Is Kajabi a CRM?

Is Kajabi a CRM

Right off the bat, Kajabi is an all-in-one platform. Thus it also functions as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. That said, Kajabi is not just a CRM. It is a robust system with all the tools you need to launch and grow an online business on a single platform.

This includes an online course platform, tools to help you build landing pages, a front-end website, a membership site, a CRM, and more.

This guide aims to clear the air by answering your questions about Kajabi and its CRM feature. Let’s get to it!

Does Kajabi Have a CRM?

Yes, Kajabi has a fully-fledged CRM under the People tab. This tool helps you view, access, and manage your contacts (sign-ups) information.

With Kajabi’s People tab, you can segment and filter through your customer list. You can also perform bulk actions, such as subscribing to an email sequence, deleting, applying tags, etc., across multiple contacts at the same time.

Let’s take a detailed look at what you can track and manage with Kajabi’s CRM.

easy to create people


The lifecycle tab provides information about the activities of your customers from their day of joining to the current date. This will help you better understand them and manage them more efficiently.

Specifically, lifecycle gives you the following information:

  • Lifespan – The number of days each customer has been on your list.
  • Net Revenue – The net revenue earned from each customer.
  • Purchases – Amount of purchases made by each customer.
  • Email Actions – Which emails each customer opened, clicked, ignored, etc.
  • Email Campaigns Received – How many email campaigns each customer was a part of.
  • Offers – Includes how many offers and upsells each customer has purchased and accessed.
  • Forms – Details of forms submitted by each customer.


The info tab provides the following information:

  • The customer’s last activity
  • Member ID and products owned
  • Total number of sign-ins made by the customer
  • Date of customer sign-up
  • Net revenue generated from customer
  • Subscription status to your email marketing campaigns


The purchases tab shows the following details:

  • Offers purchased by paying customers
  • Offers you’ve granted the customer access to


With the tags feature, you can add tags to your filters and segments. This allows you to organize and categorize your list more efficiently. This is particularly helpful when running email marketing campaigns and setting up Automations.

Edit Details

This allows you to modify your customer’s details for different purposes. Some of the things you can edit include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • External user ID (for third-party apps)
  • Form submissions
  • Contact info
  • Custom fields

Other Kajabi CRM Actions

You can perform other actions on your list through the CRM. Some of them include:

  • Send password reset links
  • Mute members from posting or commenting
  • Grant offers
  • Delete profiles
  • Hide a customer’s profile from the dashboard

Kajabi’s CRM offers many advanced features to help you know more about your customers and maximize your revenue by providing personalized products and services.

Analytics in Kajabi

Importing Contacts to Kajabi

Kajabi’s contacts importer tool makes it super easy to import contacts using Comma-Separated Value (CSV). It uses intelligent mapping technology to recognize column headers and automatically organize the CSV data.

importing contacts

Before you import contacts into Kajabi, you must first prepare your CSV file by labeling the column headings within your spreadsheet. Your headings can be email, name, phone number, etc.

add tags bulk actions

Kajabi allows a max of 20 headings, and you’re allowed to add up to 100 tags to your contacts.

To import your contacts to Kajabi:

  • Click on the People tab
  • Navigate to the People Manager dashboard and select +Import Contacts
  • Choose how you want to import your CV: Upload, Copy and Paste, single file manual upload
people tab

Once you’ve uploaded the CSV file, Kajabi will automatically update your contacts list with the file’s content.

Conclusion: Does Kajabi Have a CRM?

Kajabi is well-known among creators who sell online courses. But it is a powerful platform designed to help entrepreneurs build a fully-fledged business without technical skills.

One of its several features is the People feature which essentially makes it a CRM. This tool is one of the best marketing features on the platform and allows you to create and manage a productive customer list. With this CRM feature, you can launch marketing campaigns, make personalized offers, and ultimately boost conversion levels.

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