K Optimizer 2.0 Review — Do You Really Need it?

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k optimizer

This is Stefan’s book marketing software from his course K Money Mastery.

K Optimizer 2.0 has been around for a while, making those who practice web directory submissions life—a lot easier.

Instead of manually having to submit your book, before its 5-day free Kindle promotion, you can now, at the click of a button, submit your book to over 50 directories.

Today, I’m going to elaborate, on my thoughts about K Optimizer 2.0 and whether it’s really necessary to be a profitable Kindle publisher.

Watch my video below to see more details:

The Different Kindle Publishing Marketing Philosophies

  1. Keyword & Algorithm Marketing Approach – These self publishers believe in selecting profitable keywords and following a system that allows them to dominate the market/niche they’re in.
  2. Promote by Any Means Necessary Marketing Approach – ​These self publishers believe in social media promotion, website directory submission promotion, and even creating YouTube videos to promote their Kindle books (this is just to name a few tactics).

I personally subscribe to the first philosophy more. I only recommend this product, K Optimizer 2.0, to anyone who is firmly in the latter philosophy.

Check Out My Latest Video On This Matter

The way I see it, you’re either going to continue doing website directory submissions or you’re not.

If you continue, then K Optimizer 2.0 is for you — and I hope you liked this K Optimizer review 🙂


If you want to truly master the game of self publishing, it all comes down to combining internet marketing fundamentals with self publishing.

For this, I recommend choosing a blueprint to follow. Choose a self publishing course that will teach you how to set up systems that will keep your self publishing business humming along for years.

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