Kajabi AI Creator Hub (2024): What It Is and How to Use It

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Kajabi’s new AI creator hub can save you tons of stress and time with quality work!

What Is the Kajabi AI Creator Hub?

The AI creator hub was built on the platform to help creators create their marketing and course content in no time.

It is artificial intelligence brainstorming to create your course content and sales copies while you use your knowledge to modify the content to align with your brand.

How To Use Kajabi’s AI Creator Hub

kajabi ai creator hub

The AI tools of the Kajabi Creator hub are free for all creators, although it is currently only on the Kajabi website.

You can launch any of the tools and enter your desired topic in the form field. Follow these steps to use the AI tools:

  • Access the Kajabi AI Hub tools here.
  • Click any GENERATE bar below the tools’ names to open a tool you want. This will take you to a different where the chosen AI tool will be open to perform your task.
  • Fill in the task you want. For instance, you can create your lesson content in less than a minute with the lesson content generator by filling in the topic and clicking the GENERATE LESSON bar below. You can do this for the other tools.
  • Remember to edit your results to align with your brand.
  • Post or use the results as you plan.

If you like, you can try out the AI creator tools now and unlock more with the 30 days trial.

Tools you can unlock with the 30 days trial include the Copy Assistant, the Creator Studio (in beta!), and lots more.

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What Can I Do With the AI Creator Hub?

ai creator hub

There is a lot you can do with the tools. You can create your course outline, generate a sales video script, write a landing page copy or a sales email copy, and many more with AI.

What’s more? You can do all these with the AI tools in a fraction of the time it would cost you to hire a copywriter or do it yourself. The reason is that with the creator hub tools, you only need to modify the content to align with your brand.

What Tools Are Offered in the AI Creator Hub? There are currently six free tools built for creators. These are:

Course Outline Generator

With the course outline generator, you can generate a course outline in less than a minute for any course you want to build content about.

This tool develops a structured course outline that divides your course into smaller modules and lessons.

Lesson Content

With this tool, you can help your subscribers learn more and increase their knowledge about an idea.

Like the course outline generator, this tool can generate prebuilt lessons on any idea you set as the parameter. You don’t have to work hard any longer; you only have to work smart now.

Sales Video Script

This tool exemplifies the power of AI first-hand as it saves you from the stress of brainstorming whenever you promote your course with a sales video script. You can generate the script in less than a minute and record and share the video.

Landing Page Copy

You can write compelling sales copies for your landing page with this tool. Generating landing pages with compelling copies is a great way to inspire your customers to purchase your course.

Sales Email Copy

Like the course outline generator, the email sales copy tool can help you craft the email sale copy to attract customers and promote your lesson or course. You can sell to a specific audience with an email copy about a lesson in your course that addresses their specific need.

Social Media Content

The knowledge to grow your audience is a significant part of marketing. Of all the six tools of the AI creator hub, this tool can help you engage and grow your ideal target audience with engaging social media posts. After fine-tuning it to align with your brand, you can post the content on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform you like.

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