How to Use KDSpy and Handle No Data Error Message

KDSpy v5 (also known as Kindle Spy) has been out for a while now. And it now lets publishers access both eBook and book data.

Typically, KDSpy is used to research the following elements of Amazon:

  1. Kindle Categories
  2. Book Categories
  3. Keyword Results
  4. Author Pages
  5. Book Tracking
  6. Advanced Searches on Google

When you see tutorials on how to use KDSpy, most people talk about keyword research (number 3 above).

In this article, we’ll cover how to use KDSpy for keyword and niche research.

If you’d like to see how to use this book marketing software for categories, author pages, and competitor book tracking, please see our KDSpy review article as there’s a tutorial there.

Let’s get started.

How to Use KDSPY v5 for Keyword & Niche Research

Below is a video tutorial on how to find profitable niches using an older version of KDSpy (v4), but it still highlights exactly how to interpret the data this tool gives you.

The only difference now is that you can toggle between Kindle book vs book data.

As you can see, one of the most critical columns in the KDSpy extension is the Sales Rank column. This column returns the Amazon Best Seller Ranking (ABSR) of each book.

  • If your ABSR is less than 100,00, it generally means you’re making decent sales per day.
  • If your ABSR is less than 50,000, then your book is doing great!
  • If your ABSR is less than 10,000, then your book is on fire, my friend!

Typing in a keyword to the Kindle Store Amazon search engine and clicking your KDSpy extension button will unveil data about the niche or market you’re considering publishing in.

If the top 5-10 books are less than 100,000 ABSR, then I generally consider it a good niche. However, there a few other factors that come into play that you should consider.

Those are page count (vital if you’re outsourcing content), brand authority (to see if you can compete), reviews (also so you can compete), and the price point.

Troubleshooting KDSpy

KDSPY No Data Found Error

If you use this tool long enough, you’ll notice that sometimes you get a no data message or something funky of the sort.

This error occurs when you click on the KDSpy browser extension prematurely.

You need to wait for your web page to load before you have KDSpy analyze data thoroughly. Otherwise, you’ll experience this error. Typically a slow internet connection will lead to more of these messages occurring.

Another reason you might be getting this is when your cookies and cache are full. To find out if this is the problem when using KDspy, clear your cookies and cache on your Chrome or Firefox extension.


I hope you found this quick KDSpy tutorial useful. If you’re here and don’t have KDSpy yet, make sure to get it! Wesley, the entrepreneur behind KDSpy, keeps this Kindle marketing tool updated continuously.

It’s still one of the top book marketing software for sale and is consistently update for all Amazon updates!

If you have any questions about how to use KDspy/Kindle Spy, leave them in the comments below. Cheers!

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