GoHighLevel Zoom Integration 2024 Setup Guide

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GoHighLevel’s Zoom Integration feature allows you to seamlessly schedule Zoom meetings without switching platforms.

With this guide, you’ll learn how to integrate your Zoom account with GoHighLevel and create an appointment reminder workflow. Let’s hop in!

Using the Same Zoom Account for Multiple Users

Zoom integration with GoHighLevel is linked to unique User IDS in the backend. Therefore, connecting a Zoom account to a User ID means you cannot link it to a new user with a different User ID, even if the email address is the same.

This configuration might be challenging if a user tries to reconnect their Zoom account with a different User ID. Hence, it’s essential to perceive User IDs as distinct integrators despite similar email addresses.

Knowing the integration process can help to prevent problems, and here’s a stepwise guide to it:

Step-by-Step Guide to Integrate Zoom Accounts with GoHighLevel

Following these steps will conveniently integrate your Zoom account with GoHighLevel.

Step 1- GoHighLevel Zoom Integration

  • Navigate to settings in your subaccount.
  • Select the “My Profile” icon.
  • Click on the integration section.
  • Find and select the “Connect” icon next to Zoom.
gohighlevel zoom integration connect
  • Sign in to Zoom to proceed.
  • A successful integration will be indicated by the blue “Connect” button turning red, signifying “Disconnect.”
  • It will redirect you to the user profile integration page.
  • Select Zoom from the drop-down menu.
  • Hit the save icon to set the meeting locations to Zoom as default.
  • The system is set up to use dynamic Zoom Links for all bookings on the calendar.

Step 2- Zoom Integration Within GoHighLevel Calendar

Another method is to integrate it within GoHighLevel’s calendars section.

  • Navigate to settings.
  • Click on the “calendars” icon.
  • Create a calendar with the correct User ID.
  • Go to “Connections” to connect Zoom.
  • Click “connect” to Zoom.
  • Enter your login details to sign in.
  • Schedule a meeting in the calendar.
  • The new Zoom meeting link is automatically generated.

How to Craft Appointment Reminder Workflow (Including Zoom Links)

The workflow builder tool has different uses. In this case, it is used to create and automate reminders for upcoming events, including the dynamic Zoom links, both externally and internally.

  • Start by clicking the “Add new workflow trigger.”
gohighlevel workflow appointment

This step will take you to a different page. The trigger for the reminder system workflow is “Appointment status.”

  • Add workflow trigger name.
  • Select the event type from the drop-down menu.
  • The “Appointment status” drop-down box is to ensure all appointments trigger the filters.
  • The “In calendar” drop-down box is for specific calendars and users. This is optional.
gohighlevel workflow trigger

After updating the meeting location, pick an action for the notification.

  • Select “Send Email” or “Send SMS”.
gohighlevel send email sms

This action is to notify the contact via email or SMS.

  • Indicate the time you want the reminder notification to be sent.
gohighlevel event apoointment time

GoHighLevel Subscription Plan for Zoom Integration

This feature is available for all HighLevel subscription plans. The Starter and Unlimited plans include payment for integration, data syncing, automated notifications, and link generation.


In conclusion, the GoHighLevel Zoom integration feature offers many benefits to users.

On using it, you’ll have an automated process that saves time and reduces the manual effort involved with the event setup.

The integration process involves specific steps, ensuring seamless scheduling and automated reminders.

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