Kajabi Bonus – Extra Things You Can Get with Your Subscription in 2024

Kajabi offers bonuses to users aimed at helping users get an added advantage, such as increasing sales to double profit, uploading better video content, or accessing the digital market better.

But they only last for a limited time. Check out this article for a quick rundown of these freebies.

Is There An Available Kajabi Bonus?

kajabi bonus

There are many available freebies currently running. Although they do not stay long, you can check out this quick rundown for these perks and their details and choose what can help you best and how to access them.

Save this page for a quick reference anytime if you need to access a bonus on the platform.

Bonuses on the Kajabi Site

bonuses on kajabi

Here is a quick list of some of the perks offered by Kajabi:

  • Free Kajabi 30-Day Free Trial
  • This offer is part of the “To Be Magnetic” offer currently running on the website. Upon redemption, you get access to Kajabi for 30 days. Get started today with this offer.
  • Free Kajabi 14-Day Trial
  • Users can market their online courses and memberships without financial commitment to Kajabi for 14 days. This will help them see if Kajabi fits their business well.
  • 60-Day Trial With Business Launch Resources
  • This bonus had weekly training sessions to help users skip months of learning how to use the site. It had a challenge that came with reminders and rewards. (Expired)
  • 45-Day Trial With Guided Content
  • This bonus usually comes with free webinars and live check-ins. You also get customer support with this bonus. (Expired)
  • 30-Day Trial With Coaching Resources
  • This freebie comes with several coaching assistance tools. They include a free custom domain for 12 months and free access to its professional conference and scheduling tools for half a year. (Expired)
  • 30-Day Trial With Support and Training
  • This special bonus features free training and support. Kajabi also buys your first published course after training you on how to use the website for your online business. (Expired)
  • 30-Day Extended Trial With Live Training
  • This bonus offers a 5-day live group training program. (Expired)
  • 3 Months for $99 Kajabi Bonus
  • This bonus allows new users to subscribe to any Kajabi plan for only three months at $99. (Expired)
  • 5 Weeks for $5 Kajabi Bonus
  • Apart from the 5-week free trial, users also get a daily 5-minute video plan to set up their businesses. (Expired)
  • Kajabi Heroes Program
  • This perk rewards users for their success on the platform. Upon confirming your membership, you can earn rewards for financial milestones accomplished.
  • One-on-One Session With a Kajabi Expert
  • At the start of your membership plan, you get a 30-minute call with a Kajabi specialist on how best to engage your customers.


How To Get Bonuses With Your Kajabi Account

Get started with Kajabi today by creating an account with the links on this page. Sign up for any plan on the sign-up page to open your account. You can complete the challenge with your new account if the bonus is challenge-related.

If you have a subsisting plan, you can still enjoy the freebies. For example, you can check out the Free one-on-one session with a Kajabi expert on how best to sell an online course.

Sign up for a Kajabi account today to enjoy these freebies before the limited-time Kajabi deal expires since they do not last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Kajabi Bonus?

There are available freebies. But they do not last for long. So it would be best if you were on the watch for them.

Can I Get the Expired Bonus From a Kajabi Partner?

Although some bonuses are expired, you may get them when you join Kajabi through a special partner link.

You can access learning resources to help you make the best of the Kajabi platform.

Does Any Bonus Cost Money?

Although you have to pay annually or monthly after the free trial period, no trial is cost money. But you have to create an account to enjoy the freebies.

Kajabi Heroes can also be rewarded when they refer others to the site.

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