Kajabi for E-Commerce in 2024

Whether starting or growing your online business, Kajabi provides excellent tools to find customers and market your knowledge-based products. 

But what if you want to sell physical products? Can Kajabi provide you with the support you need, too? The simple answer is yes. However, if you’re running a more extensive online store, you’ll need to connect it with platforms like Shopify. 

Let me show you the e-commerce side of Kajabi and how to connect it with the popular software above for smoother operations and extra capabilities.

What Are Kajabi’s Core E-Commerce Features?

kajabi homepage 2024

Undoubtedly, Kajabi is among the best in selling and marketing digital products. It’s designed for creators who want to venture into business and sell online courses, membership sites, paid newsletters, coaching sessions, etc.

If you’re one of them, you can use the following features to simplify your operations and increase your profits. 

Kajabi also provides new tools like the AI Creator Hub, which allows you to create content faster for your online courses, video scripts, landing pages, and social media platforms. 

In addition, accepting payments isn’t an issue with Kajabi’s integrated payment gateways. It supports a variety of methods, including credit cards and digital payments (Google and Apple Pay). This allows you to have customers worldwide and deliver your services without restrictions. 

The platform’s e-commerce tools are solid for digital products and services. 

How Does Kajabi Support Physical Product Sales?

The above features I mentioned can help set up and market your physical products.

For instance, you can use the website and landing page builder to set up an online storefront and make your business available to your audiences and search engines. Here, you can list your goods, describe them in detail, and include images. 

The sales funnel and email marketing are excellent tools for guiding potential customers through purchasing and keeping them engaged with automated follow-ups, special offers, and targeted content. 

You can use Kajabi’s sales pages to create compelling product pages that highlight the book’s benefits and features, integrate customer testimonials, and display high-quality images of the book. If you want, you can also provide a sneak peek using the blog post feature.

Meanwhile, Kajabi Payments and checkout pages let you build a smooth and secure transaction process. 

kajabi manage payments

However, that’s all there is to it. It’s best to seek integration with Shopify to run a robust store for tangible goods.

Why Integrate Shopify with Kajabi?

shopify homepage

Shopify has maintained its position as the best e-commerce platform for selling physical products. It’s scalable and versatile and provides features that fit any business – from small ones to larger enterprises. 

Using it with Kajabi will allow you to effectively manage your digital and physical sales channels within one cohesive system.

Besides the reputation, here are other reasons this collaboration is a good call for you. 

Shopify’s E-commerce Strengths

When selling physical goods, Shopify has an unbeatable number of sales features to improve your business operations. Here are some of them.

  • Global Commerce. Shopify simplifies global selling. You can easily adjust your store for different regions and currencies and adapt smoothly to trade regulations and tax laws.
  • Point of Sale (POS). Shopify’s POS system links to your online shop. So, it keeps your inventory accurate and helps you track sales or customer purchases, whether you sell in person or online.
  • Inventory Management. Shopify offers solid tools for monitoring stock. This helps you manage your supplies efficiently and avoid excess and shortages.
  • Shipping Options. Shopify lets you provide many shipping choices. More options mean happier customers, who can choose how quickly they receive their purchases.
  • Customer Insights. Shopify’s tools help you better understand your customers. You can see what they like, what they buy, and how they shop. This information enables you to plan better marketing strategies and improve sales.

Quick Integration

You can connect your Shopify account to your Kajabi account with a simple copy-and-paste code. I’ll show you how in the next section. But you won’t have to pay for a third-party tool, like Zapier or Pabbly, to integrate these two.

Affordable Starting Plan 

Kajabi plans can be relatively pricey, so getting software within the same price range to sell physical products wouldn’t be ideal. 

Shopify’s starting plan is quite affordable. You can access the core features for $25/month. This plan is enough if you’re testing the waters and just starting to diversify your revenue streams. 

Step-by-Step Integration of Shopify with Kajabi

Make sure that you have your Kajabi website and Shopify account ready before proceeding with these steps.

  • Add your products under the “Products” tab inside your Shopify account.
shopify add product
shopify buy button challenge
  • Once you install it, you’ll be redirected to your Shopify dashboard. Select the “Buy Button” under the “Sales Channel” on the left-hand menu. Click “Create a Buy Button.”
shopify create a buy button
  • Choose the type of Buy Button and select one from your physical products or pages.
shopify type of buy button
  • Customize the layout. On this page, you can change the font, button color, size image, action after your customer clicks the product, and more. Once you’re okay with it, click “Next.”
shopify button style
  • Copy the code provided.
shopify get your buy button live
  • Log into your Kajabi admin panel.
kajabi explore products
  • Go to the web page or sales page where you want to add the Shopify product.
kajabi website pages
  • Select “Add Section” and choose “Custom Code” from the available elements.
kajabi custom code

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  • Paste the custom code snippet from Shopify.
kajabi start the course code
  • Save the changes in Kajabi and view the page. Then, test the checkout process to confirm everything is set up correctly.
kajabi shopify add to cart


Can I Use Kajabi to Handle Selling Physical Products?

While possible, Kajabi alone is not ideal for handling large-scale physical product sales. You’ll need an integration with Shopify.

Is It Free to Integrate Shopify Into Kajabi?

There’s no fee for integrating these two platforms. However, you’ll need to pay for a Shopify subscription first.

Can I Customize the Shopify Buy Button?

Yes, Shopify allows some personalization inside its dashboard so you can match your “Buy Button” to your website’s overall theme.

How Do I Manage Inventory and Sales Tracking Inside Kajabi?

You can only manage your digital product inside Kajabi. Meanwhile, you’ll have to manage your inventory, sales, and other features related to physical goods inside Shopify.

Can I Offer Promotions for Products Sold Through Kajabi and Shopify?

Yes, both platforms allow you to apply promotions and discounts to your products.

Are There Transaction Fees Associated With Shopify on Kajabi?

Kajabi doesn’t charge transaction fees. However, the additional cost will depend on your Shopify plan and payment gateway fees.


Connecting Shopify to Kajabi offers a powerful combination to improve your e-commerce capabilities. It allows you to gain more customers, provide tangible goods globally, and create more opportunities for your business.

The best part is the effortless integration. All you have to do is sign up for Shopify and Kajabi, then follow the steps above to start selling physical products along with your digital ones.

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