The ​Little Income Stream That Grew My Self Publishing Business

What you're about to learn could potentially boost your self publishing sales and skip the headaches that come with figuring out hardcover publishing on your own. I use the word potentially because I can't tell you what to do or act for you, but what I can do is show you the steps I took to add another income stream and how you can do it too.

Feel Lost and Confused? ... So Did I

When I first tried to self publish the hardcover version of my eBook, I searched for guides. The steps given by print-on-demand hardcover platforms were extremely vague. I realized that there were no guides that would that were going to explain the hardcover creation process to me from A-Z.

After months of putting this off I decided to figure it out on my own. Long story short ...  I succeeded!

Yes, YOU Too Can Learn How To Create Hardcover Books With Ease!

It took me months to figure out this process. In addition I spent hundreds of dollars learning from different professionals in this small niche. During that time I tried and failed many times until I established a firm blueprint. I turned this blueprint into a step-by-step guide called ...

A fully updated video course guide to increase your self publishing income.
    • Step by Step Guide. The Lulu hardcover creation process broke down in plain English. Includes intermediate steps that will stump you!
    • Best Freelancers/Services. I'll show you exactly which gigs I use to outsource my hardcover PDF designs. Upwork freelance options are included as well (in fact you get a special deal with my go-to freelancer for hardcovers)!
    • Hardcover Version on Kindle Book Sales Page. Once you're done with the steps, it'll be available on Lulu, but not on Amazon. I'll show you exactly how to make sure your hardcover version of your book is linked to your Kindle page.
    • Don't Miss Out On Hardcover Royalties. Believe it or not, there's a market for readers who ONLY read hardcover books.

Hardcover Royalty Results

Sept. Hardcover R​oyalties

Oct. Hardcover Royalties

The above results aren't stunning, but things are heading in the right direction. My 4th self publishing asset is gaining momentum. 

It took a while for me to get to this, but it's finally time to scale. There's no reason why it should take you as long now that the blueprint: Hardcover Profits is here.

Listen. I don't claim to be the king of Lulu profits. That's not the point of this course. I'm not a guru.

This course is to get you over the hardcover speed bumps no matter if you're an outsource self publisher or an author.

Hard work pays off - you'll love Lulu paying you too!

Only $87 $47

I Heard You Like Bonuses!

Add these bonuses to get more out of your hardcover book royalties!

BONUS #1 Kindle Publishing Keyword Training ($37 Value)

Self Publishing Keyword Training

Learn how to get traffic to your books with proper keyword research. You'll learn how to set up your Kindle books for success on other platforms such as Createspace, Audible, and yes for hardcover books!

BONUS #2 Kindle Funnels ($47 Value)

Creating an Audience with Email Funnels Training 

Making a good first impression to your email list is super important, but it's impossible if you don't know how!

With all the tools (email autoresponders, landing page tools) that are marketed to authors every day comes this guide which breaks down each tool so you can make the proper decision with your self publishing business. Examples of Kindle funnels and more included!

BONUS #3 Hardcover Manuscript Readiness ($47 Value)

BONUS LESSON: Manuscript Formatting Training

Self publishing for almost two years now has let me discover great freelancers that can do formatting. Hardcover books are usually a bit longer than paperback books. The more pages you have, the more, it'll cost to format. In this bonus lesson, you'll learn how to have your manuscript set up in minutes.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What Hardcover Platform Will We Be Using?

We'll be using the Lulu print-on-demand platform to self publish our hardcover books. Lulu, like Createspace, provides self publishers' with ISBNs. Other platforms have you purchase your own ISBNs.

How Much Money Can I Make Per Hardcover Book? 

This depends on many factors like book quality, social proof, price point, and where your hardcover books are sold. I can't guarantee you making a certain amount because this depends on the individual author/self publisher. That being said, I make on average $45 a month for each book via Amazon. If you only rely  on Amazon sales for your hardcover books, Lulu will give you a lower royalty percentage. However, if you sell books through Lulu's platform (they have a online bookstore too) then you'll get higher royalties. This is a killer strategy if you have an email list for your niche - more on this in the course.

How About Production Costs?

Self publishing hardcover books is a little more expensive than paperback books. The principle costs are the hardcover PDF file (Lulu compliant) and the manuscript formatting. In the course, I've provided multiple methods for formatting. One for doing it yourself and outsourcing recommendations. As for the hardcover PDF files, I recommend Upwork freelancers. In the course I provide an alternative to Upwork and give you access to a special discount for the freelancer I use to create my Lulu hardcover PDF files.

Only $87 $47

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you go through the course, implement our strategies, and don't see any results, then you can email us within 30 days for a full refund. All we ask is that you provide evidence that you put these methods into place with your self publishing business and show that they have not worked for you. Terms and conditions apply, please see our full refund policy page.

Course Creator: John P.

I'm a self publisher and am always seeking to improve my self publishing business. Over the last couple of years, I noticed some self publishers have hardcover versions of their books. 

How did they do this? All the self publishing gurus ONLY show how to self publish Kindle books!

I ended up postponing learning how, until I committed to figuring out how to self publish hardcover books. Figuring out this process took time (and headaches).

However, there was a bright side this struggle. As a result to cracking the hardcover formula code, I wrote this e-book guide Hardcover Profits to shorten the learning curve for this process!