received. 
  • Donation Processed Trigger – activates when someone makes a one-time donation.


Freshbooks Website Home Page

Taxes, invoices, and expenses aren’t only for online business. A nonprofit organization is not exempted from those. In fact, as a nonprofit, you are expected to be more transparent with the donations and gifts you receive. However, financial management and bookkeeping aren’t something you can do if you’re not a professional accountant. 

Instead of hiring someone and undergoing the stressful process of interviews, you can let Freshbooks do the work. 

Freshbooks is cloud-based accounting software that helps you track expenses, send invoices, payment reminders, set up recurring profiles, and more. Aside from being compatible with Zapier and Donately, Freshbooks plans are also affordable. 


Donately Website Home Page

Donately is a little similar to Revv, but it also has some unique features. Using this integration, you can create well-designed donation pages, customizable forms and collect data insights from your donors. Donately is mobile-friendly. And it has several triggers and actions you can set to be notified on your Kajabi.  

One fantastic feature you can enjoy is when someone donates on your Donately page or form, the data will be sent to Kajabi and will automatically be added to your email list. 


ActiveCampaign Website Home Page

Active Campaign isn’t only for a profitable online business. You can use it to increase your subscribers and encourage them to donate. Email marketing platforms like this can help you continuously grow your community, get more volunteers, and drive more donations. 

With Kajabi integration, you can add Active Campaign to create an opt-in email form where your website visitors can get something in exchange for their email address. 

Active Campaign also lets you do the following:

  • Organize and monitor your donor lists. 
  • Create recurring and automated drip campaigns to increase repeat donors. 
  • Connect with your new subscribers and send them an automated welcome email. 

Campaign Monitor 

Campaign Monitor Website Home Page

This is another helpful email marketing platform like Active Campaign. 

Campaign Monitor has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it easier to create unique emails for your subscribers. This is combined with pre-made templates, so you won’t need to start from scratch. 

The app provides a special price for nonprofit organizations, so be sure to ask before you subscribe. 

PayPal for Nonprofits

PayPal Website Home Page

One of the reasons why Kajabi is nonprofit-friendly is because of the PayPal integration. The platform lets you set up a donation page and use the PayPal button. This will be available once you set up your PayPal account as a nonprofit. 

Kajabi created a step-by-step procedure on how to do it on their Help Center. 

We’re done with the integrations!

Discounted Rate: Does Kajabi Give Discounts to Nonprofits? 

Kajabi doesn’t usually offer special discounts, and this is because they want to maintain a high-quality service and support. However, there are some months that they provide limited offers, so be sure to check their site. 

What you can take advantage of are the three Kajabi pricing plans. Choose the best that will match your current budget.

With Kajabi, you can upgrade anytime, so pick the cheapest plan first. Then once your organization starts growing, you can pay more for better features. 

Each plan comes with a free trial, so you don’t need to commit before you try. Although it asks for your credit card detail, you won’t be charged immediately.

That’s All For Now

Almost everything is possible with the Kajabi all-in-one platform.

In just one platform, you can do many things for your business like blogging, email automation, creating live teaching seminars or online courses, providing a clickable donation button that is connected with PayPal, and more.

Moreover, Kajabi becomes more impressive with the help of its integrations. We named only a few of the best above. But once you do your research and explore the software more, you will discover many valuable tools that can help you grow your institution.

Gain access to the Kajabi features today!

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