Kajabi Backup Guide – How To Back Up a Kajabi Website

Backing up the content of your Kajabi website is an important aspect of website management that many users overlook. In case of a compromise, the backed-up files can save you hundreds of dollars and time when you bring g your business back online.

Check out the guide below to learn how to back up your Kajabi website.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Kajabi Backup

back up your site content

Decide a Storage Location

Choosing a storage destination is crucial. For efficiency, it would be best to choose a location where you can store all the data on your website. This central location will allow you to organize your data in one place.

You can opt for an online cloud-based drive like Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc. You can also store the data on your computer or an external hard drive.

Export Your Content

Start the backup by exporting your landing page, product template, and contacts. These exported content will come in handy when you need to recreate your website for your online business.

Exporting a Landing Page

kajabi new landing page export
  • Select the WEBSITE tab and click on PAGES.
  • Click on the LANDING PAGE tab and find the landing page you want to export.
  • Click on the ellipsis icon () and select EXPORT.

After clicking EXPORT, the selected landing page will be sent to the registered email address of your Kajabi account. Download the file immediately after you receive it because the link normally expires in a week. But if you fail to download before the link expires, export the landing page again.

Exporting Kajabi Product Templates

kajabi advanced customization export zip
  • Select the PRODUCT tab.
  • Choose the online course you want to export.
  • Select CUSTOMIZE
  • Select the ellipsis icon () of the template you want to export.
  • Select EXPORT AS ZIP to export the product template.

The template will be exported to the registered email address of your Kajabi account. Download the file upon receipt immediately because the link will expire in a week. If you fail to download the file before the link expires, you can always go back to export the template again.

Exporting Contacts

kajabi people export contacts
  • Click on the PEOPLE tab
  • Click on the check boxes of the contacts you want to export.
  • Click the BULK ACTION drop-down menu to find the EXPORT option.
  • Click EXPORT from the menu.

The contacts you exported will be delivered to the email address you used to open your Kajabi account. Download the file immediately after you receive the link. The link normally expires in a week. But you can always export your contacts again.


You can use the filter option to filter and segment the contacts if you want to find them easily. You can also select all the contacts with the SELECT ALL button to export them all at once.

Download Video Files

Kajabi hosts your videos by partnering with the video platform Wistia.

kajabi download video

There are two ways to download video content for backup; from your products and pages. Exporting your video content from off your Kajabi website is a great way to ensure that your video content is safely stored.

Download Video Content From Pages

  • Select the WEBSITE tab
  • Go to the page that features the video content.
  • Click the page title
  • Hover your cursor over the block featuring the video.
  • Click EDIT to open the sidebar.
  • Click DOWNLOAD VIDEO from the drop-down menu that opens in the sidebar. This will open a new tab with your video files.
  • Find the menu button at the bottom right side of the player and click DOWNLOAD.

Download Video Content From Products

  • Select the PRODUCTS tab.
  • Search for the product that features the video.
  • Select the title of the product.
  • Select the action drop-down menu under the player
  • Click DOWNLOAD VIDEO to open a new tab.
  • Select the menu button on the lower right corner of the player.
  • Click DOWNLOAD to download the video files to your drive.

Storing Other Media

Apart from video files and pictures you used in the course development process, you want to also check for other media files. There are tons of data, graphic information, descriptions, and impressions besides video files that course creators upload on online course platforms. Ensure to make copies of all these files and save them in one storage destination.

Having a backup makes it easy for you to recreate your Kajabi website or any other website for your business if you are ever compromised.

Kajabi Backup Frequency

The recommendation from Kajabi for the frequency of your backups is every week. Although this is a safe time frame, you can back up twice a week.

You can back up quarterly, annually, or after every product launch. But ensure that you back up consistently to avoid losing valuable content in the event of a compromise.

Reasons for Kajabi Website Backup

Data Protection

Data protection is the most significant reason for backing up the data on your Kajabi website. Files get corrupt, missing, and sometimes compromised by malicious attackers on the internet.

Having copies of your contacts, media files, and Kajabi website templates is a practical way to avoid the cost of starting all over. You can reupload and recreate your Kajabi website pages and products in no time.

Avoiding the Loss of Good Business by Archiving Contacts

Backing up your Kajabi website data is especially important if you do not want to lose your contacts.

If you work with clients in the finance industry, failing to keep records can make you lose good business if your website or a part of your website crashes or becomes compromised.

But having your contact details saved independently of your Kajabi website is a great way to ensure you do not lose good business when your site crashes or has any problems. You can get with your clients on another platform pending when the compromise is resolved.

Easy Shareability

When you download your landing pages and product pages, you will receive them as ZIP files.

Since your Kajabi website files are downloaded as ZIP files, you can easily share them with people in case your chosen storage destination fails or becomes inaccessible.

Also, you can easily import these files to another site. Hence, backing up enables you to easily move your content from Kajabi to other desired platforms.

Protective Measures for Kajabi Website Besides Backup

Other protective measures you can put in place besides backing up your files include the following:

Limiting access to your drive: Limit the scope of access granted to people who enter your drive. If possible, ensure that no one has access to your drive and revoke any access granted after accomplishing the purpose for which it was granted.

Using complex passwords: Combining uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers decreases the chances of compromising your Kajabi website.

Avoiding suspicious links: Clicking suspicious links on your PC increases the chances of being susceptible to fraud. Fraudsters can use these links to phish your personal information and access your Kajabi site and

Protecting your personal data: You want to avoid giving out your personal information, especially identity-related information. Identity-related information can make your passcodes easy to guess, and this can expose you to the possibility of fraud.

Not on the Kajabi platform yet? Check out Kajabi’s trial options and test it out for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kajabi Have an Automatic Backup Feature?

Kajabi does not offer an automatic backup feature for backing up your files. You must manually back up the files on your website as frequently as you want.

Does Kajabi Have an Automatic Backup Feature?

Kajabi allows you to download your files, templates, contacts, and many more for backup purposes.

More Kajabi FAQs:

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