Kajabi Community Vs Facebook Groups in 2024?

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Having a community where your members can interact with each other and with you is crucial for your online business growth.

It’s a great strategy to build relationships, get feedback from your audience, and have a group of people who can support and promote your work.

For most Kajabi Heroes, there are two main options to create one: Kajabi Community and Facebook Groups.

But which one should you use? This article will show you the pros and cons of both platforms and their differences.

What is Kajabi Community?

Kajabi Community is a forum/social platform where you can post content, start discussions, and interact with your members.

Kajabi Community Page

You can offer it complimentary to your online courses or membership sites or sell it as a standalone subscription.

Since the Kajabi Communities feature is built-in to Kajabi, it’ll be more convenient for your members. They won’t need to create a new account or log in to another application to access it.

Moreover, just like the platform’s other features, the community aspect of Kajabi is simple to set up.

What is a Facebook Group?

It is a private or public group created and hosted on a social media platform. Facebook is one of the best alternatives for paid communities.

Kajabi Facebook Group

You can publish questions and topics to begin a conversation with your members. And you can also allow them to post their content directly to the page.

Facebook is a popular platform for different ages, so your community members may already know how it works.

Why Choose Kajabi Community

Besides the data protection that Kajabi offers, they also partner with Cloudflare.

cloudfare landing page

This software ensures that your website and everything inside your Kajabi account is secured and protected against online attacks.

Facebook Groups don’t have the same security, making your members’ data more vulnerable.

Moreover, your Kajabi Community is exclusive and hidden from public view. You’ll be safe from annoying spammers, bots, and people just trying to sell their products.

Another community aspect that Kajabi users love is its intuitiveness. It’s easy to use, so it’s not time-consuming. And it offers customizations that the other one doesn’t have.

That includes changing the sidebar message’s font color and size and adding source code blocks.

Kajabi Community Sidebar Message

Lastly, Kajabi eliminates distractions so your students can focus on engaging with your content and each other. No ads, posts, or notifications from other groups will take away their attention.

Why Choose Facebook Group

Facebook is ideal for newbie course creators and membership site owners because it’s free. They don’t need to pay and can create multiple groups for their audience.

Kajabi users in the Basic Plan can benefit from this because they don’t need to include the community in their products.

Instead of deducting it from their site’s three-product limit, they can create one outside and use all for online courses, membership products, or digital services.

Additionally, Facebook Groups can be open to the public, making it easier for you to attract new members.

few list of kajabi facebook groups

You can take advantage of this if your main goal is to collect and generate leads for your business.

Pros & Cons of Using Kajabi Community


  • User-friendly and easy to set up, so it’s not time-consuming
  • It has excellent security and performance features
  • Seamless integration with your Kajabi products and other tools like the CRM and email marketing
  • Automatic member removal when their subscription expires
  • Better customer support for users



Pros & Cons of Using Facebook Group


  • Facebook is free and easy to use
  • You and your members can post directly to the group
  • Perfect for lead generation purposes
  • It can be public or private, depending on your preference
  • You can accommodate unlimited members
  • You can host and schedule live videos easily and without the need for other apps.


  • Facebook has weak security features
  • There are too many distractions
  • Manual member removal can be time-consuming
  • It’s quite a hassle because your students will need to access this feature on Facebook and go back to Kajabi for their course.

Verdict: Kajabi Community Vs Facebook Groups

I have tried both the Kajabi and Facebook features, and I can say that they do a great job. They tick off all the necessary tools that online community platforms should have.

However, I believe that Kajabi benefits you and other Kajabi users more.

It provides a more seamless experience as you can do everything on one platform. For example, you can easily use your member’s data to send emails, grant access to your course, and more.

Additionally, Kajabi offers advanced security features to keep your and your members’ data safe.

It also has excellent customer support, like 24/7 live chat and how-to video tutorials, so you’ll never feel lost.

But then again, the choice is still up to you. Weigh everything carefully and decide which one fits your online business needs.

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