How to Download Kajabi Videos in 2024 – Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

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Videos have been one of the most popular content media today. And with good reason – it’s a great way to create engaging online courses for your audience.

If you’re using Kajabi to sell online courses, you and your students can easily download and access your videos offline.

This comprehensive step-by-step guide will show you how to do just that.

Why Use Kajabi to Host Your Videos?

Kajabi partners with Wistia, a powerful video hosting platform, to provide its users with the best possible experience in creating and delivering content.

Wistia provides unparalleled security for your videos and is also capable of delivering high-resolution streaming even on different screens.

Additionally, Kajabi allows you to easily upload videos and share them with your learners without needing technical knowledge.

How to Download Videos as the Admin/Course Creator

The first step for downloading Kajabi videos is to log in as the website admin.

This will give you access to the entire course and video library and allow you to download any uploaded video, regardless of who did it.

Here’s what you need to do.

Download Kajabi Videos From Products

  • Click the “Products” tab and choose which product you want to download the video.
kajabi products button digital marketing
  • Select the module or lesson that contains the video.
kajabi digital marketing welcome to course
  • Select “Video Actions” below the video player.
kajabi select video actions
  • Click “Download Video.”
kajabi download the video
  • Click the vertical ellipsis icon in the new tab.
kajabi download videos vertical ellipsis
  • Select “Download.”
select download

Download Kajabi Videos From Landing Page

Kajabi also allows you to download videos from the landing page. Here’s what you can do.

  • Select Pages under the “Website” tab.
select pages under website
  • Choose any website or landing page. Click the page to Customize.
select landing pages
  • Go to your desired Video block under the “Sections” tab.
video block sections tab
  • Select “Video.”
choose video
  • Click “Download Video” inside the “Video Actions” dropdown.
download video actions
  • A new tab will open. Select the vertical ellipsis icon, and click “Download” to begin downloading.
select download

Now you can download videos from Kajabi and access them on your computer.

Can Students Download Videos From Kajabi?

Absolutely. There are many ways to download videos from Kajabi, including using a third-party online video downloader or browser extension.

However, it’s crucial to remember that downloading videos without the course creator or admin’s permission is considered a copyright law violation.

So if the owner or creator doesn’t provide an option on the website, it’s best not to download anything.

How to Enable Students to Download Videos From Kajabi

To allow your students to download videos inside the lessons, you can add them as a downloadable resource.

However, you must note that doing so will let students view and share your videos with anyone else.

Therefore, ensuring that your content isn’t easy to replicate is essential. We’ll show you some ways to protect your videos later.

But for now, here’s how you can enable video downloads:

  • Under the “All Products” tab inside the “Products” section, choose a particular course.
products arrow on digital marketing
  • Select a lesson or module.
select lesson
  • Select the “+Add Files.”
add files
  • Everything you put under the download section will be available for your students to access outside Kajabi. You may add audio files, PDFs, worksheets, etc., with the video content.
  • Upload the video.
drag file
  • Wait a few moments and once it’s ready, click “Save.”
digital marketing save button
  • You may click the “Preview” button to double-check.

Once you see it in the Preview mode, your students can access and download video from that lesson.

How to Add a Download Video Button to Your Lessons

To ensure your students know they can download your course videos, create a link or button on the post sidebar of your lessons.

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Select the product where you want to add the download video button.
select product
  • Click “Customize.”
  • Hover on Premier Product and select “Customize.”
premier product customize
  • On the dropdown menu, click “Post.”
dropdown list post
  • Click “Post Sidebar.”
post sidebar
  • Select “Video download.”
video download
  • Edit the text and button color. Click “Save.”
click save

You will see the changes in real time on your screen.

save changes in real time

How to Avoid Unethical Video Downloading

The first step is adding watermarks or logos to your videos. They will make it harder for users to replicate and spread the video without authorization.

You can also consider adding a copyright notice in the video’s description. This will remind students that the content is copyrighted and should not be shared or repurposed.

Finally, you can also use digital rights management (DRM) tools. These tools can prevent unauthorized access and distribution of your video.

You can use DRM tools like Digify, Bynder, and Vitrium Security.

If ever you catch someone sharing your videos without permission, you can take action by sending a takedown notice. This is under DMCA or Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

However, this only applies in the USA, so it’s ineffective internationally.

Wrapping It Up

Downloading videos on Kajabi is pretty easy for both course creators and students. However, it is essential to remember that you should do it ethically and legally.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to download videos from Kajabi.

Again, we don’t support a violation of copyright and piracy. We value the creator’s hard work and encourage them to take the necessary steps to ensure that their content remains secure.


What if I Don’t Want to Let Them Download My Videos? What Can I Do?

Providing other resources like PDFs, slideshows, or transcripts can be an alternative way to ensure your content remains secure.

Is It Legal to Download Videos From Kajabi?

Yes, but only if you have permission from the course creator or admin. If not, it may be considered a violation of copyright law. So avoid using third-party software just to get the videos.

Can I Protect My Videos From Illegal Downloads?

Yes. You can use watermarks, add a copyright notice, and DRM tools to secure your videos.

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