How to Cancel Your SamCart Subscription and Get a Refund in 2024

SamCart is one of the top choices for building effective online shopping carts.

But while it has been a game-changer for some entrepreneurs and business owners, it might not be the one you need.

So if you’ve decided to cancel your SamCart subscriptions, this post is for you.

I’ll guide you through the cancellation process and share my experience with their customer support.

How to Cancel SamCart Subscription

Canceling your SamCart account is pretty simple. You can choose from any of the three methods.

Option 1 – Billing Section

Inside your SamCart dashboard, hover over the “Account” on the top menu, then choose “Billing.”

samcart dashboard billing

Click “Manage” on the billing page, and it’ll show you a pop-up asking why you want to cancel.

samcart launch manage

Choose one and click “Next.”

Click next

Option 2 – Send an Email

You can also send a direct email to

SamCart’s support team is available Mondays through Fridays from 10 AM to 6 PM EST.

You’ll receive a response within 24 hours on business days.

Sending an email is ideal if you have a special request or asking for a refund.

Option 3 – Through SamCart Support

The first two options are the best.

But if you need an alternative, hover at the question mark icon on the top menu and click “Contact Support.”

contact support

Select “Contact Us” and choose “Billing: Cancellation Request” under the “What’s this about?” section.

billing cancellation request

Fill in all the necessary information and click “Submit.”

billing cancellation request submit

Note that you can still use your SamCart account until your paid billing cycle ends. Use this time to create a copy of all your data inside the platform.

Also, I suggest you cancel SamCart five days before the next billing date. This will help you avoid being billed for the next period.

Understanding SamCart Refund Request

SamCart has its own policy regarding a refund.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is only available for those who go for annual subscriptions. And the count will begin from your original purchase date.

SamCart won’t issue any refunds that are requested after the next billing date (over 30 days.)

And since the platform offers a prorated refund instead of a full refund, the amount you’ll get will depend on the time you cancel.

For example, you decided to stop using the platform after 14 days. You’d be entitled to a prorated refund for the remaining 16 days.

My Refund Experience

When I asked for a refund, I tested how their customer support team handled a cancellation request.

I forgot to cancel beforebefore my free trial ended so I was charged an annual billing.

But the billing support team was responsive and very polite and refunded me without further questions.

billing support email

Exploring SamCart Alternatives

There are plenty of fantastic SamCart alternatives available that you can check. Some of the best are ThriveCartClickFunnels, and SendOwl.


How do I get a refund?

There are three ways to request a refund, but the best is to email Note that the refund is only applicable for first-time paid users within 30 days of purchase.

Will I be charged if I cancel before my free trial ends?

No. SamCart won’t bill you with any future payments if you cancel before your free trial.

How long does it take to get my refund back?

In my experience, they processed the refund immediately, but getting your money back to your account might take up to 10 days.


So that’s how you cancel your SamCart subscription. Easy, right?

You can do it via email or your SamCart dashboard under the billing page or help widget. Doing any of the options above won’t take more than five minutes.

Just remember to export all data and files you stored inside the platform. You’ll lose access to your SamCart account once you cancel.

We hope this helps and wish you the best in finding a great alternative to SamCart.

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