Kajabi Certificate of Completion and Badges – 3 Simple Ways to Create and Send Kajabi Certificates

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Providing certificates to your students is a great way to show them appreciation and boost their confidence. But it can also benefit your business. 

It shows your credibility, establishes your authority, and it’s a good yet subtle marketing strategy.

Currently, Kajabi doesn’t offer a built-in certificate feature, but there are a few ways to create and send certificates to your customers.

That’s what I’ll show you in this step-by-step article guide. 

How to Create a Generic Certificate of Completion

Generic certificates are the ones you can send for multiple courses and customers. The advantage of using one is that they are easy to create and send out.

Here are the simple steps to send a generic certificate of completion to your Kajabi students.

Using Kajabi Automation

Step 1 – Create and Design Your Certificate

The most popular tool to build a premium-looking certificate is Canva, but you can also use more advanced apps like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign.

Choose a certificate template and customize it with the course name, company, and logo. This is non-personalized, so you don’t need to add your student’s name.

design certificate

Step 2 – Set up Automation Inside Kajabi

Sign in to your Kajabi dashboard and do the following.

  • Go to your “Products” tab.
  • Select the course where you want to include the generic certificate.
  • Click on the end lesson or module of the course.
  • Select “Add automation.”
  • Click the “Then” Action and select “Send an email.”
  • Choose “To the person.”
  • Personalize the email your students will receive.
  • Select the paper clip icon to add an email attachment and upload the certificate of completion you made.
  • Press “OK” and click Save.
  • Add your email or a customer’s email address and test certificate sending to ensure the automation is working.

If you’re subscribed to the Kajabi Basic plan, this automation automatically adds a tag when your customer completes the lesson.

But if you want more control, the Growth or Pro plan can give you that. It lets you add a condition where the certificate will only be sent once the customer passes the assessment.

This advanced automation allows you to filter out requests and make your certificates more exclusive.

How to Create and Send Personalized Certificates

A personalized certificate is better than a generic one. It’s more meaningful and unique because each certificate of completion is customized for your student.

It might feel like it requires more effort to create, but it’s pretty doable. You just need to do more steps.

Here’s how you can create personalized certificates.

Option 1 – Using Accredible

Accredible is a third-party app that makes personalized certificate creation and distribution a breeze. You can use this app for free and issue certificates to up to 20 recipients in a year. Sign up here for the free plan.

You can get the paid plan for $960/year if you want better limitations.

Step 1 – Prepare the Form in Your Kajabi Dashboard

  • Open the “Marketing” tab from the dashboard.
kajabi arrow on marketing
  • Click “Forms.”
kajabi forms
  • Select “+New Form.”
kajabi select new form
  • Type in the title of your form. For this example, let’s go with “Digital marketing certificates.”
  • Press “Save.”
kajabi save button
  • Select the “Embed” tab.
kajabi select embed
  • Customize the form if you want and select “Save.” You can change the color, content, and style of the form. This is where your students will sign up to get their e-certificates. 
kajabi customize form click save
  • Copy the embed code.
digital marketing certificate embed button

Step 2 – Add the Form to Your Course

  • Go to the “Products” tab.
  • Choose the product or course you want to provide the certificate of completion.
  • Select the last part of your lesson.
  • Click the source code icon “</>.”
  • Paste the code and click “Ok.”
  • Press “Save”

*embed code from https://help.kajabi.com/

  • To check if the form is working, click “Preview.”
  • Add sample data (i.e., your name and email address) and click “Submit.” Zapier will need this later.
add sample data

Step 3 – Design a Certificate Inside Accredible

  • Click on “Designs” inside your Accredible account.
accredible design button
  • Select “Create Certificate Design.”
accredible create certificate design
  • You can start creating from scratch or use the available templates by clicking the “Templates” tab on the left sidebar.
accredible templates
  • Accredible lets you create a customized certificate by adding logos, images, attributes, signatures, and more. You can even include a QR code to add an extra layer of authenticity.
accredible customize
  • Once you’re done designing, add your certificate’s name and click “Save and Close.”
accredible save and close button certificate
  • Go back to the Accredible dashboard, and click “Group.”
accredible group button
  • Select “Create Group.”
accredible create group
  • Fill out the Group Information and add the certificate that you made.
accredible group information fields
  • Press “Save.”
accredible save button

Step 4 – Connect Accredible and Kajabi Using Zapier

Zapier allows you to create five Zaps for free. Once you sign up and log in to your account, you may follow these steps. 

  • Click “+Create Zap” on your Zapier dashboard.
zapier create zap
  • Choose the Kajabi for the Trigger App section.
  • Select “New Form Submission” as the Trigger Event.
  • Press “Continue.”
kajabi new form
  • Connect your Kajabi account using an API Key.You can find it inside the Kajabi dashboard

You can find it inside the Kajabi dashboard -> Settings-> Account Details-> API Credentials. All you need to do is copy and paste them to Zapier.

*embed code from https://help.kajabi.com/

  • Once connected, press “Continue.”
kajabi new form continue button
  • Select your Kajabi website and select the form you wish to integrate. In this example, it’s the “Digital marketing certificate.”
  • Press “Continue.”
kajabi digital marketing form
  • Select “Test trigger.”
kajabi select test trigger
  • Check the information provided and click “Continue.”
kajabi new form submission continue
  • Next is the Action app. Select “Accredible Certificates” for this part.
  • For the Action Event, choose “Create Credential.” Then press “Continue.”
kajabi create accredible
  • Sign in and paste your API code from your Accredible account settings.
api key details
  • Select “Continue.”
create credential in accredible continue button
  • Fill out the action data, and match it with the details on your Kajabi. For example, for the Recipient Name, select name, and for the Recipient Email, select email.
set up action
  • Select “True” for the “Publish Credential” section.
  • You can provide more details for the optional credential data and select “Continue.” 
publish credential continue button
  • Double-check the information inside the test preview, then Click “Test action” so Zapier can send a test certificate.
test action
  • Once everything is good, select “Publish Zap.”
publish zap

That’s it! Now your students can get their certificate of completion whenever they finish your lessons and fill out the form.

accredible view certificate

Option 2 – Personalized Certificates Using Google Slides

Another great way to provide a personalized certificate of completion is through Google Slides.

