Introduction to Kajabi API – Where to Find and How to Use It

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Kajabi API streamlines third-party integrations to save you time and energy.

The API Key and API Secret give you access to other platforms that work with Kajabi so you can automate tasks, sync data, and more.

In this article, we’ll show you where to find these two and how you can use them.

API Key vs API Secret

Before we jump into how to use the Kajabi API, let’s first clarify the difference between an API Secret and a Key.

Although they are both randomly generated numbers, they aren’t the same.

Your API Key is a username that identifies your account to the third-party software.

On the other hand, your API Secret authenticates and verifies your identity to that other platform.

In short, the API Key is your ID, while the API Secret is your password.

When integrating into another platform, you will need to provide both.

Where to Find Your Kajabi API Key and API Secret

Inside your Kajabi website dashboard, you can find these two on the Site Settings and the Account Settings. I’ll show you where.

On the Site Settings

1. Click the “Settings” tab on your dashboard.

settings tab

2. Under the Site Settings section, select “Third-Party Integrations.”

Kajabi Site Setting with red box on third-party integrations

3. Scroll down to the Misc section, and you’ll find API Key and API Secret under ClickFunnels.

api key

On the Account Settings

1. Click the “Settings” tab on your dashboard.

settings tab

2. Under the Account Settings section, choose “Account Details.”

account details

3. Scroll down to API Credentials. You’ll then see the randomly generated numbers.

api key credentials

That’s it! All you need to do is copy and paste them into the other software.

How to Integrate Kajabi into Other Apps

The process may vary depending on the other app, but the general idea is the same.

Basically, the third-party platforms will ask you to provide the API credentials before you can activate the automation.

To help you better understand, here’s a short clip of how to connect Kajabi to Zapier.


Connecting your account to third-party applications is super easy with Kajabi.

All you need is your API Key and API Secret, which you can find on the Site Settings and Account Details page.

With this, you can build a more solid marketing funnel and take your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kajabi have an API?

Yes. You can access it in all its plans.

What’s the Use of Kajabi API Key and API Secret?

They enable you to link your Kajabi account to other software. This way, you can have a more unified system and streamline your processes.

What Platforms Can I Integrate with Kajabi through API?

You can integrate any application that allows this kind of integration. But the two most common ones are Zapier, ClickFunnels, and Segments.

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