5 Kaelin Poulin Accomplishments [Her LadyBoss Story]

Kaelin Poulin Lady Boss

Kaelin Poulin is a familiar name in the realm of internet marketing. Some of you may have already heard of her. But for those scratching their heads wondering who she is—and why she’s an iconic marketing symbol—we’re here to catch you up.

Kaelin is a renowned health and fitness entrepreneur who founded LadyBoss, an online fitness eco-system geared towards helping women get fit and boost their confidence.

She’s also the author of the book “Big Fat Lies” which is a fact-based compilation of health and fitness tips designed to inspire women to achieve their goals. Kaelin has a lot of respect in the fitness industry because she has overcome several serious obstacles, including a weight problem.

In this post, we are going to cover 5 Kaelin Poulin Accomplishments and why when you Google Kaelin Poulin net worth, you see millions of dollars.

#1: Kaelin Poulin Founded Her Own Fitness Business

Kaelin Poulin Fitness Business

Kaelin Poulin is no fan of silver spoons. Before being a fitness sensation, she struggled with her weight. She claims that she couldn’t control her eating, and was constantly tired and unhappy in her own body. On top of that, she and her husband were barely making ends meet.

After feeling defeated for the last time, Kaelin had enough of the self-loathing and decided to take control of her life. She scraped together the last of her savings (around $1,000) and launched the first developments of LadyBoss.

Kaelin and husband were determined to create a service that helps get women around the world to feel confident in their skin. Something Kaelin always wanted.

LadyBoss wanted to give women a unique and realistic approach to weight loss. Their goal was to provide results-driven training programs for far less than what other services were charging.

She believed that the industry was lying to women about how to lose weight to push unhealthy weight loss pills instead of effective training programs.

Today, LadyBoss has helped over 50,000 women get into the best shape of their lives, transforming their health and happiness. The site is a one-stop-shop for health and fitness products tailored for women.

You can browse training programs, diet plans, supplements, and fitness accessories here. Since Kaelin can relate to her target demographic, the service has a more personalized touch.

LadyBoss wasn’t always successful. The initial concept received a ton of constructive feedback from users which gave Kaelin useful insights on how to make her product better.

Now, the product has adapted to become even more effective than when it was first launched, partly due to Kaelin actively listening to her customers.

Now they employ over 60 people and are helping women across the globe transform their health and lives. Their goal is to have LadyBoss available in several more countries so that millions more women can experience a radical transformation.

#2: Kaelin Poulin Authored “Big Fat Lies”

Big Fat Lies Book

There’s no doubt that Kaelin is an expert in the fitness industry. But her accomplishments don’t end with LadyBoss. She also authored a widely popular book titled “Big Fat Lies”.

The concept of the book covers the many lies told by the fitness industry. It mainly focuses on how those who claim to be fitness experts have never struggled with being overweight.

The book had a positive response from readers, landing a 4.5/5 rating from Barnes & Noble, and a 4/5 from GoodReads. Kaelin gives women an inside view of what it’s like to go through a body transformation. She replaces pseudoscience with facts and gives her readers an action-oriented education on weight loss.

Big Fat Lies is a great inside look into Kaelin’s mind and how she works with her clients. You also get a solid understanding of her background and expertise as a fitness trainer.

Her book can also be used as a beginner-friendly guide to weight loss. She covers everything from training, nutrition, habit-formation, recovery, and more.

#3: Kaelin Poulin Has Her IFBB Pro Card

Kaelin Working Out

That’s right, Kaelin is a professional athlete. She has her International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) Pro Card which she received in record time. It shows Kaelin doesn’t mess around when she sets her mind on something.

Breaking a record is difficult, especially in athletics. To win an IFBB Pro Card, you have to win a regional competition. After getting your pro card, you can compete on a national level.

Even among those who are really into health and fitness, few people have the discipline it takes to compete (not to mention win).

Kaelin got her IFBB Pro Card faster than any other contestant. If you take into consideration that Kaelin used to be overweight, you’ll notice how impressive of an accomplishment this is.

Now see how Kaelin can transform so many women and push them towards success. She is someone who has done it herself.

#4: Kaelin Poulin Has A Healthy Lifestyle After Her Amazing Weight Loss Journey

Kaelin Poulin Before and After

Everyone knows that there’s more to being healthy than looking good. Kaelin is a big believer in not only transforming your body but also your lifestyle.

She successfully lost 65 pounds in 7 months, but she did it using a sustainable method to keep her healthy for life. This includes healthy eating, routine exercise, and keeping yourself as stress-free as possible.

Kaelin wants all of her clients to not just lose weight, but also feel more confident and to be happy. She wants her programs to be life-changing. This way she can help women who are going through the same struggles she has been through.

She now can coach her clients on everything from getting fit to feeling more comfortable in their bodies.

#5: Kaelin Poulin Has Over 350,000 Instagram Followers

Naturally, Kaelin has gained a large following on social media since founding LadyBoss and writing her book. She may not have millions of followers, but her fan base is made up of her demographic.

Kaelin uses her Instagram account to advise her fans, and show a “behind the scenes” view of her lifestyle.

Her following continues to grow as LadyBoss becomes more of a global company. She constantly showcases her clients’ body transformations which are meant to inspire other women to take action.

Kaelin is also a fan of posting food and nutrition tips, adventures with her husband, inspirational quotes, and of course, workouts.

Kaelin’s Instagram account is by far one of her biggest media channels. She’s reaching a large audience and is gaining recognition as a successful coach and business owner.

The fitness industry is one of the most competitive when it comes to Instagram. There are tons of people posing in bikinis or showing off their perfectly chiseled bodies. Kaelin however takes a more modest approach to demonstrate her fit lifestyle.

Kaelin’s LadyBoss Business Training

Kaelin has built a successful business online. You can now have access to all of the strategies she used to successfully build LadyBoss.

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Kaelin is a pro and a great teacher. She offers an upfront style of teaching that cuts the fluff and gives you real hands-on experience running an online business.

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