This method requires much work, but it’s worth the effort. Also, Google Slides is free, so you don’t need to spend anything to get started.

This is what you need to do. 

Step 1 – Create Automation Inside Your Kajabi Dashboard

  • Go to your “Products” tab.
  • Select the product where you want to include the personalized certificate.
  • Click on the last lesson or module.
  • Select “Add automation.”
  • Click the “Then” Action, and select “Add a tag.” You may create a new tag for those who will complete the lessons or use an existing one. For this example, let’s use “Course Completed.”
  • Click “Save.”

*embed code from https://help.kajabi.com/

  • Add your email address and information to the Contact list of Kajabi so you can use it as the test certificate email for the automation.
contact list save button

To do so, click Contacts -> Add Contact -> type in your name and email address, then select “Course Completed” as a tag -> Save.

If you have the Growth or Pro plan, you can set a condition where the students receiving the personalized certificate are only those who passed or took the assessment. 

Step 2 – Design Your Certificate Inside the Google Slides

  • Log in to your Google Slides account.
  • Create your certificate from scratch by opening Google slides presentation or use this standard template provided by Kajabi.
  • Select “Use template.”
use template
  • Customize the design of your certificate. Google Slides allows you to add images, custom text, shapes, and more.
  • To help Google Slides understand that you’re adding a custom variable or liquid tag, surround the value with double curly brackets like this {{name}}, {{date}}. This will allow Google Slides to pull data from Kajabi.
google slides certificate
  • Once done, change the name of your personalized certificate, and we’ll get back to it later.

Step 3 – Integrate Kajabi With Google Slides Using Zapier

  • Go to Zapier and click “+Create Zap.”
zapier create zap
  • Select “Kajabi” as the Trigger App.
  • Choose “Tag added” as your Trigger Event. Then Press “Continue.”
kajabi add tag
  • Sign in to your Kajabi account if you haven’t done so.

You can do this using your API Key and Secret, which you can find inside your Kajabi Settings -> Account Details -> Account Credentials. Copy and paste your API Key and Secret.

  • Choose your Kajabi site and select the tag name of the automation you made.
course completed
  • Click “Test Trigger.”
test trigger
  • Check the data and click “Continue.”
test trigger click data continue button
  • Select the Action App and choose “Google Slides.”
  • Choose “Create Presentation From Template” as your action.
kajabi google slides create presentation
  • Sign in and select your Google Slides account, then click “Continue.”
kajabi select google slides
  • Type your certificate’s name in the “Title of New Presentation” field. Your students will see this, so be sure to pick one that’s easy to understand. 
  • Choose “True” in the “Is Shared?” field to allow your students to download the certificate.
  • Select your template in the Template Presentation tab. In this example, I named it Updated Student Certificate.
kajabi google slides presentation tab
  • Fill out the rest by choosing the suitable Kajabi data for the variables. For the issuing date field, you can type {{zap_meta_human_now}}, so Zapier will insert the issuing date and time when the certificate is sent.
  • Once done, click “Continue.”
kajabi add variable
  • Then select “Test Action” to test the certificate of completion. Don’t publish it yet so that we can add one more action.
kajabi google slides test action

Step 4 – Let Zapier Send Certificates to Your Customers

You need to set up another Zap for this step. Luckily, Zapier provides its own email feature that you can use to send the certificates whenever a customer completes a course.

You may follow this guide.

  • Add another action app on the same Zap you made.
  • Choose “Email by Zapier.”
  • Ensure that the action is “Send Outbound Email.”
  • Select “Continue.”
kajabi zapier send outbound email
  • Compose the body of your email template, add your desired subject line, and use variables for more personalization.
  • Add the test email to the “To” field.
add test email
  • Copy this Export Links Application/pdf and paste it to the Attachment field.
  • Inside the Attachment part, type Export Links Application/pdf again and select the one that matches it. Adding this will let Zapier send your certificate in PDF form. 
export links application
  • Once you complete everything required and add optional information, select “Continue.”
export links application continue button
  • Then press “Test Action” so Zapier can send a test certificate to your email.
kajabi send outbound email test action
  • Don’t forget to click “Publish Zap” once it successfully delivers the certificate. 
send outbound email publish zap

Afterward, your certificate will be automatically sent once your student or customer completes the course or if they finish or pass your assessment. 

This will depend on the tag that you set inside Kajabi.

Congratulations! You have now successfully integrated Kajabi and Google Slides with Zapier.


Can I Create a Certificate Inside My Kajabi Dashboard?

No, Kajabi doesn’t provide certificate features. However, with the help of Zapier, Accredible, and Google Slides, you can quickly build beautiful certificates and send them to your students.

Can I Make a Certificate on Google Slides?

Yes! You can make a certificate of completion on your Google Slides account. It’s a free app that lets you create personalized and generic certificates. Other great options are Canva and Accredible.

Wrapping It Up

Although Kajabi lacks the built-in certificate builder that other platforms offer, you can still give your students a certificate of completion. You just need to have the right tools and a little bit of patience.

With third-party apps like Zapier, Accredible, and Google Slides, you can create multiple certificates and send them to your customers effortlessly. All you need is to follow the steps above, and you’re good to go!

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